Celtic horoscope and moon personality phases.

White Stag

December 24 – January 20

Birch (beth)

General: Personal potential, persistence

New Moon Character: Impulsive, emotional, introverted, overcomes obstacles

Full Moon Character: Clarity of purpose, visionaries, extroverts

Green Dragon

January 21 – February 17

Rowan (luis)

General: Humanitarians, visionaries, cool exterior, passionate interior

New Moon Character: Impatience, passionate beliefs

Full Moon Character: Fails to follow through, asserts rights

Trident (SeaHorse)

February 8 – March 17


General: Artistic, sensitive, spiritual, grounded, compassionate

New Moon Character: Impulsive, emotional, won’t be exploited

Full Moon Character: Exhibitionists, humble, naive


March 18 – April 14


General: Make own way, courage, restless, loners

New Moon Character: Impulsive, courageous, sincere

Full Moon Character: Persuasive, confident, successful


April 15 – May 12


General: Difficult to know, psychic, tenacious, shrewd

New Moon Character: Moody, receptive to change

Full Moon Character: Resourceful, good memories, bad advice


May 13 – June 9


General: Innovative, new ideas, talented, many trades

New Moon Character: Impulsive, sensuous,

Full Moon Character: Hard to make commitments, open minds

White Horse/Golden Wheel

June 10 – July 7

Oak (duir)

General: Optimistic, vision, honest to a fault, self-sacrificing

New Moon Character: Financial problems, leaders, rises above human frailties, generous

Full Moon Character: Financial gains, creative, leaders

Unicorn/Flaming Spear

July 8 – August 4


General: Not risk-takers, integrity, logical

New Moon Character: Encourages and assists others, blind optimism

Full Moon Character: Committed to own ambitions, sensitive, good business people

Rainbow Salmon

August 5 – September 1


General: Perceptive, clever, writers, debaters, organized

New Moon Character: Inquisitive, nosy

Full Moon Character: Outgoing, educators, honest, well-defined

White Swan

September 2 – 29


General: Sensual, high emotions, organized, don’t underestimate

New Moon Character: Supportive, enthusiastic, open emotionally

Full Moon Character: Forgiving, promiscuous, dependent, harmony


September 30 – October 27


General: Stamina, talented, colorful, public figures

New Moon Character: Artistic, thinkers, indecisive

Full Moon Character: Good at hiding feelings, generous, shrewd financially, manipulative

White Hound/Stone

October 28 – November 24 Reed(ngetal)

General: Passionate, command presence, dissension, interested in large change rather than small changes

New Moon Character: Loyal, impatient, impulsive, respected

Full Moon Character: Subtle, changes a lot, survivors

Black Horse/Raven

November 25 – December 22


General: Wasteful youth, lucky, curiosity, extravagant

New Moon Character: Outspoken, impulsive, vigilant

Full Moon Character: Non-confrontational, remain in background