Super full moon in Virgo March 19th 2011.

On Saturday, March 19th a Full Moon in Virgo will rise  at 06:11 pm GMT. Full moons bring increase and culmination and also the opportunity to release aspects of things not working for us. We may feel the full moon energies up to three days before and after the actual event noticing a feeling of increased “fullness” as our emotions and body weight increase.

The energy of Virgo is mental, analytical, investigative, practical and critical. It is an earth sign and also considered the time of culmination and harvest. This Full Moon, in the last degrees of the sign of Virgo at 28 degrees, exhibits mental and practical ‘earthy’ work coming to completion. At this degree, things that one has been mulling over or organizing for some time are finally coming into full form. A death of sorts, the ‘harvest’ is complete, a celebration takes place and then the cycle repeats, but it is in this ‘death’ that the fertility of the natural world replenishes itself.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is 29 degree Virgo, “A Man is Gaining Secret Knowledge from an Ancient Scroll He is Reading”. (From Linda Hill’s 360 degrees of Wisdom.) “Our ability to translate this ‘Knowledge’ into a practical set of lessons for our day-to-day life assists our progress as we grow and mature”. We harvest new ideas and ways of giving service on a daily basis but tend to always return to the essential truths of a matter. Looking for answers, we tap into the yield of ‘Secret Knowledge’ to plant new ideas for the future. Understanding arrives through patient, steady work constantly replenishing and refining to achieve illuminated inspiration.

“One by one, tiny pieces of the puzzle fit together. What emerges is a complete design of the whole picture. For one can not be without the other. Over emphasizing on the minute details leads one into a frenzy, step back and re-gain balance and ease seeing how you belong into the bigger picture.” ~ Dipali

The Full Moon is in Virgo at 28 degrees on March 19th, 2011. This particular full moon is packed with high nervous tension energy possibly erratic zings and dings. Let’s delve into the astrological aspects happening during the full moon a bit further.

Stress levels may be high during this time. The highly fluctuating energies may certainly add a layer of jarring ripples within emotional waters for people now. Be patient as possible no matter what arises. Tendencies or habits that are out of balance or that are on auto pilot are brought into the light of conscious awareness. With the sign of Virgo highlighted, either you can be highly picky, critical or judgmental or you can break free to heal yourself and restore balance inside. The “inner critic” needs a vacation or at least some new skills on how to be “compassionate (Pisces).” Put that on the to do list and do it! Of course the first urge, during a Full Moon in Virgo is to analyze it out, think about it, chew it to pieces until it is all mush. It may be best to “feel” things out first then the order and information will make sense.

This one is a “Super Moon.” (a term coined by astrologer R. Nolle)
Super Moon represents the Moon is the closet to the Earth, it is called lunar perigee. With the lunar energy (literally influencing the tides of the Ocean) being so strong, symbolically or literally we may experience unusual weather, climate change as well as earth changes such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions etc. The emotional climate may also express this similar movement so let it all purge out if need be. Roll with the waves happening now.

During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another. Sun in Pisces ‘opposes’ the Moon in Virgo, push and pull between the details and the wholeness, find the compromise between both. Blend your practical and feeling aspects so they work as one unite towards finding the solution to any adversity happening now. The Full Moon in Virgo is closely knit symbolically to transiting Uranus in Aries. At the same time the square aspect between transiting Uranus/Pluto is wide but building now. We must be truthful and confront the shadow or negative side and bring more awareness within self and relationships. Uranus/Pluto square can be; intense, powerful, transformative and also there is a bit of disruption possible with the energies now. Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are feeling the dynamic tension, pressure and possible excitement.

With the momentum of energy increasing with 3 planets in Aries so far, you can decide to be a part of things that enhance and support your overall well-being (Virgo) and spiritual evolution (Pisces) or not. Chances to overcome the past and any places you adhere needlessly to being a Victim and move forward to be empowered will come whizzing by. Ready to grab them and move ahead? Jupiter in Aries very close to its opposition aspect to Saturn in Libra – retrograde suggests resolving conflicts between expansion and consolidating.

Helpful Suggestions: Stop often and breathe. Connect with the Universe and let go of the accumulated stress instead of holding onto it. Cry if you need to, shake it off, take a walk, exercise to blow off steam – whatever it takes. Remember, make a conscious choice to no longer feel victimized but rather, embrace how empowered you are to make a change in your life in this moment. When you understand yourself as a Spiritual being moving through life, there is much more meaning to the details of life. Bach Flower Essence: There are 2 helpful Flower remedies to use now; Beech and Honeysuckle

Full Moon in Virgo Ceremony
In meditation or a quiet place, allow yourself to relax and tune into how each human being, animal, planet, Earth, Stars, Nature etc. – is a puzzle piece and all working together to make a whole Cosmic picture. We are all equal, and we are all are interconnected. Breathe into this recognition and truth through the heart than just the mind or it being a good idea. Select 1 place where you will no longer be super critical or perfection oriented within yourself. Let this heal, support and encourage yourself differently. Move beyond the old programming of negative criticism. Work with this for one month every day.

