spring equinox

The 21st of March has rolled around again and My partner and I are back in the Pranayama saddle.

I have been struggling with an ethical decision after reading in several places that you should not share your spiritual experiences with others. The basic tennant is; if you tell about it, you loose it.

This throws this whole blog into question.

I think I will continue to write and discuss issues but may well stop communicating personal spiritual experiences.

Am looking forward to my third voyage into pranayama. Shall see how things develop.

Day 87 Eckhart Tolle’s The power of now

Have been letting the breathing slip into a more relaxed pace of practice, now usually once or twice daily, some days not at all. Although we have been breathing less, we have been breathing more thorough.

Have been reading Eckhart Tolle’s The power of now. I feel this is one of the most important books ever written. The description and understanding of the emotional pain body is life changing information.

I especially appreciate Chapter eight’s description of modern relationships, more life changing information.

I first read this book about five years ago and feel it has had more effect on me than any other text.

My favourite quote;

“Flood your body with consciousness.”

These five simple words have so much of a positive effect on my life.

It seems my different practices are linking together well.

The presence exercises of Eckhart tolle, the eight limbs of kriya yoga, the sexual energy training of Mantak Chia. Combined with a much better diet and best quality supplements, as recommended by Patrick Holford, My partner and I have never been happier.

day 39

All is going deeply.

Have posted a new link to a blog my companion and I have been constructing. You hopefully can see this on your right. Please have a look, comment, like etc.

The pranayama is unfolding steadily, lusciously.


Have had a injured neck recently and have only just been able to practice some physical yoga today. The pranayama seems to have strengthened my vehicle dramatically.

Will write again soon, now am already late for my 6pm sit.. 😉

day 31

Last night whilst watching a movie I experienced a strange shift in my perception. I suddenly felt quite disassociated, dislocated, almost like an acid flashback i felt very centered though and was able to lock into anything I wished to. I focused on my companion and had a rush of information about/from her. This info was very personal, it seemed as if I was able to lock into her thoughts and feelings and decode them.

I am aware that this was subjective experience and was unable to confirm with her whether these were indeed her thoughts and feelings because of the extreme personal nature of the thoughts, feelings.

I did feel them to be true. I would even say know them to be true.

I didn’t want to examine the ability further and willed to go back to normal, which I did.

Later that night I felt the ability return but again didn’t wish to explore it.

I got the fear.

I soon returned to normal.

I have felt this ability previously when practising in-depth pranayama. I feel it to be the beginning of the opening. This is when you have been practising and living well for a certain time, cleared out your nadi channels, saved your sexual energy and the cerebral spinal ganglia seem to say,

“Ok, he is ready!”

Exciting times.

I find my ability to concentate and perform tasks greatly increased and I seem to need much less sleep than normally.


day 29

Finally got my pranayama times put into a table and posted! Yay! Am sure you will be all pouring over them enthusiastically 😉

Really though, they do help motivate me to keep on keeping on.

Have reached a new level of discipline with the pranayama this week. We have both been really going for it; feeling the benefit and all that good shit.

Gawd damn this stuff is powerful!

My outer life seems to be gradually ordering itself too.

There have been troughs as well as the peaks, such is life, at the mo we seem to be in a really great place.

My practice is getting stronger. I can think of no other practice which strengthens one so, from the inside out.

No huge sparkly revelations or mystical experiences yet, just steady growth.

Like James brown; I feel good!

day 18

Back on track now.

Changed from easy breath to Sun piercing breath.

Easy breath is too boring! takes sooo long. I moved through it rapidly and was soon doing the hold for 20 seconds. This wasn’t any strain, just boring. So I changed it.

Sun piercing breath feels strong. You hold the anal contraction whilst inhaling through the right nostril, holding for 5 seconds then exhaling through the left. It is difficult to exhale whilst holding the anal contraction.

Feels nice to get back to the regularity of 4 times a day breathing.

Went for a run this morning. Feel strong and fit. My fitness levels have been steadily growing, from lots of swimming and running and mountain climbing in Greece, also high altitude cycling in switzerland. Finished with a strong sprint. The last time I went for a run, about 3 days ago, on my return leg I fell into a very comfortable stride. It felt like I got into some hitherto unheard of running zone. I have never felt so relaxed whilst gliding along at a fair clip.

Started taking some good quality multi vitamins and minerals recently and these seem to be having a positive effect. Have been sleeping much less, 5 – 6 hours a night, without any impaired functionality; usually need 8 -1 0 hours.

Today got some phospholipids and flexseed oil, also some zinc. Been reading Patrick Holfords Nutritional bible and decided to aim for optimal nutrition.

I do feel the Pranayama has an amazing effect on my overall being. It is subtle, yet undoubtable. All areas of life get adjusted and tweaked. Bad moods and negative thought loops seem to be a thing of the past.

I have stopped eating sugar and am craving super foods, such as beet root, watercress, mackeral and salmon.

I think my love life is also contributing to my general sense of well being. Mantak Chia techniques really open up a whole new world.

day 17

back in manchester now and after several daze of no pranayama am back in the saddle. Feels good. Real good.

Shall get pranayama times posted soon and start doing mo bloggin.. Simply had to much to be doing of late. My life has been in a strange kinda tumult, nice to settle down a lil.

Nine weeks holiday has been a real blessing, tho tis nice to be back. Travelling is great, for a while.. These days I much prefer inner travelling.

day free – reminiscing on the Jura mountains.

This photograph was taken on one of my many breaks whilst cycling up La Barillette in the Jura mountains in Switzerland. It took about 2 hours to climb up, in the 90 degree heat. My fitness level was low at the time following a period of recovery from a neck injury. The views at the top are incredible, overlooking lake Geneva.

The best part was coming down the mountain, which took about 20 minutes! This was sheer exhileration! I clocked speeds of 60 kmph.

Four pranayamas a day going smoothly. Inner world opening gradually. When doing sense withdrawal I get rushes of pleasure up my body.

day twoo – mountain climbing on Santorini

is goin well for sure for sure.. up @ six this morn, instead of slumping back into bed, decided to head on out and graple with the local mountain. On the island of santorini a 400 ish meter high stone separates the two main beaches. We be about a mile from its base. It was a blazing hot day. All went well, we struck out for some local caves, after an hours climb we found our intended path, but changed our route after meeting a friendly couple, who offered to be our mountain guides. Our new route took us to the mountain top monastary, where we partook of our pranayama midday session. It was a very nice. We had snook into the monasteries private grounds to find a private spot, and unfortunately parted company with our guides.
On our way back we took a wrong turn and found ourselves climbing down a seriously steep mountain in extremely windy conditions. I do not exaggerate, we were literally hanging on by our fingertips over a ridiculous drop. I was really scared. My companion coped well. I kept imploring her not to look down. I made the mistake of looking down. I have never had vertigo; before.
Anyway we managed to turn back just in time and dealt with a serious advanced climb; now, I can climb, but I struggled in parts. This was a genuine fight to survive.