Vegan, macro biotic, gluten free, anti histamine diet for problem skin

Have almost chalked up my first year on a vegan diet; though in a bid to clear up a stubborn skin condition which has plagued me for about 30 years, namely facial spots and boils, (not acne,) my diet is somewhat more invovled than a simple vegan diet. After doing a full seven day fast and the ph balance diet (see post below) my spots gradually started coming back.

similar skin condition

Similar skin condition

I went into research mode.

I suspected gluten may be an issue and so informed myself on a gluten free diet. It definitely had an effect, but the stubborn spots still persisted.

I next looked into histamine intolerance, and this also seemed to fit, so after much research I further cut my diet to get rid of histamine producing foods.

I have followed a macrobiotic diet for around three years now also.

This regime has not left me with many options come teatime, but it has worked! My skin has cleared up.

I hope this post will help others who have similar skin issues.

Here are the basic what not to eats:

Vegan: No meat, fish, animal products, dairy products, eggs.

Macrobiotic: No Deadly nightshade family vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, spinach, beets and avocados.

Gluten Free: No Barley (malt, malt flavoring and malt vinegar are usually made from barley.)

RyeTriticale (a cross between wheat and rye.)



Durum flour.


Graham flour.




Avoid unless labelled gluten free:

  • Beer
  • Breads
  • Cakes and pies
  • Candies
  • Cereals
  • Cookies and crackers
  • Croutons
  • French fries
  • Gravies
  • Imitation meat or seafood
  • Matzo
  • Pastas
  • Processed luncheon meats
  • Salad dressings
  • Sauces, including soy sauce
  • Seasoned rice mixes
  • Seasoned snack foods, such as potato and tortilla chips
  • Self-basting poultry
  • Soups and soup bases
  • Vegetables in sauce
  • Be cautious of:
    • Food additives, such as malt flavoring, modified food starch and others
    • Medications and vitamins that use gluten as a binding agent
    • Play dough

Histamine free: NO

  • Alcohol
  • Pickled or canned foods – sauerkrauts
  • Matured cheeses
  • Smoked meat products – salami, ham, sausages….
  • Shellfish
  • Beans and pulses – chickpeas, soy beans, peanuts
  • Nuts – walnuts, cashew nuts
  • Chocolates and other cocoa based products
  • Most citric fruits
  • Wheat based products
  • Vinegar
  • Ready meals
  • Salty snacks, sweets with preservatives and artificial colourings

Histamine liberators:

  • Most citric fruits – kiwi, lemon, lime, pineapple, plums…
  • Cocoa and chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Papaya
  • Beans and pulses
  • Tomatoes
  • Wheat germ
  • Additives – benzoate, sulphites, nitrites, glutamate, food dyes

Diamine Oxidase (DAO) blockers:

  • Alcohol
  • Black tea
  • Energy drinks
  • Green tea
  • Mate tea


  • Yoghurt – depends on the bacteria culture used
  • Egg white – it is a histamine liberator only when in its raw state


  • Yeast – even though it does not contain histamine as such, yeast serves as a catalyst for histamine generation during manufacture. There is no yeast in the end product.

Ok so what does that leave to be able to actually eat?

For breakfast i have organic puffed millet, organic puffed rice, organic buckwheat flakes or gluten free cornflakes. (corn is not ideal, but my local health food shop is often out of buckwheat flakes.)

Lunch, Gluten free rice cakes with tahini, as a dip.

Dinner, 1, Short grain brown rice, organic crushed garlic, grated organic carrot, Himalayan salt, tahini, fresh squeezed organic lemon, organic green seasonal veg, (kale, courgettes, brocoli, etc)

2, same as above but with millet or buckwheat instead of the rice.

3, Once a week treat, baked potatoes or roast potatoes with fresh crushed garlic and olive oil, grated carrot and green veg.

4, once a week treat veggie burgers, on bap with humous and lettuce with roasted parsnip and sweet potatoes.