Celtic horoscope and moon personality phases.

White Stag

December 24 – January 20

Birch (beth)

General: Personal potential, persistence

New Moon Character: Impulsive, emotional, introverted, overcomes obstacles

Full Moon Character: Clarity of purpose, visionaries, extroverts

Green Dragon

January 21 – February 17

Rowan (luis)

General: Humanitarians, visionaries, cool exterior, passionate interior

New Moon Character: Impatience, passionate beliefs

Full Moon Character: Fails to follow through, asserts rights

Trident (SeaHorse)

February 8 – March 17


General: Artistic, sensitive, spiritual, grounded, compassionate

New Moon Character: Impulsive, emotional, won’t be exploited

Full Moon Character: Exhibitionists, humble, naive


March 18 – April 14


General: Make own way, courage, restless, loners

New Moon Character: Impulsive, courageous, sincere

Full Moon Character: Persuasive, confident, successful


April 15 – May 12


General: Difficult to know, psychic, tenacious, shrewd

New Moon Character: Moody, receptive to change

Full Moon Character: Resourceful, good memories, bad advice


May 13 – June 9


General: Innovative, new ideas, talented, many trades

New Moon Character: Impulsive, sensuous,

Full Moon Character: Hard to make commitments, open minds

White Horse/Golden Wheel

June 10 – July 7

Oak (duir)

General: Optimistic, vision, honest to a fault, self-sacrificing

New Moon Character: Financial problems, leaders, rises above human frailties, generous

Full Moon Character: Financial gains, creative, leaders

Unicorn/Flaming Spear

July 8 – August 4


General: Not risk-takers, integrity, logical

New Moon Character: Encourages and assists others, blind optimism

Full Moon Character: Committed to own ambitions, sensitive, good business people

Rainbow Salmon

August 5 – September 1


General: Perceptive, clever, writers, debaters, organized

New Moon Character: Inquisitive, nosy

Full Moon Character: Outgoing, educators, honest, well-defined

White Swan

September 2 – 29


General: Sensual, high emotions, organized, don’t underestimate

New Moon Character: Supportive, enthusiastic, open emotionally

Full Moon Character: Forgiving, promiscuous, dependent, harmony


September 30 – October 27


General: Stamina, talented, colorful, public figures

New Moon Character: Artistic, thinkers, indecisive

Full Moon Character: Good at hiding feelings, generous, shrewd financially, manipulative

White Hound/Stone

October 28 – November 24 Reed(ngetal)

General: Passionate, command presence, dissension, interested in large change rather than small changes

New Moon Character: Loyal, impatient, impulsive, respected

Full Moon Character: Subtle, changes a lot, survivors

Black Horse/Raven

November 25 – December 22


General: Wasteful youth, lucky, curiosity, extravagant

New Moon Character: Outspoken, impulsive, vigilant

Full Moon Character: Non-confrontational, remain in background

Celtic horoscope animal signs.

December 24 – January 20
The stag Celtic animal sign has high ideals and aspirations. If you want to start a new project, get a Stag sign to help you. They will not be deterred from their vision. They are thorough, patient and their persistence insures their triumphs. When others have long given up, Stags buck their way past boundaries. They are proud, and rightfully so – they hold themselves in a regal way. They are naturally noble, like they came from royalty. This is not to say Stags feel entitled. Far from it. They believe in righteous hard work, and their integrity is their trademark.

January 21 – February 17
Quick minded, and even quicker wit, the cat of the Celtic year packs a pounce in the realm of intellect. This Celtic animal sign has impeccable reasoning abilities, but moreover they have a knack for seeing the underside of things, a “sixth mental sense” if you will. They have unorthodox vision, and should be called upon when fresh new perspectives are needed in a project. They also have a kind, humanitarian quality that makes them lovable. Although sometimes they can appear aloof because they like to be on the fringe, always observing. Nevertheless, they have the best intentions at heart. Cats are also very creative, and need an artistic outlet to express themselves.

February 18 – March 17
The Celtic animal sign of the snake has a cool exterior but are infinitely lively. They are curious and are always full of questions about how the world works, and how the people around them work (even if they aren’t openly asking, you can bet they’re figuring out the answers in their own mind). Snakes are natural communicators, and they can be hugely persuasive. If they are passionate about a cause they can round up the whole neighborhood with their zeal and enthusiasm for their purpose. Snakes can be spontaneous and unpredictable too. And although they’re pretty flexible, they like things to go their way (who doesn’t ?), and will prove to be uncooperative if pushed in a corner.

March 18 – April 14
The fox sign is amazingly cunning and knows how to work a room with sly, sexy humor. Full of guile, vigor and bright intelligence the fox is an untamable force. This Celtic animal sign is the one to take with you on exotic vacations, they will wind your ways into amazing adventures. They have a knack for story telling, and every experience is fodder for their tales. They are tender-hearted, although they don’t show that soft side too often because they’re too busy playing and cracking jokes. However, they aren’t shy about showing their loyalty; if you are the friend of the fox, you have a friend for life. Highly energetic and courageous, the fox has an indomitable spirit.

