day 47 sitting skills

My pranayamic skills doth progress.

lots of new insights flowing from my practice of late.

In sense withdrawal I now pull in to the third eye (as usual), but also into the heart chakra and the jupiter chakra too.

Then flowing into concentraton I visualise my object with ajna, then totally relax my brain and allow the heart centre to open. Watching the brain whilst meditating I began to feel certain physical areas moving when types of thoughts or motor actions occurred. Focusing on totally physically relaxing the brain and then brainstem allows for much deeper concentration.

When the heart centre opens, today I saw rainbow coloured auric waves emanate from there. It felt very wonderful.

Then I allow my concentration to move to the jupiter chakra and which feels completely different than anything I have sensed before. It feels ancient, pre language. I am looking forward to exploring this new method of perception.

When I flow into meditation and feel unconditional love in these three chakras, my whole being quivers with delightful ripples of sensation.

When I go into contemplation after this new improved method, I go much deeper. Today, whilst easily shutting off the brain and going deep inside patterns of energy whirled inside my inner vision. I felt I was on the verge of something big, but I did not feel totally ready for it, and gently pulled back.


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