Day 50 – Lotus posture.

No physical yoga today, slept late and explored interesting dreams.

Very good pranayama session though.

Am getting used to sitting in lotus. I can see why it is renown as the king of meditation poses. One feels so stable.

Something clicked in meditation today. very subtle. Could really feel apana and prana currents, rise with inhalation and descend with exhalation; the opposite movement to the breath.

Something opened, or, let go.

Have been feeling very positive and energized. Am spinning a new animation, have some great reading material and just feel settled and content.

It has gotten very cold here. Winter has definitely arrived.


Day 14 – Base camp

After 2 weeks of 4x daily pranayama sessions I feel I am settling into the routine. My body is able to sit still for longer with less fidgeting and with my back straight.

I have been reading about apana and prana and steadily building my knowledge base.

I realise I should not run before I can walk and so am continuing working through the initial pranayamas, building up my skills.

By the time I get to spinal breathing I should be well versed in the theory. The articles I have been reading about apana and prana seem to be a bit unnecessarily complicated. I am hoping for to find a more straight forward guide.

Day 11 – Cycling and yoga

Went for a long bike ride today. Reluctantly missed my 6 pm pranayama session 😦

Ah well 1 miss in 11 days is not bad. That’s 43/44 Pranayama sessions.

Some days the body needs a different form of exercise – that’s my excuse anyway. Cycling can be a form of yoga, it takes stamina and perseverance, very yogic traits!

My pranayama times have gone very low because have been cycling a lot. Am building the strength back in my injured leg, overdid it though and felt exhausted.


This will not do!

Still, did an hours physical asana today.

I understand why Sivananda says the pranayama practitioner should not walk far distances or exert oneself too much physically. Pranayama demands a lot of energy.

Hopefully I have learned from this experience.