Day 34 Subtle ayahuascan healing

Went to bed @ 2am. Slept for about an hour then awake all night.

Toss turn turn toss. Pain.

Kidney pain.

Strange – my right kidney is in pain. My left kidney has been the vocal one for these past 7 months.

Oh joy.

I become aware of ayahuascas voice. Gently instructing me in which position to lay. Subtle directions of limb. I follow, for hours, in pain. Around dawn I am told to lay in childs pose. after a short while I feel the negative energy of my pain travel up my spine to my third eye then suddenly a POP! and the pain has gone.

Blessed relief.

I feel ayahuasca has physically worked through my kidney karma and healed me.

I feel very grateful.

I am exhausted now.


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