Day 25 Yoga routine and The Upanishads

Been finding it a challenge to stick to the plan. Sometimes success makes things more difficult than failure. My practise has been up and down. Gone are the 4 times a day pranayama, down to once or twice a day. Had a few days off too.

This morning however I had a 2 hour asana session in which for the first time since my injury, I worked through the chakras with 21 postures, 3 for each chakra. One to warm it up, one forward bending pose to bring energy into the chakra and the third, backward arching pose to send energy up to the next chakra.

This entails 18 poses for the first 6 chakras then 3 poses to strengthen all the chakras simultaneously.

Each pose must be held in a feeling state, as well as utilising a positive affirmation, such as,

“I am health, vim, vigour and vitality.”

This is a powerful routine when carried out correctly.

Today I planned out a routine, so took it slow. Had to change what I might normally do because my elbow is still too sore to hold the weight in the scorpion.

Slow gradual progress!

Next session will flow smoother. Soon, I hope to be able to flow through all 21 poses in a feeling state.

Started reading The Upanishads today. Very nice.

“Only a few ever hear these truths; of those who hear, only a few understand, and of those only a handful attain the goal.”

Katha Upanishad

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