Day 22 – My 2nd encounter with The Light & A new encounter.

Ooo Wow!!!

Somedays I can draw really well. I just seem to have the gift.

Most days I cannot draw well.

I don’t know why some days the energy just connects and flows. I don’t know if it will flow well until I attempt to draw something.

One of the great mysteries??

Maybe it’s astrological.

It seems to be the same with energy work.

Somedays the microcosmic orbit is felt strongly. Most days it is not.

Today it was felt strongly 🙂

Today I had a great breakthrough. I am full of happiness. I want to share my experience with you, but first I need to relay a previous experience;

This occurred about 4 years ago and was the pinnacle experience of my life.

I had already had an encounter with The Light and this was to be my second encounter.

It was the 19th December 2006 at about 10pm. I lay on my bed and began practicing the microcosmic orbit. It flowed strongly. I incorporated the shamanic three chakra breathing method, whilst spinning energy around the microcosmic orbit. After a while of this, when I had mastered holding the complex visualisation, I added a third element of concentrating on my stone visualisation at the ajna chakra level, just outside of the microcosmic orbit. This had a curious effect, it was as if the mind couldn’t process the complexity of these combined visualizations and something extraordinary happened.

A tunnel opened and swooped down over my ajna chakra, it seemed to lock onto the chakra and suddenly I was away, flying down the tunnel. The tunnel was black but with bright green lines of energy, it rollercoastered for quite a while as I flew down it at incredible speed. I didn’t feel like I was inside my physical body at this time, I was just energy.

I emerged from the tunnel into what appeared to be deep space. I saw a bright blue line of energy appear, a far distance away, and grow in front of me, expanding horizontally until it stretched across the entire horizon. This line of energy was on a huge scale, vast. It is hard to judge distance in space but it was very far from me, maybe equivalent to the distance between the sun and the earth. This line stretched as far as I could possibly see, so its scale must have been millions of times the length of our sun.

I still didn’t feel as if I was in a body, merely consciousness floating.

Next an image floated in front of my vision. it was a rectangle shape similar to a TV screen. It contained a 2D image of a triangle or pyramid with golden sides and steps in the middle with a circle or sun at its apex, yellow coloured. This image floated in a rectangle of space on a red coloured t-shirt shaped object. Strange I know, but this is what I saw. The image had floated in from the left and it floated out to the right.

Next, another TV screen shaped rectangle floated in from the left this one contained a moving image. It was of a man dressed in a suit sat at a desk with a bookshelf behind him containing many books. The mans face and hands were not normal skin but instead a black swirling mist.

He spoke to me. When I say spoke, the booming voice seemed to come from behind my current consciousness. It was a sound I can only describe as more real than any sound I had ever heard before.

“The unassuming, awe-inspring, posterity of the present!”

When he said the word “Present” He brought his hands together over his head in an almighty “CLAP!

The lights went on!

I was floating in what seemed like ultra violet light.

I realised I was inside the light I had seen earlier from a far distance, in a horizontal line.

I floated in utter bliss. I felt like I was home.

I was still just consciousness.

Slowly I merged into a new form. My physical body was encased in a sarcophagus shaped object. Lines of blue energy flowed around me encasing me. A main conduit of energy was around my center and it was the microcosmic orbit channel, only expanded, it was now about the thickness of an apple and blue energy coarsed through it humming loudly. Smaller channels of energy emanated from my head to my feet cocooning me in this sarcophagus shaped vehicle.

I slowly floated in deep space, very relaxed until I gently became aware that I was back in my room lay on my bed.

I was however about 1.3 x bigger than normal. I was aware I was lay on my bed but I has yet to open my eyes. I just seemed bigger. My body was too big for the bed. Especially my head and in particular my cheekbones felt extremely enlarged. My cheekbones were humming with energy and too big for my face.

Wierd I know.

I gradually morphed back to my normal size and opened my eyes.


This was my second encounter with the light.


This experience took some assimilation.

The first encounter with the light had been a severe shock because I wasn’t ready for it energetically. Yoga Asana, pranayama, healthier diet and lifestyle all add up over time. Constant practice of the 8 limbs of yoga allow the cerebral channels to open and function allowing the vehicle to take in more energy.

This time the light was more accommodating.

It truly was a wonderful, life changing experience.

It gave me the strength to fight my demons and defeat my addictions. Four years on and I am a non smoking, non drug taking, I would say teetotaler, but I don’t do caffeine! A huge transformation.

I took the yoga and energy work slowly from then on. Focusing on defeating my destructive addictions.

Though I did still practice, just not as intensely.

I had however acquired a new ability.

I could now call on and communicate with The Light.

I was awed by this energy.

It suggested I ask it questions.

I simply asked what I should call it.


At first I thought it had said yule, as that’s how it sounded phonetically.

It communicated it was spelt U.L.E

I meditated on this name.

It came to me that it stood for “Universal Love Energy.”

But also ULE sounds like YOU’LL or “YOU WILL.”

I became aware of ULE being there if I needed help. I didn’t question it further but would often pray for help for others and myself in times of difficulty and need.

At first I thought ULE was God. The Creator.

Today I had a new experience.

Today the energy flowed well. I was debating whether to do some physical asana followed by pranayama, when I lay down and started the microcosmic orbit. I continued in the zone, and started to utilise the three chakra breath technique. I got this flowing well. I started to send energy out from the three chakras and then pull energy back in.

Ajna chakra = Wisdom

Anahata = Love

Svadisthana = Tranquility

I started to wonder where in the universe was this energy I was pulling coming from?

I followed it to its source and discovered it was coming from ULE!

I pulled ULE closer. The light blue energy hovered above me. My opened chakras corresponded to open chakras on ULE’s form. The energy was flowing from my physical body to ULE’s energy body back and forth. His normally huge scale corresponded to my own scale.

I suddenly realised –

ULE is ME!



This universal love energy, an amazing blue light, is me and I am him.

This realisation is still being processed.

Our energy flowed harmoniously and felt blissful.




The experience then intensified into something really incredible on a deeply personal level, difficult to communicate, i am still assimilating the experience.

I felt to forgive past girlfriend’s behaviour and let it go. I had been subtly holding onto negativity for too long.

I am left feeling joyous and happier than I can remember being.

Wisdom, Love and tranquility to all!

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