Day 9 – back on track.

After three full days rest I got back into my flow today with some refreshing asan. My neck is still very sore so I avoided head and hand stands and kept things light.

My pranayama practice is chugging along nicely. My vehicle is feeling stronger daily, my mind clearer and I have more energy available than usual. Ah the breath of life!

I am finding the Ha-Sa breath the most challenging as it is difficult for me to hold both the anal and stomach locks simultaneously, whilst breathing with only the upper segment of the lungs, though I can really feel it strengthening my core.

I am enjoying the four phase motion breath which just feels nice after the Ha-Sa breath and the bee breath feels wonderful. I have adapted it so I hum into each chakra moving first down then back up the spine.

I find the sun piercing breath difficult, I don’t really get it. Am probably not doing it right. I will stick with it though as I know its very strengthening.

Watched a gorgeous movie last night – Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki. Highly recommended.

Ponyo on the Cliff . "Original Versio Jap...

Image via Wikipedia

Not much else to say today..

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