Mixing Ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms part two.

“You know what we could do?” Then he laid down the rap that is now enshrined as the central doctrine of the opus. He called it hyper-carbolation. According to his theory, you could use the singing voice and superconductivity (or the complete disappearance of electrical resistance, usually only possible with temperatures at absolute zero) to drive the molecules of psychedelic compounds into states of permanent association—or bonding—with living human DNA. Dennis’s rap drew on the theory of sound. If you pluck a string, it will sound in the octave in which it is struck, but it will also sound in octaves above and below its key. It has what are called harmonic overtones. If you strike the chord and then squelch it, you can still hear the harmonic overtones, a phenomenon that had fascinated Pythagoras. Dennis pointed out to us that one can use two sounds to cancel each other if the two sounds are exactly the same in relation to each other. The same phenomenon that produces harmonic overtones can be used to still the movements of molecules. In very localized areas, perhaps only a few thousand angstroms across, one can produce low temperatures with audio cancellation. Molecular motion is a type of vibration and in the presence of just the right audio input such molecular motion will cease. Operationally speaking, when molecular motion ceases the molecule has reached a temperature of absolute zero, and superconductivity becomes possible. Dennis felt he had figured out a way to blow the locked doors of paradise right off their hinges using psychoactive compounds, psilocybin, the tryptamine complex, and the beta-carbolines that occur in ayahuasca. He said that if you look at the vibration of molecules in the beta-carboline family, you find that the electron spin resonance of these molecules, moving from one to another, is in fact a series of harmonic overtones. This is interesting because psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo had reported in The Healing Journey that 50 percent of his subjects who took harmine, a beta-carboline occuring in ayahuasca, reported a buzzing in the head. It was not associated with other kinds of psychedelics; it seemed to be uniquely associated with these harmine compounds. The Jivaro shamans of Ecuador also report a buzzing in the head. Dennis’s idea was that when ayahuasca is metabolizing through one’s neural matrix in the brain, a sound is heard. Explaining just how this happens is far from simple. Electron spin resonance is a phenomenon of molecular structure in which high frequency energy is put into the molecular system and electron spin resonance signals emerge from the system. But not all compounds have an electron spin resonation; to exhibit ESR activity a molecule must have a ring free of molecular encumbrances. All compounds with a free ring will resonate under certain conditions. The hallucinogens we were interested in have free rings, as does DNA, the molecule at the center of the genetic machinery of all life. When your body is metabolizing the alkaloids in ayahuasca, a relationship is formed with the tryptamine metabolites in the brain. A sound is heard that is characteristic of the interaction. Once the sound is heard, it can be imitated. Then what you have is a vocal sound. Ordinarily it would not occur to anyone to draw a connection between this sound and the signals produced by the ESR, which occur in the microphysical realm. Here was where Dennis made his leap into delusion or illumination, for he began to insist that he could do things with this sound. By vocalizing, Dennis felt that he would, in effect, be emitting an amplified spin resonance signal, an amplified ESR-modulated sound that would be coming from the psilocybin metabolizing in his brain. Making this sound would set up a series of harmonic vibrations above and below it in other compounds also active in his brain. Now, from this theoretical basis, we take flight. If he is in the correct spatial orientation to the molecule he is directing sound at, when he stops making the sound he is hearing, the molecule will become superconductive, because its vibration has been canceled. Of the many millions of this kind of molecule struck by this sound, a few dozen or hundreds will be in the correct geometrical orientation and their molecular motion will be stilled almost instantly. Now a peculiar property of low temperatures is that very high bonding energies appear between molecules. A molecule close to absolute zero will bond to anything. It just forces its way into the structure. Dennis tried to explain: “The harmine molecule, which is structured like a little bell, gives a bell-like chiming and buzzing sound. If we come on it right and cancel it and there is neural DNA active in the brain, the electrical configuration of harmine is enough like the molecular configuration of adenine, one of the bases in DNA, that it will replace it. It will bond through into the chain. And when it is bonded in, its ring will become activated. It is the same size as adenine, but it’s a little more complicated. It has a free resonance ring.” Dennis paused and then gathered his thoughts to continue. “Now the normal ESR of harmine is a simple signal, but the electron spin configuration of DNA is very, very complicated. It is a broad band. When the harmine goes in there it will cease to broadcast its own resonation because it will have become very tightly bonded into the structure of the macro-molecule. It will instead begin to broadcast the ESR resonation of the DNA. That’s it. If you have followed it this far, the rest is easy. DNA is what you are. The physical form is just a lot of juicy macro-physical crystals caused by gene expression, you know, the result of enzymes set in motion and coded by DNA. Neural DNA is known to be non-metabolizing. It does not go away. The meat on your body comes and goes every few years. Your skeleton is not the same one you had five years ago, but neural DNA is an exception. It is there for all time. You come into the world with it. It records and it is an antenna for memory. Not only our personal memory, but any entity or organism which has DNA in it; there is a way to find a connection to it. This is how we open a passage to the Divine Imagination, this is how William Blake understood Redemption. This is now within reach. “This is how it’s done. You put a radio into the DNA and this ESR resonation will begin to flood your system because the bond will be permanent; there will be no way to disrupt it. It will tell you everything—everything that can be known in the world of space and time because it contains your own and everyone else’s records. We are all connected through this magical substance, which is what makes life possible and which causes it to take on its myriad forms. All DNA is the same. It is the settings that are different; you get butterflies, mastodons, or human beings, depending on the settings.”


