Super full moon in Virgo March 19th 2011.

On Saturday, March 19th a Full Moon in Virgo will rise  at 06:11 pm GMT. Full moons bring increase and culmination and also the opportunity to release aspects of things not working for us. We may feel the full moon energies up to three days before and after the actual event noticing a feeling of increased “fullness” as our emotions and body weight increase.

The energy of Virgo is mental, analytical, investigative, practical and critical. It is an earth sign and also considered the time of culmination and harvest. This Full Moon, in the last degrees of the sign of Virgo at 28 degrees, exhibits mental and practical ‘earthy’ work coming to completion. At this degree, things that one has been mulling over or organizing for some time are finally coming into full form. A death of sorts, the ‘harvest’ is complete, a celebration takes place and then the cycle repeats, but it is in this ‘death’ that the fertility of the natural world replenishes itself.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is 29 degree Virgo, “A Man is Gaining Secret Knowledge from an Ancient Scroll He is Reading”. (From Linda Hill’s 360 degrees of Wisdom.) “Our ability to translate this ‘Knowledge’ into a practical set of lessons for our day-to-day life assists our progress as we grow and mature”. We harvest new ideas and ways of giving service on a daily basis but tend to always return to the essential truths of a matter. Looking for answers, we tap into the yield of ‘Secret Knowledge’ to plant new ideas for the future. Understanding arrives through patient, steady work constantly replenishing and refining to achieve illuminated inspiration.

“One by one, tiny pieces of the puzzle fit together. What emerges is a complete design of the whole picture. For one can not be without the other. Over emphasizing on the minute details leads one into a frenzy, step back and re-gain balance and ease seeing how you belong into the bigger picture.” ~ Dipali

The Full Moon is in Virgo at 28 degrees on March 19th, 2011. This particular full moon is packed with high nervous tension energy possibly erratic zings and dings. Let’s delve into the astrological aspects happening during the full moon a bit further.

Stress levels may be high during this time. The highly fluctuating energies may certainly add a layer of jarring ripples within emotional waters for people now. Be patient as possible no matter what arises. Tendencies or habits that are out of balance or that are on auto pilot are brought into the light of conscious awareness. With the sign of Virgo highlighted, either you can be highly picky, critical or judgmental or you can break free to heal yourself and restore balance inside. The “inner critic” needs a vacation or at least some new skills on how to be “compassionate (Pisces).” Put that on the to do list and do it! Of course the first urge, during a Full Moon in Virgo is to analyze it out, think about it, chew it to pieces until it is all mush. It may be best to “feel” things out first then the order and information will make sense.

This one is a “Super Moon.” (a term coined by astrologer R. Nolle)
Super Moon represents the Moon is the closet to the Earth, it is called lunar perigee. With the lunar energy (literally influencing the tides of the Ocean) being so strong, symbolically or literally we may experience unusual weather, climate change as well as earth changes such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions etc. The emotional climate may also express this similar movement so let it all purge out if need be. Roll with the waves happening now.

During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another. Sun in Pisces ‘opposes’ the Moon in Virgo, push and pull between the details and the wholeness, find the compromise between both. Blend your practical and feeling aspects so they work as one unite towards finding the solution to any adversity happening now. The Full Moon in Virgo is closely knit symbolically to transiting Uranus in Aries. At the same time the square aspect between transiting Uranus/Pluto is wide but building now. We must be truthful and confront the shadow or negative side and bring more awareness within self and relationships. Uranus/Pluto square can be; intense, powerful, transformative and also there is a bit of disruption possible with the energies now. Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are feeling the dynamic tension, pressure and possible excitement.

With the momentum of energy increasing with 3 planets in Aries so far, you can decide to be a part of things that enhance and support your overall well-being (Virgo) and spiritual evolution (Pisces) or not. Chances to overcome the past and any places you adhere needlessly to being a Victim and move forward to be empowered will come whizzing by. Ready to grab them and move ahead? Jupiter in Aries very close to its opposition aspect to Saturn in Libra – retrograde suggests resolving conflicts between expansion and consolidating.