April 15 – May 12
Strong, loving, stable and sure are the watchwords for the bulls of the Celtic lunar year. Cows/bulls are the ones you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on, honest opinions and solid advice (particularly in relationships). These Celtic animal signs have bullseye intuition and can spot a liar from a mile away. Because they’re highly intuitive, they can be misunderstood as moody or over emotional. They also come by stubborness honestly. They have excellent taste, and have a flair for classy elegance in fashion and home décor. These signs are as trustworthy as the day is long, and know how to keep a secret.

May 13 – June 9
The Celtic animal sign of seahorse is vastly flexible and resourceful. The seahorse is the person you want managing your finances or handling your legal matters because these people are infinitely clever (if there’s a loophole, they’ve either found it or invented it). They also have amazing memory retention. They are sometimes hard to follow because they’re minds are so sharp. They can also be changeable, but they always come back around to a level of high charisma. These people are astoundingly versatile and adapt remarkably well in any environment. Seahorses are so loveable too. Even better, they love being adored, and easily reciprocate affection.

June 10 – July 7
The wren Celtic animal sign is associated with freshness, and opening to new insights, and sunnier dispositions. They are natural care givers and will sign sweet melodies to cheer their friends and family. They remain calm in the midst of stormy weather. You want to have these people with you if you find yourself in a crisis; they are resourceful and stay cool under pressure. Wrens are self-motivated (they know how to get what they want) and work best in solo situations. They are also have a high sense of responsibility and moral integrity. They seek balance in their lives by being leaders at work on in the community, but secretly they would rather be traveling abroad living a life of a gypsy (this however, is often against their better judgment).

July 8 – August 4
Exuberant, expansive and powerful, the Celtic animal sign of the horse will give you a run for your money. Naturally competitive, and rightfully so. The horse has loads of talent, and enough confidence to go ‘round, particularly in business matters. They have a sixth sense when it comes to strategy and navigation (these signs have an uncanny internal compass). They are gregarious, and openly charming (even flirty). They make grand appearances, and know how to carry themselves with style and authority. They do well in leadership positions, but they are just as happy to be the helpers of the clan (as long as they are given adequate recognition for their talents and contributions). Potentially headstrong, they are also valiant in times of adversity.

August 5 – September 1
Salmon signs dive deep in their inner waters for inspiration, bright visions and dreamy perspective. They are naturally intuitive but they don’t make a big deal out of it. These people have a unique view of the world which makes them some of the community’s best artists, poets and visionaries. Some times they dive way too deep for the rest of us, and some just can’t follow where they swim. But that’s okay, the fish sign needs that kind of depth, isolation and introspection because when they come back up for air, the world is awed by their brilliance and insight.

September 2 – September 29
Spiritually evolved, and eloquent in expressing themselves, the swan swims in a class of their own. They have high standards, infinitely discriminating tastes and they have a keen eye for beauty (even when others cannot see it). Very refined and noble, sometimes the swan is mistaken as detached. This however, is not the case. The swan is a lover, and can prove to be quite passionate in relationships. That “coolness” comes from the swan’s understanding of composure. They’re natural aristocrats. They can be exacting in details, and have specific ideas about how things should be done. If you want someone who is perceptive, organized and extremely tasteful, get a swan’s perspective.

September 30 – October 27
This Celtic animal sign lives up to the adage “social butterfly.” Flitting from friend to friend in parties, and always in contact with loved ones (they’re the ones always on the phone, or texting). They can’t help it. Butterflies are gentle souls who can’t be tied down for very long. They love to dream, express new ideas and talk about high- falutin plans with all their friends. These are the people who brighten up any dark day with their cheer and magnetically bright personalities. They are naturally empathetic, and would never intentionally harm anyone. Rather, they make easy friends, and like to see others uplifted. Butterflies bring a sense of wonder and youth to our world. Keep these people around you to remind you of how truly good life can be.

October 28 – November 24
Wolves have a strong sense of purpose, and will go to great lengths to see their point is made, and fully understood. This Celtic animal sign is fearless, brave and they rarely compromise. These are the hero’s you want by your side in the heat of battle. They will not back down, and they will take no quarter. Others marvel at their inner fortitude. Where do they find the energy and wherewithal to keep going? They thrive on challenge, that’s what gives them their stamina. They have impeccable character, and “honor” is their middle name. They are strong willed, and sometimes live up to the “lone wolf” label. Nevertheless, you always know where you stand with them, and they will unite with you as long as you share their cause.

November 25 – December 23
Seldom do we see more focus in the Celtic animal signs than that of the hawk. When these signs see something they want, they go after it with a force that is remarkable. If, however, they aren’t interested in a project, they will fly off to other more interesting prospects. They care deeply for wisdom, and often focus on sharing that knowledge with others. They can be very philanthropic and generous. Hawks have a keen sense of balance, and they navigate through life with an internal “true north” that creates an uncanny integrity within them. They are open minded and philosophical. Although they entertain all manner of hypotheses, they are strongly opinionated (that inner “true north” thing). That is not to say they cannot be persuaded.

