Day 66 – Politicking

I wrote this on a friends facebook page in reply to a comment made about the recent student riots in London.

It all comes down to economic policy. These initial symptoms the UK are currently experiencing are endemic of free trade policies which only benefit multi nationals, banks and the military industrial complex. Look at the pattern of shock politics deployed all over the developing world since the 1950’s; First experimentally deployed in Chile under Pinoche. Milton Friedman’s trickledown effect does not work.
Governments have been infiltrated by members of this evil trinity, who are no longer satisfied with raping developing countries; they have turned their eye on larger, yet straggling countries; Uk included.
One way out of the impending doom, for this country, is to change economic policy. There are two viable models; the Danish model and the newer South American model. This change can be engendered without violence, but it rarely is. It needs a strong leader who is for the people. Chavez came up through the military.
Our three main parties have been infiltrated and become corrupt. The only way to change economic policy is to change the political structure. This can only happen through revolt.
Do not be lulled by news agencies into condemning these students for indulging in crowd psychology. This evil needs people to stand up and shout for change. This is a good example of a needles worth of public violence condemned, whilst our government employs a sledge hammer of violence systemically.
Yes, the NHS will be next. Privatising all public utilities is the obvious principal target of free trade policies. More dangerous and worrying is when the Government and the military are privatised too.

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