Yoga postures (Asans)

This is the routine I follow every day as a warm up, prior to actual asan.

It usual takes between 45 mins and 1 hour 20 mins.

  1. Total relaxationSavasana.
  2. Sun salutations.
  3. Palate massage.
  4. Eye exercises.
  5. Neck rolls – Grivachakrasan
  6. Shoulder massage.
  7. Foot & hand massage.
  8. Rag doll.
  9. Dynamic tensionYogoda.
  10. Stretch lift.
  11. Limb stretching.
  12. Side swings.
  13. Half Moon – Ardha – chandrasan.
  14. Rocking chair – Tadananas – karasan.
  15. The cat.
  16. Leg bounces.
  17. Butterfly stretch.
  18. The umbrella.
  19. Stomach lift – Uddiyana.
  20. Mountain – Parbatasan.
  21. Camel – Supta – vajrasan.
  22. The Lion – Simha Mudra.

Next comes the routine proper:

Saturn Chakra

Warm up:  Leg Lifts

Forward bend: Posterior Stretch

Backward arch: Cobra

Jupiter Chakra

Warm up: Twist around waist pose

Forward bend: Head on knee pose

Backward arch: Full locust

Mars Chakra

Warm up: Parrot

Forward bend: Peahen

Backward arch: Wheel

Venus Chakra

Warm up: Thigh pose

Forward bend: Swan/Crane/Heron/Crow pose

Backward arch: Bird pose

Mercury Chakra

Warm up: 3 Lock pose

Forward bend: Knee pressing ear pose

Backward arch: Bridge

Sun and moon Chakras



Prostrate pose

All Chakras

Warm up: Crocodille

Forward bend: Moving crocodille

Backward arch: Scorpion or fish pose.

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