Day 31 Ayahuasca synthesised senses.

Do ayahuasca and yoga mix?


Though Yoga is a great way to prepare for ayahuasca learning. The cleansing of the nadi channels allows for greater visions.

Ayahuasca is to be imbibed at night, lay down in a dark room, maybe some candle light, and prepare for the awesome DMT experience. Conserve your energy leading up to a ayahuasca session. Eat only simple foods and wait about 2 hours after eating to partake. I find it best to slowly drink a medium strength brew first to ease yourself into the experience then have a strong brew ready to sip until you reach your desired limit. Ayahuasca will let you know when you are at your limit. Pray to ayahuasca reverentially for a good experience.

Ayahuasca is like a personal psychiatrist, spiritual teacher, life long friend and guide. Treat her with respect.

It is made from the ayahuasca vine ( Banisteriopsis Caapi) and the leaf of the Chacruna plant (PsychotriaViridis). The two combine to make a potent medicine. Ayahuasca is a name derived from two Quechua words: aya means spirit, ancestor, deceased person, and huasca means vine or rope, hence it is
known as vine of the dead or vine of the soul.

With eyes open there is not much effect, totally different from mushrooms or LSD. One must close ones eyes and it is the inner space that becomes alive.

Initially it felt to me as if the ayahuasca was a multitude of snakes, slivering over my entire being, sussing me out on an extremely deep level.

Should I attempt to meditate? I could see a spherical shining bulb, at my third eye, which had a multitude of sensory devices sensing me. Should I turn of thought and attempt to go through the tunnel of samadhi?


“Just relax and experience.”

I seemed to intuit that to go through into samadhi on DMT would not be a good idea. Ayahuasca is an extremely powerful experience on its own, it does not require combining it with other sensory phenomenons, as a novelty.

Swirling fractal 3-D patterns accompanied the initial inspection. More than just visual, the visions combine feeling so your being is intertwined with the visions. Your nervous system becomes visionary. My normally flat, black, inner visional state transformed into a huge space alive with vision and feeling,

I remembered I had downloaded some icaro and decided to fumble about with the laptop to get the sacred music playing. It was worth it.

Icaro are essential.

If ayahuasca  was a bunch of snakes then Icaro was the snake charmer. Delight infused the experience. The Icaro are unbelievably beautiful when experienced with ayahuasca. Such seemingly simply melodies can easily be seen as primitive in todays electronic culture. That is a mistake. The power contained in Icaro is humblingly miraculous. I have an over flooding respect for the Shaman who have devoted their lives to the healing spirit of the sacred vine.

The spirit was very happy with the Icaro and the visions became awesome in depth and beauty. Indescribable worlds of 5- dimensional complexity, an ever changing flux of splendour. How can I best describe the ayahuasca experience to one who has never encountered? We are used to our normal 3 dimensions in this reality with time being the fourth, with ayahuasca feeling becomes the fifth dimension.

Imagine being a flower opening under the dawn suns rays; actually try to experience the feeling of being that flower. Feel joy in opening, being. Now imagine being that flower located in the center of the Amazon jungle. The sun rises and you are now the entire jungle, from horizon to horizon, opening in joy. Can you feel being the entire jungle?

Inner vision and physical sensation synthesise to create a new sense.

After a flash of what appeared to be a chakra body map,

I asked the spirit,

“Can you teach me about chakras?”

“NO. We are not Vedic.”

“What are you?”

“We are this.

Come dance with us.”

I felt elation, joy and deep bliss as the spirit pulled my essence up and out of my body into the visional world in which we danced together.

After indeterminate time the icaro stop. Do I re play them or do I sit alone with the serpent? I am starting to get sleepy, having peaked, am still heavily infused. I decide to turn off the laptop and attempt sleep.

There is blatantly no way I am going to sleep, though I am way tired. I was stupid to walk so far earlier and tire myself out. Ayahuasca starts to suggests ways in which I can improve my life, gently at first, then more in depth, soon I am stripped to the core.

Uneasy visions and feelings combine ruthlessly, presenting the effects my actions will cause if I do not change my ways. Every question is answered in pain-staking ultimate detail. I am convinced I must change. My core is empty.

I realise even the bad visions and feelings are constantly changing and they will pass. All is not bad however, I have improved considerably since my last ayahuasca session. I have some interesting options available. Ayahuasca shows me certain people whom I can help.

The yin yang of life is revealed in the microcosm of  ayahuasca experience; Indescribable highs of bliss to terrifying depths of shame in a hyper real intensity of being.

I reach for the laptop and  manage to play the icaro. I have definitely peaked and am coming down. It seemed to rise for about an hour, peak for an hour, then take about four hours to come down. The icaro relight ayahuasca’s joy and she is less harsh with me as we dance together again.

Constant drinking of water and urinating bring me back down to earth.

I started at 9 pm, went for a long walk then imbibed again at 11.30 pm, then more at 12.00 midnight. About 4:30 am I had come down but was still unable to sleep and dozed till 10:00 am, till I rise.

10 thoughts on “Day 31 Ayahuasca synthesised senses.

  1. Wow, thanks for this, it’s very helpful in understanding what trip with Ayahuasca might be like. Sounds like you connected with its essence big-time.

  2. FYI,
    Ayahuasca induced Samadhi in me and when I encountered “Shakti” I was made to do Yoga by an unseen, although felt, force. I had no previous knowlege of Yoga or Hinduism. I did -perfect- yoga for 5 hours that night and learned many mudras. My eyes were open the whole time. The entire experience was completely Vedic. I can now get there without the medicine. This happend on my 4th Ceremony.
    I had only two brief visions (days before) which involved a hunchback being like Kokopelli, and another involving “Jacobs Ladder” which had sprung from a percieved petroglyph.

    • hmmm extremely interesting indeed.. I guess the posibilities are infinite..
      Your message has personal resonance for me on several levels. I would like to read more about your experiences?

      • Gee.
        There’s just so much.
        The bottom line is Ayahuasca tell you what you want to know.
        I went in with three intentions. One was to “encounter” the Mother of All Creation, (Shakti) and I did. I skipped the “picture show” and concentrated on merging my male and female elements. It worked, and the result was synergistic. I “went home”. There is an unbelievable amount of Love there. It’s all about Love. There is certainly enough Love to go around.

        I can recommend the DVD “Vine of the Soul”. It’s well done.
        I can also recommend you email me at and we can get a dialogue going and maybe talk on the phone.

  3. Hey Shakti, apols for lateness of reply..
    Watched vine of the soul last night, was interesting, thanks for that..
    Have you seen “DMT the spirit molecule.”
    Thanks for your email, will drop you a line soon, be good to start a correspondence..

    • Great!
      Yes, I have watched “Spirit Molecule”. It should be watched, but it could have been done better. It should not be watched first, or without some disclaimers. Straight DMT is valueless. Ayahuasca is different…buffered.. governed…cooled…wouldn’t you say?
      I always cringe when I see “Ayahuasca” included in discussions with other “psychedelics” as if it were just another psychedelic, if that’s what it even is (see Shanon). Interestingly, Strassman thought his test subjects would all turn into little Buddhas but they all went back to their usual ways, (so says Beyer in Singing to the Plants)
      Ayahuasca has a unique EEG signature that closely matches that of deep meditation, or that twilight zone between wake and sleep. It makes it last longer. LSD, peyote, and mushrooms -as a separate group- all have a similar signature that is markedly different than Ayahuasca. That alone puts it in a unique category.
      I like to think of it as a “food”.
      Mushrooms give aya a bad name.

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