Celtic tree horoscope (part three).

Birch – The Achiever December 24 – January 20 If you were born under the energy of the Birch you can be highly driven, and often motivate others they become easily caught in your zeal, drive and ambition. You are always reaching for more, seeking better horizons and obtaining higher aspirations. The Druids attributed this to your time of birth, which is a time of year shrouded by darkness, so consequently you are always stretching out to find the light. Birch signs (just like the tree) are tolerant, tough, and resilient. You are cool-headed and are natural-born rulers, often taking command when a situation calls for leadership. When in touch with your softer side, you also bring beauty in otherwise barren spaces, brightening up a room with you guile, and charming crowds with you quick wit. Celtic tree astrology Birch signs are compatible with Vine signs and Willow signs. .

Rowan – The Thinker January 21 – February 17 Celtic tree astrology recognizes Rowan signs as the philosophical minds within the zodiac. If you were born under the Rowan energy, you are likely a keen-minded visionary, with high ideals. Your thoughts are original and creative, so much so, that other’s often misunderstand from where you are coming. This sometimes makes you aloof when interacting with others as you feel they wouldn’t understand where you are coming from anyway. Nevertheless, although you may appear to have a cool exterior, you are burning within from your passionate ideals. This inner passion provides inner motivation for you as you make your way through life. You have a natural ability to transform situations and people around you by your mere presence. You are highly influential in a quiet way and others look to you for your unique perspectives. Rowan pairs well with Ivy and Hawthorn signs. .

Ash – The Enchanter February 18 – March 17 Those born under the Celtic tree astrology sign of the Ash are free thinkers. Imaginative, intuitive, and naturally artistic, you see the world in water-color purity. You have a tendency to moody and withdrawn at times, but that’s only because your inner landscape is in constant motion. You are in touch with your muse, and you are easily inspired by nature. Likewise, you inspire all that you associate with and people seek you out for your enchanting personality. Art, writing (especially poetry), science, and theology (spiritual matters) are areas that strongly interest you. Others may think you are reclusive, but in all honesty, you are simply immersed in your own world of fantastic vision and design. You are in a constant state of self-renewal and you rarely place a value on what others think about you. Ash signs partner well with Willow and Reed signs. .

Alder – The Trailblazer March 18 – April 14 If you are an Alder sign within the Celtic tree astrology system, you are a natural-born pathfinder. You’re a mover and a shaker, and will blaze a trail with fiery passion often gaining loyal followers to your cause. You are charming, gregarious and mingle easily with a broad mix of personalities. In other words, Alder signs get along with everybody and everybody loves to hang around with you. This might be because Alder’s are easily confident and have a strong self-faith. This self-assurances is infectious and other people recognize this quality in you instantly. Alder Celtic tree astrology signs are very focused and dislike waste. Consequently, they can see through superficialities and will not tolerate fluff. Alder people place high value on their time, and feel that wasting time is insufferable. They are motivated by action and results. Alder’s pair well with Hawthorns, Oaks or even Birch signs. .

Willow – The Observer April 15 – May 12 If you are a Willow sign, you are ruled by the moon, and so your personality holds hands with many of the mystical aspects of the lunar realm. This means you are highly creative, intuitive (highly psychic people are born under the sign of the Willow) and intelligent. You have a keen understanding of cycles, and you inherently know that every situation has a season. This gives you a realistic perspective of things, and also causes you to be more patient than most tree signs. With your intelligence comes a natural ability to retain knowledge and you often impress your company with the ability to expound on subjects from memory. Willow Celtic tree astrology signs are bursting with potential, but have a tendency to hold themselves back for fear of appearing flamboyant or overindulgent. It is your powers of perception that ultimately allow your true nature to shine, and what leads you to success in life. Willow signs join well with the Birch and the Ivy. .

Hawthorn – The Illusionist May 13 – June 9 Hawthorn signs in Celtic tree astrology are not at all what they appear to be. Outwardly, they appear to be a certain persona, while on the inside Hawthorn’s are quite different. They put the term “never judge a book by its cover” to the test. They live seemingly average lives while on the inside they carry fiery passions and inexhaustible creative flame. They are well adjusted and can adapt to most life situations well – making themselves content and comforting others at the same time. You are naturally curious, and have an interest in a broad range of topics. You are an excellent listener, and people seek you out as an outlet to release their burdens. You have a healthy sense of humor, and have a clear understanding of irony. You tend to see the big picture, and have amazing insight – although you typically won’t give yourself enough credit for your observations. Hawthorn signs match up nicely with Ash and Rowan’s. .

Oak – The Stabilizer June 10 – July 7 Those born under the Celtic tree astrology sign of the Oak have a special gift of strength. They are protective people and often become a champion for those who do not have a voice. In other words, the Oak is the crusader and the spokesperson for the underdog. Nurturing, generous and helpful, you are a gentle giant among the Celtic zodiac signs. You exude an easy confidence and naturally assume everything will work out to a positive outcome. You have a deep respect for history and ancestry, and many people with this sign become teachers. You love to impart your knowledge of the past to others. Oak signs have a need for structure, and will often go to great lengths to gain the feeling of control in their lives. Healthy Oak signs live long, full, happy lives and enjoy large family settings and are likely to be involved with large social/community networks. Oak signs pair off well with the Ash and Reed, and are known to harmoniously join with Ivy signs too. .

