TV, Game of Thrones and spirituality.

Have just started watching HBO’s Game of Thrones. I tend to avoid dramas of any description. I do not watch TV. Am liking this though. A riveting blend of sex and violence with an intriguing storyline has me hooked. Am particularly enjoying the witticisms and wisdom of the “imp”.  Sean Bean is proving to be uncharacteristically likable too; his time has come after having to play such a miserable role in The Lord Of The Rings.

Watched two episodes tonight.

“Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.”

The last drama box set i watched was Battlestar Galactica. There seems to me to be some  similarities. The Targaryen white haired wannabe king reminds me of Dr. Gaius Baltar.

I sometimes berate myself for indulging in “mindless” TV; though I also see the value of storytelling. Most TV shows sicken me with their blatant social engineering, I find it difficult to find anything of substance to watch. (Any recommendations would be appreciated!)

I think it is acceptable to relax of an evening and watch some good TV or a movie. I usually download my programming as I cannot bear to watch insidious advertisements.

Have just watched eight seasons of Curb your enthusiasm. In my opinion the best TV show of all time. Larry David is genius, and in this bloggers humble opinion: Leon Black, J.B Smoove,  is one of the finest comedic actors of all time. Saw him recently in “We bought a zoo.”

I see series two is being aired presently; looks like I have some catching up to do!

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