Basically i have the rice and veg two days running then potatoes on the third day, followed by two more veg rice days then a burger day. This is the basic pattern.

The burger buns are the main rebellion on my diet, but i think bread once a week is ok. Also the potatoes are not great but again, once a week balanced by the rice and veg seems to be ok.

I thought this diet would be restrictive and i would find it very difficult to follow, but amazingly that has not been the case. I look forward to every meal, and the stable of veg and rice, with green veg, tahini, salt, lemon and garlic is absolutely delicious. Words cannot describe how good the fresh organic vegetable taste.

It has been a big lifestyle change in that now i do shopping roughly once a week at the local health food co-opoerative, i am really lucky to have a fantastic local HFS. The unicorn in chorlton, manchester, uk.

I thought it would be difficult to stop eating out, but i do not miss it one bit. Maybe once a month i might have a falafel in pitta bread from a local iraq eatery, but even that does not compare to home cooked organic food.

I did have to make some sacrifices socially and whilst establishing myself in this diet i did not socialize much with family and friends around meal times, but since establishing my new habits, this is no longer a problem, i do not crave crap food anymore.

Oh, i forgot, the seventh day treat is sometimes chips! Yes chips from the local chippy. My system seems to be able to handle them quite well. They are a good option if caught out and about without healthy foods, every now and then a bag of chips is not too bad.

I do not feel like i will have to be so strict for the rest of my life, it seems to me to be like a level building up, when i eat crappy foods, that level reaches a certain height and i break out, but if i control it through healthy eating that level stays low and controllable.

I feel my system will cleanse itself further on this diet and in the future my skin will react much much less.

Ph miracle and macrobiotic 7 day cleanse – The process.

I made it through the seven days! Damn it was tough! Hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

Here’s how I went about it; firstly had to transition into it, over 2 months, cut out all sugar, including fruit sugars, then all dairy products, including eggs, next all wheat product, then fish and seafood. After two weeks of full vegan ism, went for the fast. I was pescatarian anyways so didn’t have to deal with meat withdrawal.


I found the abstention surprisingly easy. I took chromium supplements to ease the cravings. One of the hardest parts was deciphering the ingredients in store bought products. I soon realised most contained unhealthy ingredients, even the ones you would expect to be healthy. I soon found that all supermarket products had issues and I needed to shop in a health food store. The local one in Manchester’s city centre seems overly expensive and the staff mostly unpleasant. This meant travelling to Chorlton to ‘The Unicorn’ This co-operative offers much better value and friendly staff.


I found bread the most difficult thing to stop eating. I went through a lot of oatcakes! The ones made with olive oil are scrumptious!

Macrobiotic theory also played a part in choosing which foods not to eat. Basically no deadly nightshades due to their oxalic acid and solanine content.

Soon I was ready for the full 7 day fast.

Supplements I took during fast:

Multi Vit
Vit B Complex
Ester C Capsules
Vit A
Vit E
Starflower oil
Hemp oil
Soya lecithin
Olive leaf extract
Black walnut hulls

During the fast I drank a lot of water – 3 litres a day, with pH drops to alkalise the water. Also vegetable juice made from just green veg and barley-grass and wheat-grass. I started off diluting the raw juice about ten parts, but this soon became undrinkable, made me nauseous, I found the veg juice neat was much more palatable.

I found juices mixed tasted unpleasant, but on there own were good. The humble Cucumber or courgette became my best buddies.cucumber-or-zuchini

It was tough, after day three severe fatigue set in, lots of toxins being released from stored fat and my bloodstream. Headaches, dizziness, general malaise.

Day five was weak as a kitten, at some points couldn’t lift my arms. energy levels 5-10%

Getting strong food cravings, for mainly comfort foods from my childhood, fried breakfasts, Steak and kidney pudding, chips and gravy, peanut butter on toast, toast in general. These foods haunt me. Toast dipping into a fried egg in plum tomato juice is the king taunter. Am severely craving this.

