day twoo – mountain climbing on Santorini

is goin well for sure for sure.. up @ six this morn, instead of slumping back into bed, decided to head on out and graple with the local mountain. On the island of santorini a 400 ish meter high stone separates the two main beaches. We be about a mile from its base. It was a blazing hot day. All went well, we struck out for some local caves, after an hours climb we found our intended path, but changed our route after meeting a friendly couple, who offered to be our mountain guides. Our new route took us to the mountain top monastary, where we partook of our pranayama midday session. It was a very nice. We had snook into the monasteries private grounds to find a private spot, and unfortunately parted company with our guides.
On our way back we took a wrong turn and found ourselves climbing down a seriously steep mountain in extremely windy conditions. I do not exaggerate, we were literally hanging on by our fingertips over a ridiculous drop. I was really scared. My companion coped well. I kept imploring her not to look down. I made the mistake of looking down. I have never had vertigo; before.
Anyway we managed to turn back just in time and dealt with a serious advanced climb; now, I can climb, but I struggled in parts. This was a genuine fight to survive.

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