Day 87 Eckhart Tolle’s The power of now

Have been letting the breathing slip into a more relaxed pace of practice, now usually once or twice daily, some days not at all. Although we have been breathing less, we have been breathing more thorough.

Have been reading Eckhart Tolle’s The power of now. I feel this is one of the most important books ever written. The description and understanding of the emotional pain body is life changing information.

I especially appreciate Chapter eight’s description of modern relationships, more life changing information.

I first read this book about five years ago and feel it has had more effect on me than any other text.

My favourite quote;

“Flood your body with consciousness.”

These five simple words have so much of a positive effect on my life.

It seems my different practices are linking together well.

The presence exercises of Eckhart tolle, the eight limbs of kriya yoga, the sexual energy training of Mantak Chia. Combined with a much better diet and best quality supplements, as recommended by Patrick Holford, My partner and I have never been happier.

10 thoughts on “Day 87 Eckhart Tolle’s The power of now

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  5. I listen to either this book or A NEW EARTH daily. Especially the past few weeks or during times of emotional turmoil. He has been life-altering for me, too. The chapter on Enlightened Relationships could’ve saved my last relationship if my beloved ex would’ve read it with me. Instead, we were both trapped in our pain bodies and it spiraled fast into oblivion.

    But that is in the past. I’m working hard to be in the present moment, and I had a beautiful day of glimpsed enlightenment. I blogged about it here:

    Thank you for your post.

    • Hey OMGrey,

      thank you for the post.

      Sounds like you are going through some challenging times.

      Have recently listened to “The journey into yourself” and “Awakening into the now.”

      Also reading “Stillness speaks.”

      I find it so difficult to stay present once my pain body becomes activated. I am definitely getting better at it though.

      It used to stay activated for several days, sometimes even longer..

      Now I can usually diffuse it within a few hours.

      Also, instances of activation are decreasing.

      I owe so much to Eckhart.

      Finding a partner with whom I can work on this has been a true Godsend.

      Heres hoping that you manage to stay present for longer and longer..


      • Yes. Quite challenging. How lovely that you found a partner to work with. I thought I had as well, but he left, as you likely read on my blog. Both trapped in our pain bodies, spiraled, and although I tried to get us out, he’d have none of it. Such a shame.

        I can diffuse it, too…but sometimes it is still days. Tell me more about The Journey into Yourself and Awakening in the the Now. All Eckhart?

        My pain body is activated a lot these days after the breakup, but I’ve also had days of transcendent peace and surrender. Yes. Tumultuous times.

        Thank you for your reply. xo

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