Day 33 – Guruji Terence Mckenna

Listening to Terence Mckenna – unfolding the stone.


He states that in this life we will all come up against the most dark of situations. If your life has been lovely and rosy so far and you have not yet confronted severe problems. You indeed shall. The shit awaits everyone. Nobody gets through this world without it, you may evade it for decades but then the inevitable knock on the door comes for us all.

This is the human condition. What do we do with the chaos?

We welcome it.

The chaos is the doorway to redemption.

Out of the chaos comes a new hope, a new reality, a new beginning, a new you.

It becomes first possible, then probable, then inevitable, to each one of us that miracles do occur.

Mind conjours miracles out of time.

The proof of this?

Nature said:

Let the monkey speak.

We are the proof.

“Nature loves courage.”

She will remove insurmountable objects for us if we make the commitment.

We know the things we need to do. We need the courage to do them.

The first thing we need to do is to tell society to “Fuck Off!”

They do not know what is going on.

Society only wants to drag you down to its ditch.

Do you know where the elevator shaft is? I think you probably do.

Have you got the courage to meet a plant? Receive instruction from a vegetable?

Hericlytus stated;

“All flows.”

This seemingly simple message is the hardest of lessons for us to learn.

All is transient.

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