Helpful Suggestions: Stop often and breathe. Connect with the Universe and let go of the accumulated stress instead of holding onto it. Cry if you need to, shake it off, take a walk, exercise to blow off steam – whatever it takes. Remember, make a conscious choice to no longer feel victimized but rather, embrace how empowered you are to make a change in your life in this moment. When you understand yourself as a Spiritual being moving through life, there is much more meaning to the details of life. Bach Flower Essence: There are 2 helpful Flower remedies to use now; Beech and Honeysuckle

Full Moon in Virgo Ceremony
In meditation or a quiet place, allow yourself to relax and tune into how each human being, animal, planet, Earth, Stars, Nature etc. – is a puzzle piece and all working together to make a whole Cosmic picture. We are all equal, and we are all are interconnected. Breathe into this recognition and truth through the heart than just the mind or it being a good idea. Select 1 place where you will no longer be super critical or perfection oriented within yourself. Let this heal, support and encourage yourself differently. Move beyond the old programming of negative criticism. Work with this for one month every day.

Celtic horoscope and moon personality phases.

White Stag

December 24 – January 20

Birch (beth)

General: Personal potential, persistence

New Moon Character: Impulsive, emotional, introverted, overcomes obstacles

Full Moon Character: Clarity of purpose, visionaries, extroverts

Green Dragon

January 21 – February 17

Rowan (luis)

General: Humanitarians, visionaries, cool exterior, passionate interior

New Moon Character: Impatience, passionate beliefs

Full Moon Character: Fails to follow through, asserts rights

Trident (SeaHorse)

February 8 – March 17


General: Artistic, sensitive, spiritual, grounded, compassionate

New Moon Character: Impulsive, emotional, won’t be exploited

Full Moon Character: Exhibitionists, humble, naive


March 18 – April 14


General: Make own way, courage, restless, loners

New Moon Character: Impulsive, courageous, sincere

Full Moon Character: Persuasive, confident, successful


April 15 – May 12


General: Difficult to know, psychic, tenacious, shrewd

New Moon Character: Moody, receptive to change

Full Moon Character: Resourceful, good memories, bad advice


May 13 – June 9


General: Innovative, new ideas, talented, many trades

New Moon Character: Impulsive, sensuous,

Full Moon Character: Hard to make commitments, open minds

White Horse/Golden Wheel

June 10 – July 7

Oak (duir)

General: Optimistic, vision, honest to a fault, self-sacrificing

New Moon Character: Financial problems, leaders, rises above human frailties, generous

Full Moon Character: Financial gains, creative, leaders

Unicorn/Flaming Spear

July 8 – August 4


General: Not risk-takers, integrity, logical

New Moon Character: Encourages and assists others, blind optimism

Full Moon Character: Committed to own ambitions, sensitive, good business people

Rainbow Salmon

August 5 – September 1


General: Perceptive, clever, writers, debaters, organized

New Moon Character: Inquisitive, nosy

Full Moon Character: Outgoing, educators, honest, well-defined

White Swan

September 2 – 29


General: Sensual, high emotions, organized, don’t underestimate

New Moon Character: Supportive, enthusiastic, open emotionally

Full Moon Character: Forgiving, promiscuous, dependent, harmony


September 30 – October 27


General: Stamina, talented, colorful, public figures

New Moon Character: Artistic, thinkers, indecisive

Full Moon Character: Good at hiding feelings, generous, shrewd financially, manipulative

White Hound/Stone

October 28 – November 24 Reed(ngetal)

General: Passionate, command presence, dissension, interested in large change rather than small changes

New Moon Character: Loyal, impatient, impulsive, respected

Full Moon Character: Subtle, changes a lot, survivors

Black Horse/Raven

November 25 – December 22


General: Wasteful youth, lucky, curiosity, extravagant

New Moon Character: Outspoken, impulsive, vigilant

Full Moon Character: Non-confrontational, remain in background

New Moon in Aquarius & Chinese New Year. Februray 3rd.