Holly – The Ruler July 8 – August 4 Among the Celtic tree astrology signs the Holly is one of regal status. Noble, and high-minded, those born during the Holly era easily take on positions of leadership and power. If you are a Holly sign you take on challenges easily, and you overcome obstacles with rare skill and tact. When you encounter setbacks, you simply redouble your efforts and remain ever vigilant to obtain your end goals. Very seldom are you defeated. This is why many people look up to you and follow you as their leader. You are competitive and ambitious even in the most casual settings. You can appear to be arrogant but in actuality you’re just very confident in your abilities. Truth be known, you are quite generous, kind and affectionate (once people get to know you). Highly intelligent, you skate through academics where others may struggle. Because many things come to you so easily, you may have a tendency to rest on your laurels. In other words, if not kept active, you may slip into an unhealthy and lazy lifestyle. Holly signs may look to Ash and Elder signs for balance and partnership. .

Hazel – The Knower August 5 – September 1 If you are born under the energy of the Hazel, you are highly intelligent, organized and efficient. Like the Holly, you are naturally gifted in academia, and excel in the classroom. You also have the ability to retain information and can recall, recite and expound on subjects you’ve memorized with amazing accuracy. You know your facts, and you are always well informed. This sometimes makes you appear like a know-it-all to others, but you can’t help that; you’re genuinely smart and usually know the right course of action because of your impressive knowledge base. You have an eye for detail, and like things to be “just so.” Sometimes this need for order and control can lead to compulsive behaviors if left unchecked. You have a knack for numbers, science and things that utilize your analytical skills. You like rules, although you are typically making them rather than playing by them. The Celtic tree astrology sign of Hazel joins harmoniously with Hawthorn and Rowan’s. .

Vine – The Equalizer September 2 – September 29 Vine signs are born within the autumnal equinox, which makes your personality changeable and unpredictable. You can be full of contradictions, and are often indecisive. But this is because you can see both sides of the story, and empathize with each equally. It is hard for you to pick sides because you can see the good points on each end. There are, however, areas in your life that you are quite sure about. These include the finer things of life like food, wine, music, and art. You have very distinctive taste, and are a connoisseur of refinement. Luxury agrees with you, and under good conditions you have a Midas touch for turning drab into dramatic beauty. You are charming, elegant, and maintain a level of class that wins you esteem from a large fan base. Indeed, you often find yourself in public places where others can admire your classic style and poise. Vine signs pair well with Willow and Hazel signs. .

Ivy – The Survivor September 30 – October 27 Among other cherished qualities of the Ivy Celtic tree astrology sign, most prized is your ability to overcome all odds. You have a sharp intellect, but more obvious is your compassion and loyalty to others. You have a giving nature, and are always there to lend a helping hand. You are born at a time of the waning sun so life can be difficult for you at times. This sometimes seems unfair because it appears that obstacles are coming at with no prompting on your part. Nevertheless, you endure troubling times with silent perseverance and soulful grace. Indeed, Ivy signs have a tendency to be deeply spiritual and cling to a deep-rooted faith that typically sees them trough adversity. You are soft spoken, but have a keen wit about you. You are charming, charismatic, and can effectively hold your own in most social settings. Ivy signs are attracted to the Celtic tree astology sign of Oak and Ash signs. .

Reed – The Inquisitor October 28 – November 24 Reed signs among the Celtic tree astrology signs are the secret keepers. You dig deep inside to the real meaning of things and discover the truth hidden beneath layers of distraction. When there is a need to get to the heart of the matter, most certainly the Reed sign will find the core. You love a good story, and can be easily drawn in by gossip, scandals, legend and lore. These tendencies also make you an excellent historian, journalist, detective or archeologist. You love people because they represent a diversity of meanings for you to interpret. You are adept at coaxing people to talking to you, and sometimes you can be a bit manipulative. However, you have a strong sense of truth and honor so most of your scheming is harmless. Reed people join well with other Reeds, Ash or Oak signs. .

Elder – The Seeker November 25 – December 23 Elder archetypes among Celtic tree astrology tend to be freedom-loving, and sometimes appear to be a bit wild to the other signs of the zodiac. In younger years you may have lived life in the fast lane, often identified as a “thrill seeker.” At the time of your birth the light of the sun was fast fleeting and so you take the same cue from nature. You are often misjudged as an outsider as you have a tendency to be withdrawn in spite of your extroverted nature. In actuality, you are deeply thoughtful with philosophical bent. You also tend to be very considerate of others and genuinely strive to be helpful. These acts of assistance are sometimes thwarted by your brutal honestly (which you openly share solicited or otherwise). Elder Celtic tree astrology signs fit well with Alder’s and Holly’s.

February 3rd 2011 New moon.

