Day 69 – Haitian Rara.

A friend just brought round some Haitian Rara music.


Apparently Rara carnivalees spring up in a voodoo style of song marching through Haiti, towards a cemetery, playing homemade plastic pipes, intense drums, dervishly spiritual dancing and chaos spreads. The streets are transformed and liberated. The revellers send an unspoken warning to the cities ruling elite. Do not push us too far.

The sound is seriously, palpably extreme. Raw spiritual energy soaks the listen, inspiring words such as,

“My face hurts. It’s sending me to the left.”

Somtimes two Rara carnivals collide and a musical battle ensues.

Rara seems as if a battle is taking place for people’s souls.

Dancers become possessed.

Praises to them.

I wonder if Ayahuasca would appreciate Rara?

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