Day 34 Subtle ayahuascan healing

Went to bed @ 2am. Slept for about an hour then awake all night.

Toss turn turn toss. Pain.

Kidney pain.

Strange – my right kidney is in pain. My left kidney has been the vocal one for these past 7 months.

Oh joy.

I become aware of ayahuascas voice. Gently instructing me in which position to lay. Subtle directions of limb. I follow, for hours, in pain. Around dawn I am told to lay in childs pose. after a short while I feel the negative energy of my pain travel up my spine to my third eye then suddenly a POP! and the pain has gone.

Blessed relief.

I feel ayahuasca has physically worked through my kidney karma and healed me.

I feel very grateful.

I am exhausted now.



Day – 19 Passing a kidney stone

Have been feeling physically exhausted the last few days, aching and generally uncomfortable. Decided to have a break for 48 hours and see how I feel.

Have been experiencing sporadic kidney pain for he last 7 months. One morning I woke in agony and had to phone an ambulance. At the hospital they gave me pain killers but an x-ray didn’t reveal anything. A shaman friend told me it was kidney irritation and to eat lots of fresh pineapple which is an enzyme bomb. Have had reoccurrences of pain on and off for a while now.

Anyway last night severe pain again. Had to take some pain killers to sleep. In morn wasn’t sure whether to go doctors or hospital. Decided to go hospital. They said they were booked out and I should come back tomorrow. Something told me to just go home.

Got home and passed a large kidney stone!

I feel elated! Like a mother must feel after giving birth!

I have carried this stone around for 7 months!

Jokes aside I am just glad to know what the problem was.

Let me tell you passing kidney stones is  painful! An 11 mm kidney stone is no joke.

Back to pranayama tomorrow!