Day 77

Everything going good. Have reduced pranayama from four times daily to a more manageable twice. Slow steady growth is the basic law of nature and all that.

Stopped the pranayama for an entire week. Was getting headaches which i feel may have been the result of too much chi accumulating in the dome, due mainly to pulling in  chi during the sense withdrawal part of my sit. Back on track now though.

Have taken up boxing. Am finding it really great. A strong yang to the yin of yoga. Have been working out a lot and raising my fitness levels.

All in all life is going very well. I thank God and the Goddess daily for my blessings. At the start of my sit i feel thanks and gratitude to God and the universe and feel energy coming in through my crown down my spine to my sacrum. I feel gratitude and thanks to the Goddess and mother earth, and feel energy rush up my spine to my crown. These two forces unleash pleasurable rushes throughout my spinal column.

Gosh it is great to be alive!

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