About me

The great work must inevitably be obscure, except to
the very few, to those who like the author himself are initiated into
the mysteries. Communication then is secondary: it is perpetuation which
is important. For this only one good reader is necessary.
~ Henry Miller

6 thoughts on “About me

    • Respected fellow,

      I have encountered various views on how many chakras actually exist. Up to now I have only experienced three chakras above Sahasrara through practicing Kriya yoga.

      I have also experienced intuitions concerning the higher chakras through the use of crystals, and through Hemi-sync exercises.

      The three higher chakras seem to be energy gateways in which one can pull or send energy trans-dimensionally. I believe the chakra directly above Sahasrara to be connected to the causal realm.

      I have found through experimentation, if you send love energy from the heart, up through the thousand petaled lotus, then through the higher chakra with the intention of sending love out of our universe, a line of energy can be sent to other realms.

      If you send love out and whilst it is travelling at the speed of consciousness, out of our universe, turn off all thoughts, holding the mind empty, this gives the love energy the extra kick it needs to make it out of our own universe into other realms.

      By sending love energy to another realm it will invariably make contact with other consciousness. Once a link is formed, love can be sent back and forth between the two realms. The wondorous snowball effect from sending and recieving love, trans-dimensionally, raises ones own energy levels exponentially.

      Initially you can practice sending and recieving love to planetary bodies in our own solar system, through Sahasrara. As you become more adept at this practice the higher chakras will activate which allow the sent and recieved love energy to be strenghtened into a potent laser like ray, which is capable of traversing the vast distances involved.

      I hope my preliminary experiments will be of some use to you,


    • Thank you Sofiya,

      your words resonate with me deeply.

      Being born is a gift and a curse, a beautiful blessing and a perpetual misunderstanding. Who we think we are is so embedded in the trinity of birth life and death, we forget the trinity itself is a form of sacred geometry which structures the thoughts which give us life like the rain that grows plantations in God’s mind. The reality of illusion is in the fiery stratosphere that arises out of our collective consciousness like a vehicle of communing with the ineffable. The weather is always changing, but there is a constancy within it, as expansive as the sky. The spiritual tradition, which takes the “no one that I am,” and makes of it an open-heartedness has the potential to reveal and transform an individual as and into a universe of wholeness and delight. Then, body and mind, like the creative energy and pure awareness of a balanced being, are a harmony of time and eternity like mother and child.

      I shall endeavor to delve deeper when I am in a ready mood..

      Love & Light..

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