Day six things started to improve, most of the toxins removed. 15-20%

Day seven, just waiting for that first taste of food. A round courgette. Never has anything tasted so good! 30-35%

One amazing point – all of my excess body fat has completely gone. My stomach is washboard flat.
At age 39 I was finding it very difficult to shift a lil paunch that had appeared.

Next two days were difficult too, very weak, dizzy etc.

Three days later am starting to feel more normal. 50-55% energy levels.

Today is the fourth day after the fast and am up to about 60-65% energy levels.cucumber-500x500

Next stage is a strict 5 week alkaline diet.

For breakfast this morning had organic broccoli, kale and spring greens with garlic hemp oil and tahini sauce. Gorgeous! Am really enjoying my vegan diet, each meal is a delight. I have discovered roasted hazelnuts and almonds OMG! With my taste buds reset these treats are ambosiac!

Organic broccoli stems taste so sweet, like chocolate! broccoli

Ph miracle and macrobiotic 7 day cleanse – The process.

The ph miracle – Dr Robert O Young, Shelly Redford Young.

This book makes sense to me. My partner and I are both in the cleanse stage of the process – Day three to be precise.ph_miracle1
We transitioned over a couple of months; firstly cutting out sugar, next week, dairy products and then bread products the following week. Next we gradually switched to short grain brown rice, instead of the cous-cous we used to eat a lot of. Then something I thought I would struggle with, cutting out fish and seafood. Soon we were ready for the cleanse stage.
One of my favourite meals was brown rice with green vegetables and tahini sauce, with garlic hemp oil and liberal amounts of toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds. Delicious!
The whole idea is to alkalize your system, purifying your blood.
This is done by transitioning through your bad eating habits to a 7-10 day cleanse period and then a 7-10 week alkaline stage.
182370_317425715002115_250949118316442_713640_288942819_n The cleanse stage consists of adding ph drops to all your water and vegetable juices, to increase the alkalinity. No solid food, only green vegetable juices for 7 days. PH-drops-500x500
Day two i personally found very challenging. Was very hungry and couldn’t stop visualizing my favourite dishes. It is interesting our relationship to food. This process puts that relationship into sharp focus. I found taste memory throwing up all sorts of past comforting treats, including meat dishes, although I have been a pescatarian for over 10 years. It is amazing how much time we spend on buying, preparing and eating food. I thought I would struggle with fish and seafood, but to my surprise I have not missed them at all. I am missing the brown rice. Gosh that Brown rice is delicious, so Earthy and wholesome. brown rice risotto - plain - reduced
Managed to get a juicer from a good friend and during the cleanse stage have been shopping organic and experimenting with juicin. At first we diluted the juice by about ten times, with water, as suggested in the book, but MY GAWD they taste horrible! Realised they taste great if undiluted. Just had a courgette and cucumber juice, tasted great! Also got some wheatgrass and barley grass powders from a local health food store, just put a tea spoon into some water and hey presto, super healthy alkalizing beverage.Naturya Wheatgrass Powder2 200g 1000 The main reason I went for the diet is to clear my skin, I am 39 years old and suffer from spots on my face, not acne but spots, sometimes small boils. I have worked out that tomatoes, chillies and MSG are major flare up ingredients for me, recently went to south east Asia for 6 weeks and found it almost impossible not to come into contact with these three. My tanned skin was severely marked when i got home. Am sincerely hoping this process will sort my skin out. So far it definitely seems to be working 🙂 Alcohol also seems to be a blight for me and so have managed not to have a drink in over 2 years now. Luckily I found a girlfriend who does not drink and who is very encouraging with helping me sort out my skin issue.
Day three i have actually found easier, slightly more energy and less spaced out feeling than day two.
Will keep you informed of how we get on..

A course in miracles

Started reading the book and listening to the audio book.

Am finding it challenging to find any words to describe this channeled work.

Still getting through the first part, am very much looking forward to the exercises.

It seems to me to be bang on with its detailed descriptions of the inner workings of Gods intentions.

Will write more soon when I proceed further..