Mixing Ayahuasca and mushrooms.

Further experiments with the psycho-audible warp phenomenon yesterday raise some interesting new questions and enhance our ongoing understanding. I chose the term “audible warp ” because my experience thus far, coupled with what I have been told, leads me to believe that this all has to do with vocally generating a specific kind of energy field which can rupture three dimensional space. I do not understand if the field is electromagnetic, but it seems to bend space in such a way as to turn it upon itself through a higher dimension. Here is how it is done: One must take enough psilocybin to allow the sound to be audible. This sound we understand to be the Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) of the psilocybin alkaloids within the mushroom. The presence of rapidly metabolizing high-energy tryptamines within the ayahuasca acts as an antenna that sensitizes the neural matrix to the spin resonance energy of the Stropharia psilocybin. It is this principle that allows the signal to be made audible. It must then be amplified via the tryptamine admixture antenna to what is felt to be its fullest amplitude. Then, via vocal sound, this energy is placed into the harmine complex within the body and within the mushroom which has been, in some small part, cooled to absolute zero—the temperature at which molecular vibration ceases, through absorption of the psilocybin ESR pulses. Once this ESR wave has been detected, it will be possible to amplify it within the neural circuits by channeling it through the harmine complex: i.e., by imitating the psilocybin ESR with the voice, causing the amplified sound to strike a harmonic tone with the harmine metabolizing in the brain and thereby exciting the harmine ESR. Since harmine complexes are merely further down the same bio-synthetic pathway that converts tryptophane into psilocybin, it is possible to consider the ESR tone of psilocybin as a harmonic overtone of harmine and vice versa. Using harmonic overtones, it is possible to sound a tone which will cancel one or more of its octaves reflected in the harmonic scales above and below it. This is easily demonstrated on a cello: Suppose a tone, say the open string A, is sounded. The sound is a wave-vibration of air molecules caused by the string, which then acts as a resonator. The tone is heard mostly loudly in the key in which it was sounded, but it also sounds every other key of “A ” in the octaves above and below it. It is possible to cancel out the original tone by touching the string very lightly at certain harmonic points. When this is done, the overtones in the higher and lower registers become audible. If one understands the theory of harmonic resonators well enough, one can determine which overtones will be resonated if certain points on the string are touched. When this understanding is applied to molecular ESR res-onation, it remains essentially the same in principle. When the ESR tone of the psilocybin is heard via tryptamine antenna, it will strike a harmonic tone in the harmine complexes being metabolized within the system, causing its ESR to begin to resonate at a higher level. According to the principles of tonal physics, this will automatically cancel out the original tone, i.e., the psilocybin ESR, and cause the molecule to cease to vibrate; however, the ESR tone that sustains the molecular coherency is carried for a microsecond on the overtonal ESR of the harmine complex. This leaves the momentarily electrically canceled and superconductive psilocybin suspended in a low energy electromagnetic field generated by the harmine ESR. In so doing, it will regain its original, but now superconductivity amplified, ESR signal, which will permanently lock it into a superconductive state. As this phenomenon proceeds, it will automatically trigger the inverse of the initial process. The psilocybin, superconductively charged by mind, will harmonically cancel the ESR resonance of the harmine within the brain. The energy of the harmine-psilocybin complex ESR will be absorbed instantly into the matrix of the mushroom. This will cause those molecules metabolizing within the body and bonded to the neural DNA to instantly drop to absolute zero. Clearly this harmine-psilocybin-DNA complex must immediately separate itself from the cellular matrix. There is great danger at this moment, but pathways exist to deal with it. We will find that these molecules condense out of our bodies accompanied by a sound. This sound will be the harmonic ESR tone of this complex amplified superconductively and broadcast and frozen into the superconductive matrix of the mushroom. The superconductively charged psilocybin acts