Day 16 – Sri yukteswar anecdote.

A noted chemist once crossed swords with Sri Yukteswar. The visitor would not admit the existence of God, inasmuch as science has devised no means of detecting Him.

“So you have inexplicably failed to isolate The Supreme Power in your test tubes!” Masters gaze was stern.

“I recommend a new experiment: examine your thoughts unremittingly for twenty-four hours. Then wonder no longer at God’s absence.”

Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Sri yukteswar anecdote.

  1. My only goal in this life…
    Is to earn, howsoever small, some of his respect
    He ‘visited’ me early one morning…
    for a nano second.
    One second, that I will never forget.

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