a new beginning 2.

Well, a year to the day of my first yoga experiment and I am back. Tis the autumnal equinox again and time to start pranayama. This time I have a new companion with me who will be taking part in the expertimentation.
I am currently holidaying and am writing this on a phone so, will add more detail when get home. ( basically the experiment consists of doing various pranayame breathing techniques; 6 am, 12 noon, 6 pm, 12 midnight. Four times a day.)

I practised this regime last year and achieved phenomonal results. Beyond  any expectations. Am aiming for roughly three months practice, which will bring us up to just before xmas.

I hope this time will be even more special. My new companion and I are very much in love. We met in March, moved in together in July and spent september in switzerland, August in Greece. We decided to Pranayama together. She has a background in taoist practices but is now exploring Kriya yoga.

I will soon start a new pranayama times page.

My companion will also be writing a blog and you can link to it here soon whence we create it..

Have lots to report.. stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “a new beginning 2.

  1. I wondered where you went! What’s the experiment all about? I watched a documentary last night called ‘Enlighten Up!’ you might like it. A regular guy is on a quest to understand what yoga is and whether it can transform his life. Is your new ‘companion’ a romantic accompaniment?

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