New Moons are a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, and there will be a focus on the high-tech, intellectual, and humanitarian.

Perhaps now is the time to begin planning for the arrival of some new gadgetry, deciding on a new class to take in the spring, or beginning new work with a charity or other organization.

The Sun, the Moon, and Mars are in Aquarius, letting us be a little daring and step outside of our intellectual and humanitarian comfort zones.

Mercury will remain in Aquarius through the end of the month, making our journey to discover new things and ideas exciting. Be sure to check which house in your chart is highlighted with this New Moon, as this will be your focus of change.

The New Moon in Aquarius also aligned with Chiron (within a degree), so there will be an element of spiritual and soulful healing; perhaps that which you are driven to investigate or those you choose to help will help heal some of your past hurts. Now is a powerful time of change and rejuvenation.

This New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 9:31 pm EST (Thursday, February 3 at 2:31 GMT).

It will be good to make wishes in matters (in our lives) related to Aquarius, like maybe being more friendly or humanitarian, being more original and inventive, being more honest, being more detached or unemotional about things (like people and situations) that don’t or shouldn’t matter, being more willing to fight for freedom, etc.

This is also signals the start of the Chinese Year of the Metal Rabbit.

Since this is a Metal year, those people born in an Earth year will generally fare better than others, while those born in a Wood year are likely to do worse. It’s also slightly negative for those born in a Fire year and mildly positive for Water-sign people. Those born in a Metal year will be in their element and will do well if their animal sign is compatible with the Rabbit.

The Metal Rabbit is not the cuddly, little soft ball of fur you see in the pet store. Metal gives this bunny a competitive, aggressive side. It is cold, sometimes insensitive. The Metal Rabbit is the most unlike the other five breeds of this sign. So there will be some confusion from time to time in 2011. What will predominate at any given moment, the gentle Rabbit or steely Metal?

The Rabbit should give most of us an opportunity to pause and catch our breath after a hectic 2010. It’s a time for peacemakers to shine. But it will have a metallic edge to it. From time to time, aggressiveness will suddenly materialize and disrupt the peace. For those who revel in a slow pace, however, it promises to be a most enjoyable time.

The year of the Metal Rabbit promises to bring some much-needed peace and tranquility. If you are like most people, you probably feel like you were on a roller coaster in 2010, the year of the Tiger. That will generally not be the case in 2011, as the Rabbit is everything the Tiger is not.

“Let there be peace — and let it begin with me” is the Rabbit motto. The Tiger makes waves, but the Rabbit mends fences. Diplomacy reigns. If you want to improve your chances of success, negotiate and cooperate rather than force your ideas on others. It’s also a time to kiss and make up. Forgive and forget. Let’s all get along. Make love not war. If last year the emphasis was on excitement, it’s now is on harmony.

The Rabbit is also very much about good taste and refinement. That said, self-indulgence is another Rabbit theme. By all means go to the theater, spend time at the spa and patronize those great restaurants you love. On the other hand, be careful about not overdoing it. And you can bet the Rabbit will put lots of temptation in front of you.

This is especially true if you belong to the Rabbit’s group, that is, if your sign is Rabbit, Sheep or Pig. These, however, are the people most likely to have a great year. If you are one of these signs, make an extra effort to follow your dreams, seize opportunities, and enjoy the moment. Other signs with excellent prospects this year include the Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Dog. Those that might want to hold back a bit include the Rat, Horse, Monkey, and Rooster.

Full moon January 19th

The full moon on 19 January 2011 at 29 degrees Cancer is trine Jupiter, sprinkling much needed luck and laughter upon us after the dramas and chaos of the Christmas holidays. Our emotions are warmed and we are feeling generous. But we are going to have to put this benefic influence to good use. For we also get some very complex aspect patterns here. Primarily a mystic rectangle which contains a Yod. The players are Jupiter opposite Juno, Sun opposite Moon, and Chiron at the Yod apex.

