The law of abstention – Yama – Brahmacharya – Celibacy.

“What Brahmacharya is not: It is not austerity. It is not abstinence. It is not ‘no sex.’
“What Brahmacharya is: Brahmacharya is the conservation and self-control of  vital factors and forces within the body and mind. Every action, thought and emotion uses up these vital factors. They are replenished by the inputs of sensory experience, diet, oxygen intake and lifestyle. This depletion/replenishment process is going on constantly. If the
Yogi can maintain correct levels of these factors at all times and control them, health will be  excellent, and progress will be fast . . .”

The fourth abstention is non-sensuality or celibacy.

This can be divided into intellectual celibacy, Verbal Celibacy and Physical celibacy.

Intellectual celibacy.

The Gita says that when a person broods over the objects of the senses, that soul develops attachment to those objects. From these attachments massive cravings spring forth. This scatters the mind force. the main purpose of yoga is to gather and preserve the pranic energy. The discipline of ones sex life is key to success in attaining and experiencing mystical communion with higher states of consciousness.


1, One should hold the opposite sex in a high spiritual framework, rather than debasing thoughts.

2, One should consider sexuality to be noble and a means of bringing forth souls into the world in order to gain illumination, allowing them to taste the outer fringes of God’s Bliss.

3, Nothing scatters the pranic life[force more than sexual craving.

The idea is to gather the life-force in order to balance your life.

Verbal Celibacy.

Vocal Brahmacharya obviously implies control over a persons speech regarding sexual expressions and overtones. Obscene jokes and lewd songs should be avoided. Though you are allowed to laugh at a funny joke!

Physical Celibacy.

To those who have practised celibacy in thought and speech, the observanve of physical brahmacharya becomes easy.


1, When practising physical celibacy it is unwise to eat food cooked by a person who radiates strong sexuality or negativity.

2, One should bathe daily. If soap is used you should rinse thoroughly.

3, Undergarments should be exceptionally clean and changed daily.

4, Avoid stimulating  food such as spices.

From the spiritual science of Kriya yoga by Goswami Kriyananda.

2 thoughts on “The law of abstention – Yama – Brahmacharya – Celibacy.

  1. Oooh I’m failing miserably on several counts in that case! Intellectual and verbal celibacy, avoiding food prepared by someone who radiates strong sexuality (me) and spices (what else is there when you take away sex, alcohol and sugar?!)

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