The New Moon on February 2-3 2011 is at 13 degrees Aquarius. It is sandwiched between Ceres and Mars. So we have a tight Stellium combining the Sun, Moon, the raging God of war and the cyclical goddess Ceres. We have already seen how Ceres works in mundane astrology and it’s not a pretty sight.

Ceres’ duel with Pluto, over custody of the earth is a good example.  Last year these two battled it out with Pluto representing big business versus Ceres as the environment. We had the Icelandic Volcano air disruption. Ceres won that battle causing millions of pounds in losses to the aviation industry. It was followed by the  heartbreaking Deepwater Horizon Oil spill, where brutal Pluto left Ceres wounded and nature suffered with her.

Mars is not Pluto, he is not so underhand and secretive, but they both share rulership of Scorpio and a certain bloodlust.  We should see custody battles here, but of a more personal nature. We have the Moon slap bang in between them. So this is a fight for who gets the baby. The baby could be a creative project, a relationship or literally a child. Ceres and Mars are two different modes of operation. Mars is courageous, brash and selfish, but it is not really about possession. It just wants to win for winnings sake and because he enjoys the fight. It can easily dispose of it’s winnings and go onto the next project forgetting it even happened.

Ceres on the other hand IS just as possessive as her son-in-law Pluto. If she doesn’t get what she wants, her grief is so profound that she is very likely to wreak havoc in her revenge. Again a trait similar to Pluto. If we were to make a choice for an easy life, I think we wouldn’t want Ceres to lose. This lady will hold that grudge forever. The only thing is that Mars will not back down till he wins. Its a catch 22 situation. But maybe we could let him win and then snatch the prize when he moves on..

This could end up working like Pluto and Mars in hard aspect and we all know how nasty that can get. But this has less of the sadomasochistic, sexual element. It is more about going round in circles, not getting anywhere and the mental pain and torture that brings. However Ceres is essentially female and yielding and she does have an agreeable side as the abundant, sunny earth goddess. What to do?
Ceres is a little bi-polar, so can we appeal to her maternal side? “Think of how this is affecting children!” It’s hard to know what face we are talking to with her. It all really depends on what phase she is, in her menstrual cycle. You don’t want to be negotiating a deal when she has PMS! At least you know where you are with Mars.

Elsewhere in the chart we have Venus squaring Uranus. More shocks and volatility in relationships. There will be cries of freedom within marriages.  Rash and reckless decisions. This sort of energy makes you want to run off with a lion tamer and join the circus. There could be a way out of this madness as Mercury makes a favorable sextile to Uranus. Could the hermaphrodite talk some sense to Uranus? Hell no! I think Mercury is more likely to show its trickster side, and egg on the foolery. Venus is also being clouded by dreamy thoughts of soulmate union thanks to a sextile from Neptune and Chiron. “It’s just all so romantic.” she gushes!

Ægeria Springs Eternal

There is some really daring energy to play with here. It might be just the right time to get the guts to do something crazy for the sake of love. Mars is ramping up the Moon’s passions after all. The air is ripe for fools to throw themselves off the cliff of love.

The Moon is conjunct asteroid Ægeria (asteroid 13 Egeria at . She is the goddess of healing springs, pregnancy, sacred knowledge and inspiration. Pregnant women prayed to her for an easy childbirth and health in pregnancy. Ægeria is also a prophetess, the springs representing the subconscious wisdom rising to the surface and the magic of dreams. Spring goddesses do have underworld links rather like a volcano, the spring bubbles up from below the earth and represent the connection with the land of the living to that of the dead. Ceres and Ægeria share a similar theme of passage from winter to summer, overworld to underworld, dark to light.

The overall message from this Moon seems to be to pick the right moment and hold back from doing anything foolish and impulsive. The temptation to not look before you leap will be great however. This is the run up to Valentines day, so what ever we set off here will make or break the most soppy day of the year. Whatever “babies” we are gestating in our mind now, it might be safer to keep them under wraps until this bi-polar period is over. But if you really can’t help yourself, just be prepared for a game of Russian roulette.


New Moon in Aquarius & Chinese New Year. Februray 3rd.

New Moons are a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, and there will be a focus on the high-tech, intellectual, and humanitarian.

Perhaps now is the time to begin planning for the arrival of some new gadgetry, deciding on a new class to take in the spring, or beginning new work with a charity or other organization.

The Sun, the Moon, and Mars are in Aquarius, letting us be a little daring and step outside of our intellectual and humanitarian comfort zones.

Mercury will remain in Aquarius through the end of the month, making our journey to discover new things and ideas exciting. Be sure to check which house in your chart is highlighted with this New Moon, as this will be your focus of change.

The New Moon in Aquarius also aligned with Chiron (within a degree), so there will be an element of spiritual and soulful healing; perhaps that which you are driven to investigate or those you choose to help will help heal some of your past hurts. Now is a powerful time of change and rejuvenation.

This New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 9:31 pm EST (Thursday, February 3 at 2:31 GMT).

It will be good to make wishes in matters (in our lives) related to Aquarius, like maybe being more friendly or humanitarian, being more original and inventive, being more honest, being more detached or unemotional about things (like people and situations) that don’t or shouldn’t matter, being more willing to fight for freedom, etc.

