Day 1-5 Qigong experiment begins!

Recently I have been through some serious ulcer pain. I let my practice slip after allowing myself to become entangled in a relationship which wasn’t right for me. after some painful, sleepless nights I decided something needed to be done. My friends told me to go to a doctors and get pills which cut down the production of stomach acid. I did not like the sound of that.

Instead I began reading Mantak Chia‘s Awaken healing energy.

This book is just what I needed. I began practising The inner smile and The micro-cosmic orbit regularly, morning and evening. I also began conserving my ching energy.

At first my energy was low. I just kept practicing. My body started to desire only healthy foods. I feel the inner smile works by sending love to each of the yang organs which wakes them up and they start to function better.

After five days my ulcer is completely healed.

This morning whilst inner smiling to my lungs and feeling a sense of self acceptance I was overcome by feelings of deep relaxation and self contentment, I simply felt Great! For the first time in a while I feel an inner energy and level of self containment that had been lost to me.

I intend to practise twice daily for 1 – 3 months and keep a record here of my advancement. This recording will aid me to keep at it, and hopefully act as a future guide for others.

Wish me good luck!


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