as an antenna which picks up the amplified ESR signals of the complex and condenses vibrational signals into a superconductive matrix. The opus can now be briefly summarized: • The mushroom must be taken and heard. • The ayahuasca must be taken and charged with overtonal ESR of the psilocybin via voice-imparted, amplified sound. • The ESR resonance of the psilocybin in the mushrooms will be canceled and will drop into a superconducting state; a small portion of the physical matter of the mushroom will be obliterated. • The superconductively charged psilocybin will pick up the ESR harmonic of the ayahuasca complex; this energy will be instantly and completely absorbed by the higher-dimensional tryp-tamine template. It will be transferred to the mushroom as vocal sound and condensed onto the psilocybin as a bonded complex of superconductive harmine-psilocybin-DNA. • The result will be a molecular aggregate of hyperdimen-sional, superconducting matter that receives and sends messages transmitted by thought, that stores and retrieves information in a holographic fashion in neural DNA, and that depends on superconductive harmine as a transducer energy source and superconductive RNA as a temporal matrix. This aggregate will be a living and functioning part of the brain of the molecular “singer” who creates it. It will be composed of higher dimensional matter, i.e., matter that has been turned through the higher dimension via the process of canceling its electrical charge with a harmonic vibration, transmitting that vibration across space (from superconductive transmitter to superconductive receiver), and then recondensing that vibration onto a superconductive template (the charged psilocybin in the mushroom), until the harmine-psilocybin-DNA complex condenses into a superconducting molecule. A molecule that is higher dimensional matter would, by this theory, be stable as long as it remains in a superconducting configuration, probably forever, since it is powered by its own ESR energy. It will then be responsive to command via endogenous tryptamine ESR (thoughts), it will be keyed into our collective DNA, and it will contain harmine as a superconductive transceiver and power source. Talk about a steep learning curve! I had never heard my little brother carry on so. To the extent that I grasped what Dennis was saying, he thought, and it seemed a magnificent thought to me, that the body is like an undiscovered musical and scientific instrument whose potential lies all around and within us, but of which we are unaware. He said that the mind, through an act of will, could use the singing voice to interact with the brain as though it were a color organ and holographic library all wrapped up into one. Dennis pointed the way toward a kind of Orphic science where the great advances would be made by using only the interaction of the quarternity of singing voice, mind, brain, and imagination. More, however, than a chant-induced, collective synesthesia was promised. He was saying that the laws of acoustics and low amperage bioelectrical phenomena, and our bodies, could be manipulated to give the experimenter a doorway into exploring states of matter and realms of physics involving high energy and low temperature that are, currently at least, supposed to be the exclusive province of researchers totally dependent on extremely sophisticated and powerful instruments. It became possible for a moment to dream that the powers of shamanism, derived from a millennium-old knowledge of microphysics and bioelectronics, was far in advance of our own. The doorway that seemed to swing open was a doorway out of historical time, back toward some sort of archaic completion nearly forgotten. Perhaps the shamanic traditions of this planet are the keepers of an understanding that uses the human body/brain/mind as its vehicle, leaving the present state of the art, which our own “scientific method” has achieved, a very poor second. This is really an old idea—the siren song of Pythagoras—that the mind is more powerful than any imaginable particle accelerator, more sensitive than any radio receiver or the largest optical telescope, more complete in its grasp of information than any computer: that the human body— its organs, its voice, its power of locomotion, and its imagination— is a more-than-sufficient means for the exploration of any place, time, or energy level in the universe. It was this idea that Dennis would set out to prove, to realize in the actual hardware of the dimension-roving lenticular vehicle that he was convinced could be generated out of his own DNA and living organisms present at hand in the Amazonian environment—the mushroom and the ayahuasca.

From: True Hallucinations by Terence Mckenna.

Day 69 – Haitian Rara.

A friend just brought round some Haitian Rara music.


Apparently Rara carnivalees spring up in a voodoo style of song marching through Haiti, towards a cemetery, playing homemade plastic pipes, intense drums, dervishly spiritual dancing and chaos spreads. The streets are transformed and liberated. The revellers send an unspoken warning to the cities ruling elite. Do not push us too far.

The sound is seriously, palpably extreme. Raw spiritual energy soaks the listen, inspiring words such as,

“My face hurts. It’s sending me to the left.”

Somtimes two Rara carnivals collide and a musical battle ensues.

Rara seems as if a battle is taking place for people’s souls.

Dancers become possessed.

Praises to them.

I wonder if Ayahuasca would appreciate Rara?

Day 61 – The worlds greatest ever pop song?

November 21st Full moon.

Gona chill on the ayahuasca for now. Still need to actually implement her suggestions before I revisit her magical realm.

I wonder if this is the worlds greatest ever pop song?

I got to say it and it’s hard for me
You got me cryin’ like I thought I would never be
Love is believin’ but you let me down
How can I love you when you ain’t around
And I …..

Get to the morning and you never call
Love should be ev’rything or not at all
And it don’t matter what ever you do
I made a life out of lovin’ you

Only to find any dream that I follow is dying
I’m cryin’ in the rain
I could be searchin’ my world for a love everlasting
Feeling no pain, when will we meet again

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
Is it a lesson that I never knew
Gotta get out of the spell that I’m under
My love for you

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
When I was bein’ what you want me to be
Suddenly ev’rything I ever wanted has passed me by
This world may end
Not you and I

My love is stronger than the universe
My soul is cryin’ for you
And that can not be reversed
You made the rules but you could not see
You made a life out of hurtin’ me

Out of my mind ,
I am held by the power of you love
Tell me when do we try
Why should we say goodbye

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
When i was bein’ what you want me to be
Suddenly ev’rthing I ever wanted has passed me by

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
Is it a lesson that i never knew
Suddenly ev’rthing I ever wanted my love for you

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
When i was bein’ what you want me to be
Suddenly ev’rthing I ever wanted has passed me by

This world never ends not you and I.

My love for the songcrafting mastery of the brothers Gibb grows exponentially with every listen.

Went for a run this morn. First run for many a moon. My abs were aching from yesterdays exertions. Feels good. Very good.

Spent most of yesterday reading the dancing divorcees blog – most humourous blog award goes to:

Day 48 – Return of the yogi.


Enjoyed two weeks of rest from yoga. The ayahuasca session took a lot out of me and I felt I needed some assimilation time. I also developed some duodenal stomach ulcer pain which needed rest and glutamine to heal. Ayahuasca is very acidic it seems. Only got ulcer pain late at night when in bed.

This morning began with some gentle yoga warm-ups to get me back into mode. Then some pranayama, taking it easy. Nicey nicey.

Have been reading about Zen. Will write up some good stuff soon.

Heavy new moon cleaning session yesterday, Yes folks! I actually pulled out the cooker and cleaned behind there! You do not want to know what was living in there.

Day 31 Ayahuasca synthesised senses.

Do ayahuasca and yoga mix?


Though Yoga is a great way to prepare for ayahuasca learning. The cleansing of the nadi channels allows for greater visions.

Ayahuasca is to be imbibed at night, lay down in a dark room, maybe some candle light, and prepare for the awesome DMT experience. Conserve your energy leading up to a ayahuasca session. Eat only simple foods and wait about 2 hours after eating to partake. I find it best to slowly drink a medium strength brew first to ease yourself into the experience then have a strong brew ready to sip until you reach your desired limit. Ayahuasca will let you know when you are at your limit. Pray to ayahuasca reverentially for a good experience.

Ayahuasca is like a personal psychiatrist, spiritual teacher, life long friend and guide. Treat her with respect.

It is made from the ayahuasca vine ( Banisteriopsis Caapi) and the leaf of the Chacruna plant (PsychotriaViridis). The two combine to make a potent medicine. Ayahuasca is a name derived from two Quechua words: aya means spirit, ancestor, deceased person, and huasca means vine or rope, hence it is
known as vine of the dead or vine of the soul.

With eyes open there is not much effect, totally different from mushrooms or LSD. One must close ones eyes and it is the inner space that becomes alive.

Initially it felt to me as if the ayahuasca was a multitude of snakes, slivering over my entire being, sussing me out on an extremely deep level.

Should I attempt to meditate? I could see a spherical shining bulb, at my third eye, which had a multitude of sensory devices sensing me. Should I turn of thought and attempt to go through the tunnel of samadhi?


“Just relax and experience.”

I seemed to intuit that to go through into samadhi on DMT would not be a good idea. Ayahuasca is an extremely powerful experience on its own, it does not require combining it with other sensory phenomenons, as a novelty.

Swirling fractal 3-D patterns accompanied the initial inspection. More than just visual, the visions combine feeling so your being is intertwined with the visions. Your nervous system becomes visionary. My normally flat, black, inner visional state transformed into a huge space alive with vision and feeling,

I remembered I had downloaded some icaro and decided to fumble about with the laptop to get the sacred music playing. It was worth it.

Icaro are essential.

If ayahuasca  was a bunch of snakes then Icaro was the snake charmer. Delight infused the experience. The Icaro are unbelievably beautiful when experienced with ayahuasca. Such seemingly simply melodies can easily be seen as primitive in todays electronic culture. That is a mistake. The power contained in Icaro is humblingly miraculous. I have an over flooding respect for the Shaman who have devoted their lives to the healing spirit of the sacred vine.

The spirit was very happy with the Icaro and the visions became awesome in depth and beauty. Indescribable worlds of 5- dimensional complexity, an ever changing flux of splendour. How can I best describe the ayahuasca experience to one who has never encountered? We are used to our normal 3 dimensions in this reality with time being the fourth, with ayahuasca feeling becomes the fifth dimension.

Imagine being a flower opening under the dawn suns rays; actually try to experience the feeling of being that flower. Feel joy in opening, being. Now imagine being that flower located in the center of the Amazon jungle. The sun rises and you are now the entire jungle, from horizon to horizon, opening in joy. Can you feel being the entire jungle?

Inner vision and physical sensation synthesise to create a new sense.

After a flash of what appeared to be a chakra body map,

I asked the spirit,

“Can you teach me about chakras?”

“NO. We are not Vedic.”

“What are you?”

“We are this.

Come dance with us.”

I felt elation, joy and deep bliss as the spirit pulled my essence up and out of my body into the visional world in which we danced together.

After indeterminate time the icaro stop. Do I re play them or do I sit alone with the serpent? I am starting to get sleepy, having peaked, am still heavily infused. I decide to turn off the laptop and attempt sleep.

There is blatantly no way I am going to sleep, though I am way tired. I was stupid to walk so far earlier and tire myself out. Ayahuasca starts to suggests ways in which I can improve my life, gently at first, then more in depth, soon I am stripped to the core.

Uneasy visions and feelings combine ruthlessly, presenting the effects my actions will cause if I do not change my ways. Every question is answered in pain-staking ultimate detail. I am convinced I must change. My core is empty.

I realise even the bad visions and feelings are constantly changing and they will pass. All is not bad however, I have improved considerably since my last ayahuasca session. I have some interesting options available. Ayahuasca shows me certain people whom I can help.

The yin yang of life is revealed in the microcosm of  ayahuasca experience; Indescribable highs of bliss to terrifying depths of shame in a hyper real intensity of being.

I reach for the laptop and  manage to play the icaro. I have definitely peaked and am coming down. It seemed to rise for about an hour, peak for an hour, then take about four hours to come down. The icaro relight ayahuasca’s joy and she is less harsh with me as we dance together again.

Constant drinking of water and urinating bring me back down to earth.

I started at 9 pm, went for a long walk then imbibed again at 11.30 pm, then more at 12.00 midnight. About 4:30 am I had come down but was still unable to sleep and dozed till 10:00 am, till I rise.