At the Solar Eclipse we were seeking out our soulmate. Now we have found them and realize we have met our match. Oh dear!.. Jupiter and Juno were the cosmic version of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, with their epic fights and jealous squabbles. Juno inflicted rather harsh punishments on any nymph whom Jupiter took a fancy too, giving him hell in the process. She was no compliant wife. This is where her punitive side comes out, but she also stands for bringing about justice and a fair outcome.

To have these planets cast in this mystic rectangle lead’s me to think of something like “Relate” or mediation. Many couples snap at the stress of Christmas, so it is a peak time for break ups. A mystic rectangle such as this describes a pretty full-on, cards on the table,“We need to talk” situation. One hopes this will bring some healing, particularly as searing through the heart of this magic box is a Yod to Chiron which is still conjunct Neptune.

Juno brings out issues to do with partnerships. We are not talking about the romance and indulgence of Venus, rather it is about how the relationship works and the laws within a union. Juno deals with the vows we make in a commitment and makes damn sure Jupiter doesn’t wriggle out of his promises. These two are opposing each other so tightly, but are thankfully bonded together in harmonious aspects by the Sun and the Moon. It does look rather like a marriage ceremony doesn’t it?

The Sun and the Moon represent the sacred marriage and unification of soul mates. We have had quite a few comments regarding twin flames, and these aspect patterns describe the story very well. The Neptune/Chiron conjunction at the apex of this Yod is known as the Cinderella aspect by Uranian Astrologers. But it’s not all fairytales. Twin flames coming together is said to be very painful (Chiron), especially if one of the pair is more evolved than the other. In that case the savior feels obliged to surrender themselves in order to pull up the other soul. But the less evolved partner often resents this, can feel overwhelmed and digs their feet in, causing much suffering to the other.

Chiron/Neptune is often a theme where one of the pair (Chiron) wants to save the other in some way, usually from drug addiction (Neptune). The response unfortunately for the would-be “saviour” tends to be mental or physical abuse. Moon is conjunct asteroid Alkeste a Greek woman who offered to die in place of her husband, such was her love for him. Is anyone worth killing yourself for? This continues the theme of when a love knows no bounds and the savior becomes so totally self-sacrificial that they cease to exist.

So interestingly, to add to the crazy New Year geometry we also get the Nodes forming a rack aspect pattern, Sun quincunx South Node and Moon quincunx North Node. So still a little torturous. Twin flame relationships can feel like torture if this savior complex is part of it. I believe a rack aspect pattern is speeded up soul evolution. The soul is literally being stretched. This plugs neatly into the Mystic rectangle, Yod and a grand cross with the Nodes. What all these funky patterns mean we shall have to wait and see to find out. But the overall theme is this is a rather magical full Moon for relationships. It just might have the power to repair any damage left over from the most stressful Christmas we have had in years.


90 Days – Winter Solstice, full moon, lunar eclipse and Ursids meteor shower.


A full moon on the winter solstice is interesting enough, but to have a lunar eclipse on the same night hasn’t occurred in almost 450 years

NASA reports that this is the first time an eclipse has coincided with a solstice since December 21, 1638, and the next one won’t come around again until 2094. The extravaganza in the sky doesn’t end there, however, as the Ursids meteor shower will also be taking place.

So what special significance do these astrological events hold for us spiritual beings?

’It’s a ritual οf transformation οf darkness іntο light…іt’s thе іdеа thаt whеn things seem really bleak,  іt іѕ οftеn out bіggеѕt opportunity fοr personal transformation… thе іdеа thаt thе sun аnd thе moon іѕ аlmοѕt аt thеіr darkest аt thіѕ point іn time [οf thе total lunar eclipse]  οnlу further goes tο hammer thаt home.’