This is also signals the start of the Chinese Year of the Metal Rabbit.

Since this is a Metal year, those people born in an Earth year will generally fare better than others, while those born in a Wood year are likely to do worse. It’s also slightly negative for those born in a Fire year and mildly positive for Water-sign people. Those born in a Metal year will be in their element and will do well if their animal sign is compatible with the Rabbit.

The Metal Rabbit is not the cuddly, little soft ball of fur you see in the pet store. Metal gives this bunny a competitive, aggressive side. It is cold, sometimes insensitive. The Metal Rabbit is the most unlike the other five breeds of this sign. So there will be some confusion from time to time in 2011. What will predominate at any given moment, the gentle Rabbit or steely Metal?

The Rabbit should give most of us an opportunity to pause and catch our breath after a hectic 2010. It’s a time for peacemakers to shine. But it will have a metallic edge to it. From time to time, aggressiveness will suddenly materialize and disrupt the peace. For those who revel in a slow pace, however, it promises to be a most enjoyable time.

The year of the Metal Rabbit promises to bring some much-needed peace and tranquility. If you are like most people, you probably feel like you were on a roller coaster in 2010, the year of the Tiger. That will generally not be the case in 2011, as the Rabbit is everything the Tiger is not.

“Let there be peace — and let it begin with me” is the Rabbit motto. The Tiger makes waves, but the Rabbit mends fences. Diplomacy reigns. If you want to improve your chances of success, negotiate and cooperate rather than force your ideas on others. It’s also a time to kiss and make up. Forgive and forget. Let’s all get along. Make love not war. If last year the emphasis was on excitement, it’s now is on harmony.

The Rabbit is also very much about good taste and refinement. That said, self-indulgence is another Rabbit theme. By all means go to the theater, spend time at the spa and patronize those great restaurants you love. On the other hand, be careful about not overdoing it. And you can bet the Rabbit will put lots of temptation in front of you.

This is especially true if you belong to the Rabbit’s group, that is, if your sign is Rabbit, Sheep or Pig. These, however, are the people most likely to have a great year. If you are one of these signs, make an extra effort to follow your dreams, seize opportunities, and enjoy the moment. Other signs with excellent prospects this year include the Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Dog. Those that might want to hold back a bit include the Rat, Horse, Monkey, and Rooster.

Full moon January 19th

The full moon on 19 January 2011 at 29 degrees Cancer is trine Jupiter, sprinkling much needed luck and laughter upon us after the dramas and chaos of the Christmas holidays. Our emotions are warmed and we are feeling generous. But we are going to have to put this benefic influence to good use. For we also get some very complex aspect patterns here. Primarily a mystic rectangle which contains a Yod. The players are Jupiter opposite Juno, Sun opposite Moon, and Chiron at the Yod apex.

At the Solar Eclipse we were seeking out our soulmate. Now we have found them and realize we have met our match. Oh dear!.. Jupiter and Juno were the cosmic version of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, with their epic fights and jealous squabbles. Juno inflicted rather harsh punishments on any nymph whom Jupiter took a fancy too, giving him hell in the process. She was no compliant wife. This is where her punitive side comes out, but she also stands for bringing about justice and a fair outcome.

To have these planets cast in this mystic rectangle lead’s me to think of something like “Relate” or mediation. Many couples snap at the stress of Christmas, so it is a peak time for break ups. A mystic rectangle such as this describes a pretty full-on, cards on the table,“We need to talk” situation. One hopes this will bring some healing, particularly as searing through the heart of this magic box is a Yod to Chiron which is still conjunct Neptune.

Juno brings out issues to do with partnerships. We are not talking about the romance and indulgence of Venus, rather it is about how the relationship works and the laws within a union. Juno deals with the vows we make in a commitment and makes damn sure Jupiter doesn’t wriggle out of his promises. These two are opposing each other so tightly, but are thankfully bonded together in harmonious aspects by the Sun and the Moon. It does look rather like a marriage ceremony doesn’t it?

The Sun and the Moon represent the sacred marriage and unification of soul mates. We have had quite a few comments regarding twin flames, and these aspect patterns describe the story very well. The Neptune/Chiron conjunction at the apex of this Yod is known as the Cinderella aspect by Uranian Astrologers. But it’s not all fairytales. Twin flames coming together is said to be very painful (Chiron), especially if one of the pair is more evolved than the other. In that case the savior feels obliged to surrender themselves in order to pull up the other soul. But the less evolved partner often resents this, can feel overwhelmed and digs their feet in, causing much suffering to the other.

Chiron/Neptune is often a theme where one of the pair (Chiron) wants to save the other in some way, usually from drug addiction (Neptune). The response unfortunately for the would-be “saviour” tends to be mental or physical abuse. Moon is conjunct asteroid Alkeste a Greek woman who offered to die in place of her husband, such was her love for him. Is anyone worth killing yourself for? This continues the theme of when a love knows no bounds and the savior becomes so totally self-sacrificial that they cease to exist.

