We all have our problems.

A wealthy merchant gained an audience with the Buddha hoping to find an answer to the some of his problems he claimed were keeping him from happiness.

My wife loves me, but not as much as she should, he said. My children respect me but not as much as I deserve. My granaries are filled to the overflowing, but it will cost too much to build another in these tough economic times. On and on he went until at last he had exhausted himself and the Buddha with all of his litany of woes.

The Buddah sat listening patiently.

I’m sorry, but I cannot help you, said the Buddha.

How can that be, said the man, you are supposed to be the wisest man on Earth. Surely, you can solve my simple problems.

Perhaps, said the Buddha, We all have our 88 problems, but you have 89.

Nay, good sir, you are mistaken, said the man, I have but a normal amount of  problems.

No, it is you who are mistaken, said the Buddha, you have 89 problems, and the 89th  is that you want to have no problems.

No one is wise enough to solve that problem.

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