“…Eclipses bring matters to a turning point, whether they’re matters of love, loss, financial changes – or conflict. As astrologer Simone Butler pointed out in a recent blog post, this eclipse degree is conjunct the fixed star Betelgeuse… (27 Gemini), a star associated with both war (Mars) and words (Mercury). The holidays are stressful enough with Betelgeuse putting us in a warlike frame of mind! It’s healthy to clear up long-standing conflicts, but make an extra effort to do it in a fair and healthy way, and not with blunt, caustic language and personal attacks…”
The main purpose of this years powerful energetic opening on December 21, is to assist you in fully opening your heart, mind, and physical body to successfully merge and align with the new energy. The benefit in this alignment is that it supports you in realigning with the original plan for your life, and the ability to fulfill this purpose. You are here on earth with a unique and special purpose, the astrological alignment of this year seeks to bring you back into full alignment with your unique divine path here on Earth.

Your unique purpose here on Earth is in no way created or classified by the beliefs of society as a whole, and society cannot help you find this truth. Rather, realigning with your true purpose here on Earth means realigning with the essence of who you are, a spiritual being!

What painful or challenging emotions from your past are still stored within you? In the energy this month, these feelings will come up! Anger, pain, sadness, frustration… these are great examples of what must be released from within you, so that you can fully integrate the light into your being, and stay in alignment with your true purpose. When you face these challenging emotions, give thanks for you are now able to fully release them into the light, and forever be lighter yourself!

Be aware that you may feel raw, exposed and deeply challenged this month. As new challenges come up for you, along with old emotions to release… remember that your release work now, will enable you to stay centered in love, compassion, joy, and abundance as you move forward.

This time is about clearing karmic energy that resides within you at a cellular level. Tragic events from past lives can leave old emotions stored within you, that unless cleared, you will never be able to move beyond. This lifetime is your opportunity to clear your karmic record and begin the new age, starting in December 2012 with a clean slate!

This is a time when we are in a mode of stasis, and also a position
of perpetual change, where we are honoring those aspects of us that remain hidden throughout the summer, and sun driven parts of the year.  We can see this time of year as a point of hibernation, as well as a time of recuperation.  The energetic half of the year has subsided, and we are able to reflect on the goals, and harvests we have created in our lives when the active, outgoing part of the year was at its strongest.  Now, is a time to focus on nurturing ourselves
as we are reborn, just as the Goddess nurtures the Earth, protecting it until the growing time begins again, we also seek the Goddess in our inner beings to nurture ourselves until we return to the active Spring.
In addition to the Winter Solstice there is a Full Moon known as the ‘Oak Moon’, this brings in another facet of
this celebration as on this night the Moon phase will be in it’s Mother Goddess phase of fullness. As Donald Michael
Kraig points out “It’s perfect for doing magick to bring health and abundance. This is also a good time to release things that are no longer needed, including anger and disappointment. Forgive yourself and others”

“If you do magick…. this is the day to do it!

Use this mega energy for yours and other peoples benefit. First, release the old; last years baggage, then make your New Year affirmations and start manifesting. You will be amazed at the results. Also if you have not been looking after yourself, this is D-day. D is for, “Do it now!

This is a time for magick, for manifestation, and for an intimate reflection of how far we’ve come, as well as which direction we hope to go.
As we look to the moon and stars, feel the warmth of the faint, yet visable sun, reflect on our moods in the dark, and unite the Goddess and God within us under the full moon’s light, we can see the eclipse as being symbolic of those aspects of our lives that are sometimes eclipsed by other competing dynamics, but are always present in our psyche as we define, and redefine who we are and strive to become. This is a celebration of the cycles of nature and the cycles of being human.

Ok I have gone through then 90 day barrier and achieved some amazing experiences. This seems a fitting time to end my yoga challenge and begin a new phase in my life.

From equinox to solstice i have blogged.

It is now time to manifest the new.