So interestingly, to add to the crazy New Year geometry we also get the Nodes forming a rack aspect pattern, Sun quincunx South Node and Moon quincunx North Node. So still a little torturous. Twin flame relationships can feel like torture if this savior complex is part of it. I believe a rack aspect pattern is speeded up soul evolution. The soul is literally being stretched. This plugs neatly into the Mystic rectangle, Yod and a grand cross with the Nodes. What all these funky patterns mean we shall have to wait and see to find out. But the overall theme is this is a rather magical full Moon for relationships. It just might have the power to repair any damage left over from the most stressful Christmas we have had in years.


Pancha Pakshi Shastra- 5 bird astrology

Pancha-Pakshi Shastra

Pancha-Pakshi Shastra is based on ancient literature in Tamil language. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. The Pancha-Pakshi system has some resemblance to the Pancha-Bhuta (Five elements) system of Vedic Astrology. It is believed that the Five Elements represented by five birds, influence and control all the actions of human beings. These five birds take their turns in a special sequence and radiate their powers during day and night. The power that takes effect first on a day or night and the sequence that follows depends on the day of the week and the Paksha (waxing half or waning half cycles) of the Moon.

One of the five birds is assigned to every human being as the controlling power based on the Birth Star of the person and the Paksha of the Moon at the time of birth. The activity of this Main Bird at a given point of time and the activity of the Sub-Bird at that time and the relationship between them indicates whether the time will be beneficial and lucky for the person or not. Pacha-Pakshi Shasta is very popular in south India especially Tamil Nadu. It helps selection of auspicious time and also for answering queries (Prasna)

The five birds in the Pancha-Pakshi Shastra are:

* 1- Vulture
* 2- Owl
* 3- Crow
* 4- Cock
* 5- Peacock

These birds engage in any one of the following five activities at any given time:

* 1- Rule
* 2- Eat
* 3- Walk
* 4- Sleep
* 5- Die

The birds are considered most powerful when they rule and least powerful when they die.

To find out your Birth Pakshi (Nakshatra Pakshi) you have to know your birth star according to Vedic Astrology and the Paksha of the Moon at the time of your birth. The half of the Lunar Cycle when the Moon increases in size and reaches the Full Moon (Pournami) is called Sukla-Paksha and the other half of the cycle when the size decreases until the New Moon is called the Krishna-Paksha. Birth Stars are based on the longitude of Moon and are 27 in number from Aswini to Revati. Once you know the Birth Star (Nakshatra) and the Paksha you can find your Nakshatra Pakshi (Bird) from the following chart.

pancha pakshi method in astrology

The five birds rule certain days of the week and the days when your bird rules are considered good for you. Also, the days on which your bird is least powerful (death days) will be least useful for you. It is best not to undertake important tasks or take decisions on such days. The ruling days and death days also depend on the Paksha of the day you are considering for an activity. While death days of a bird are same for day as well as night, the ruling days are different for day and night.

The chart showing the ruling and death days are given below:

During Sukla-Paksa(between fullmoon day and newmoon day)

pancha pakshi chart in astrology

Each day of 12 hours is divided into five equal portions and given to different activities of the birds. Within each portion, the time is further allocated to other birds called apahara birds and their activities. The duty cycles follow complex and intricate logic of Pancha-Pakshi Shastra. One can select the best suitable time during a day or night using detailed charts based on Pancha-Paskshi Shastra

Day 61 – The worlds greatest ever pop song?

November 21st Full moon.

Gona chill on the ayahuasca for now. Still need to actually implement her suggestions before I revisit her magical realm.

I wonder if this is the worlds greatest ever pop song?

I got to say it and it’s hard for me
You got me cryin’ like I thought I would never be
Love is believin’ but you let me down
How can I love you when you ain’t around
And I …..

Get to the morning and you never call
Love should be ev’rything or not at all
And it don’t matter what ever you do
I made a life out of lovin’ you

Only to find any dream that I follow is dying
I’m cryin’ in the rain
I could be searchin’ my world for a love everlasting
Feeling no pain, when will we meet again

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
Is it a lesson that I never knew
Gotta get out of the spell that I’m under
My love for you

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
When I was bein’ what you want me to be
Suddenly ev’rything I ever wanted has passed me by
This world may end
Not you and I

My love is stronger than the universe
My soul is cryin’ for you
And that can not be reversed
You made the rules but you could not see
You made a life out of hurtin’ me

Out of my mind ,
I am held by the power of you love
Tell me when do we try
Why should we say goodbye

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
When i was bein’ what you want me to be
Suddenly ev’rthing I ever wanted has passed me by

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
Is it a lesson that i never knew
Suddenly ev’rthing I ever wanted my love for you

Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
When i was bein’ what you want me to be
Suddenly ev’rthing I ever wanted has passed me by

This world never ends not you and I.

My love for the songcrafting mastery of the brothers Gibb grows exponentially with every listen.

Went for a run this morn. First run for many a moon. My abs were aching from yesterdays exertions. Feels good. Very good.

Spent most of yesterday reading the dancing divorcees blog – most humourous blog award goes to: