Hora Inmensa – Juan Ramon Jimenez (English translation)

Only a bell and a bird break the silence…

It seems that the two talk with the setting sun.

Golden colored silence, the afternoon is made of crystals.

A roving purity sways the cool trees,

And beyond all that,

A transparent river dreams that trampling over pearls

It breaks loose

And flows into infinity.


Vegan, macro biotic, gluten free, anti histamine diet for problem skin

Have almost chalked up my first year on a vegan diet; though in a bid to clear up a stubborn skin condition which has plagued me for about 30 years, namely facial spots and boils, (not acne,) my diet is somewhat more invovled than a simple vegan diet. After doing a full seven day fast and the ph balance diet (see post below) my spots gradually started coming back.

similar skin condition

Similar skin condition

I went into research mode.

I suspected gluten may be an issue and so informed myself on a gluten free diet. It definitely had an effect, but the stubborn spots still persisted.

I next looked into histamine intolerance, and this also seemed to fit, so after much research I further cut my diet to get rid of histamine producing foods.

I have followed a macrobiotic diet for around three years now also.

This regime has not left me with many options come teatime, but it has worked! My skin has cleared up.

I hope this post will help others who have similar skin issues.

Here are the basic what not to eats:

Vegan: No meat, fish, animal products, dairy products, eggs.

Macrobiotic: No Deadly nightshade family vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, spinach, beets and avocados.

Gluten Free: No Barley (malt, malt flavoring and malt vinegar are usually made from barley.)

RyeTriticale (a cross between wheat and rye.)



Durum flour.


Graham flour.




Avoid unless labelled gluten free:

  • Beer
  • Breads
  • Cakes and pies
  • Candies
  • Cereals
  • Cookies and crackers
  • Croutons
  • French fries
  • Gravies
  • Imitation meat or seafood
  • Matzo
  • Pastas
  • Processed luncheon meats
  • Salad dressings
  • Sauces, including soy sauce
  • Seasoned rice mixes
  • Seasoned snack foods, such as potato and tortilla chips
  • Self-basting poultry
  • Soups and soup bases
  • Vegetables in sauce
  • Be cautious of:
    • Food additives, such as malt flavoring, modified food starch and others
    • Medications and vitamins that use gluten as a binding agent
    • Play dough

Histamine free: NO

  • Alcohol
  • Pickled or canned foods – sauerkrauts
  • Matured cheeses
  • Smoked meat products – salami, ham, sausages….
  • Shellfish
  • Beans and pulses – chickpeas, soy beans, peanuts
  • Nuts – walnuts, cashew nuts
  • Chocolates and other cocoa based products
  • Most citric fruits
  • Wheat based products
  • Vinegar
  • Ready meals
  • Salty snacks, sweets with preservatives and artificial colourings

Histamine liberators:

  • Most citric fruits – kiwi, lemon, lime, pineapple, plums…
  • Cocoa and chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Papaya
  • Beans and pulses
  • Tomatoes
  • Wheat germ
  • Additives – benzoate, sulphites, nitrites, glutamate, food dyes

Diamine Oxidase (DAO) blockers:

  • Alcohol
  • Black tea
  • Energy drinks
  • Green tea
  • Mate tea


  • Yoghurt – depends on the bacteria culture used
  • Egg white – it is a histamine liberator only when in its raw state


  • Yeast – even though it does not contain histamine as such, yeast serves as a catalyst for histamine generation during manufacture. There is no yeast in the end product.

Ok so what does that leave to be able to actually eat?

For breakfast i have organic puffed millet, organic puffed rice, organic buckwheat flakes or gluten free cornflakes. (corn is not ideal, but my local health food shop is often out of buckwheat flakes.)

Lunch, Gluten free rice cakes with tahini, as a dip.

Dinner, 1, Short grain brown rice, organic crushed garlic, grated organic carrot, Himalayan salt, tahini, fresh squeezed organic lemon, organic green seasonal veg, (kale, courgettes, brocoli, etc)

2, same as above but with millet or buckwheat instead of the rice.

3, Once a week treat, baked potatoes or roast potatoes with fresh crushed garlic and olive oil, grated carrot and green veg.

4, once a week treat veggie burgers, on bap with humous and lettuce with roasted parsnip and sweet potatoes.

Basically i have the rice and veg two days running then potatoes on the third day, followed by two more veg rice days then a burger day. This is the basic pattern.

The burger buns are the main rebellion on my diet, but i think bread once a week is ok. Also the potatoes are not great but again, once a week balanced by the rice and veg seems to be ok.

I thought this diet would be restrictive and i would find it very difficult to follow, but amazingly that has not been the case. I look forward to every meal, and the stable of veg and rice, with green veg, tahini, salt, lemon and garlic is absolutely delicious. Words cannot describe how good the fresh organic vegetable taste.

It has been a big lifestyle change in that now i do shopping roughly once a week at the local health food co-opoerative, i am really lucky to have a fantastic local HFS. The unicorn in chorlton, manchester, uk.

I thought it would be difficult to stop eating out, but i do not miss it one bit. Maybe once a month i might have a falafel in pitta bread from a local iraq eatery, but even that does not compare to home cooked organic food.

I did have to make some sacrifices socially and whilst establishing myself in this diet i did not socialize much with family and friends around meal times, but since establishing my new habits, this is no longer a problem, i do not crave crap food anymore.

Oh, i forgot, the seventh day treat is sometimes chips! Yes chips from the local chippy. My system seems to be able to handle them quite well. They are a good option if caught out and about without healthy foods, every now and then a bag of chips is not too bad.

I do not feel like i will have to be so strict for the rest of my life, it seems to me to be like a level building up, when i eat crappy foods, that level reaches a certain height and i break out, but if i control it through healthy eating that level stays low and controllable.

I feel my system will cleanse itself further on this diet and in the future my skin will react much much less.

Ph miracle and macrobiotic 7 day cleanse – The process.

I made it through the seven days! Damn it was tough! Hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

Here’s how I went about it; firstly had to transition into it, over 2 months, cut out all sugar, including fruit sugars, then all dairy products, including eggs, next all wheat product, then fish and seafood. After two weeks of full vegan ism, went for the fast. I was pescatarian anyways so didn’t have to deal with meat withdrawal.


I found the abstention surprisingly easy. I took chromium supplements to ease the cravings. One of the hardest parts was deciphering the ingredients in store bought products. I soon realised most contained unhealthy ingredients, even the ones you would expect to be healthy. I soon found that all supermarket products had issues and I needed to shop in a health food store. The local one in Manchester’s city centre seems overly expensive and the staff mostly unpleasant. This meant travelling to Chorlton to ‘The Unicorn’ This co-operative offers much better value and friendly staff.


I found bread the most difficult thing to stop eating. I went through a lot of oatcakes! The ones made with olive oil are scrumptious!

Macrobiotic theory also played a part in choosing which foods not to eat. Basically no deadly nightshades due to their oxalic acid and solanine content.

Soon I was ready for the full 7 day fast.

Supplements I took during fast:

Multi Vit
Vit B Complex
Ester C Capsules
Vit A
Vit E
Starflower oil
Hemp oil
Soya lecithin
Olive leaf extract
Black walnut hulls

During the fast I drank a lot of water – 3 litres a day, with pH drops to alkalise the water. Also vegetable juice made from just green veg and barley-grass and wheat-grass. I started off diluting the raw juice about ten parts, but this soon became undrinkable, made me nauseous, I found the veg juice neat was much more palatable.

I found juices mixed tasted unpleasant, but on there own were good. The humble Cucumber or courgette became my best buddies.cucumber-or-zuchini

It was tough, after day three severe fatigue set in, lots of toxins being released from stored fat and my bloodstream. Headaches, dizziness, general malaise.

Day five was weak as a kitten, at some points couldn’t lift my arms. energy levels 5-10%

Getting strong food cravings, for mainly comfort foods from my childhood, fried breakfasts, Steak and kidney pudding, chips and gravy, peanut butter on toast, toast in general. These foods haunt me. Toast dipping into a fried egg in plum tomato juice is the king taunter. Am severely craving this.

Day six things started to improve, most of the toxins removed. 15-20%

Day seven, just waiting for that first taste of food. A round courgette. Never has anything tasted so good! 30-35%

One amazing point – all of my excess body fat has completely gone. My stomach is washboard flat.
At age 39 I was finding it very difficult to shift a lil paunch that had appeared.

Next two days were difficult too, very weak, dizzy etc.

Three days later am starting to feel more normal. 50-55% energy levels.

Today is the fourth day after the fast and am up to about 60-65% energy levels.cucumber-500x500

Next stage is a strict 5 week alkaline diet.

For breakfast this morning had organic broccoli, kale and spring greens with garlic hemp oil and tahini sauce. Gorgeous! Am really enjoying my vegan diet, each meal is a delight. I have discovered roasted hazelnuts and almonds OMG! With my taste buds reset these treats are ambosiac!

Organic broccoli stems taste so sweet, like chocolate! broccoli

Ph miracle and macrobiotic 7 day cleanse – The process.

A course in miracles

Started reading the book and listening to the audio book.

Am finding it challenging to find any words to describe this channeled work.

Still getting through the first part, am very much looking forward to the exercises.

It seems to me to be bang on with its detailed descriptions of the inner workings of Gods intentions.

Will write more soon when I proceed further..

A truth about hair.

This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Vietnam War.

Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue. Back in the Vietnam war however, an entirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view.

In the early nineties,  Sally [name changed to protect privacy]  was married to a licensed psychologist who worked at a VA Medical hospital. He worked with combat veterans with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder.  Most of them had served in Viet Nam.

Sally said, ”I remember clearly an evening when my husband came back to our apartment on Doctor’s Circle carrying a thick official looking folder in his hands. Inside were hundreds of pages of certain studies commissioned by the government. He was in shock from the contents. What he read in those documents completely changed his life. From that moment on my conservative middle of the road husband grew his hair and beard and never cut them again. What is more, the VA Medical center let him do it, and other very conservative men in the staff followed his example.

As I read the documents, I learned why. It seems that during the Vietnam War special forces in the war department had sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations looking for talented scouts, for tough young men trained to move stealthily through rough terrain. They were especially looking for men with outstanding, almost supernatural, tracking abilities. Before being approached, these carefully selected men were extensively documented as experts in tracking and survival.

With the usual enticements, the well proven smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these indian trackers were then enlisted. Once enlisted, an amazing thing happened. Whatever talents and skills they had possessed on the reservation seemed to mysteriously disappear, as recruit after recruit failed to perform as expected in the field.

Serious casualties and failures of performance led the government to contract expensive testing of these recruits, and this is what was found.

When questioned about their failure to perform as expected, the older recruits replied consistantly that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer ’sense’ the enemy, they could no longer access a ’sixth sense’ , their ’intuition’ no longer was reliable, they couldn’t ’read’ subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information.

So the testing institute recruited more Native American trackers, let them keep their long hair, and tested them in multiple areas. Then they would pair two men together who had received the same scores on all the tests.  They would let one man in the pair keep his hair long, and gave the other man a military haircut. Then the two men retook the tests.

Time after time the man with long hair kept making high scores. Time after time, the man with the short hair failed the tests in which he had previously scored high scores.

Here is a typical test:

The recruit is sleeping out in the woods.  An armed ’enemy’ approaches the sleeping man.  The long haired man is awakened out of his sleep by a strong sense of danger and gets away long before the enemy is close, long before any sounds from the approaching enemy are audible.

In another version of this test the long haired man senses an approach and somehow intuits that the enemy will perform a physical attack. He follows his ’sixth sense’ and stays still, pretending to be sleeping, but quickly grabs the attacker and ’kills’ him as the attacker reaches down to strangle him.

This same man, after having passed these and other tests, then received a military haircut and consistantly failed these tests, and many other tests that he had previously passed.

So the document recommended that all Indian trackers be exempt from military haircuts. In fact, it required that trackers keep their hair long.”

Additional Notes:

The mammalian body has evolved over millions of years. Survival skills of human and animal at times seem almost supernatural. Science is constantly coming up with more discoveries about the amazing abilities of man and animal to survive.  Each part of the body has highly sensitive work to perform for the survival and well being of the body as a whole. The body has a reason for every part of itself.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved ’feelers’ or ’antennae’ that transmit vast amounts of important information to the Brainstem, the Limbic system, and the Neocortex.

Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain,  hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then rephotographed after the hair is cut.

When hair is cut, receiving and sending transmissions to and from the environment are greatly hampered. This results in numbing-out .

Cutting of hair is a contributing factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems.  It is also a contributing factor to insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. It contributes to sexual frustration.


In searching for solutions for the distress in our world, it may be time for us to consider that many of our most basic assumptions about reality are in error.  It may be that a major part of the solution is looking at us in the face each morning when we see ourselves in the mirror.

The story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible has a lot of encoded truth to tell us. When Delilah cut Sampson’s hair, the once undefeatable Sampson was defeated.

TV, Game of Thrones and spirituality.

Have just started watching HBO’s Game of Thrones. I tend to avoid dramas of any description. I do not watch TV. Am liking this though. A riveting blend of sex and violence with an intriguing storyline has me hooked. Am particularly enjoying the witticisms and wisdom of the “imp”.  Sean Bean is proving to be uncharacteristically likable too; his time has come after having to play such a miserable role in The Lord Of The Rings.

Watched two episodes tonight.

“Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.”

The last drama box set i watched was Battlestar Galactica. There seems to me to be some  similarities. The Targaryen white haired wannabe king reminds me of Dr. Gaius Baltar.

I sometimes berate myself for indulging in “mindless” TV; though I also see the value of storytelling. Most TV shows sicken me with their blatant social engineering, I find it difficult to find anything of substance to watch. (Any recommendations would be appreciated!)

I think it is acceptable to relax of an evening and watch some good TV or a movie. I usually download my programming as I cannot bear to watch insidious advertisements.

Have just watched eight seasons of Curb your enthusiasm. In my opinion the best TV show of all time. Larry David is genius, and in this bloggers humble opinion: Leon Black, J.B Smoove,  is one of the finest comedic actors of all time. Saw him recently in “We bought a zoo.”

I see series two is being aired presently; looks like I have some catching up to do!

Neural networks and the Universe.

The visible galaxies in the universe are not isolated and disconnected but are interwoven by a filamentary web-like structure – which is the invisible dark matter scaffolding of the universe. The web-like structure is both a signature feature of invisible dark matter and magnetic plasma. The appearance of this web bears an uncanny resemblance to a cross-section of the brain. 

But it is not only the morphology (i.e. structural aspects) of the large scale structure of the universe which is similar to the human brain but also the physiology (i.e. the functions). These filaments carry currents of charged particles (ions) over large distances that generate magnetic fields – similar to a nerve fiber. And they form circuits, just like the neural circuits in the brain.

The high degree of connectivity is what sets the brain apart from an ordinary computer. Connectivity is also apparent in the cosmic web. Galaxies are formed when filaments pinch or cross each other. A nexus of filaments (including thousands of tiny filamentary currents) will provide the connectivity for the transfer of not only energy but information from one galactic nucleus to another.



The Earth appears to have a brain but how does it get sensory inputs? One way is to generate life-forms. The myriad of life-forms (including human beings) on Earth are in fact the many eyes and ears of the Earth. The networks of currents in the brains of life-forms are an integral part of the network of currents in Earth’s brain. It is in the universe’s interest to generate life-forms so that it can see, hear, taste, touch and smell and become aware of itself.

If we are indeed connected to the Earth’s brain, which is connected to a universal brain, it also means that we share a universal brain which can have contact with the brains of other planets that nurture life-forms that generate their own memories. Intelligent life-forms can send information (either intentionally or unintentionally) via the universal brain directly to our brains.

In the 1930s and onwards, neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield developed a surgical procedure for epileptics in which he operated on a patient’s exposed brain while the patient remained fully conscious. When an electrode was placed on the patient’s temporal lobe, the patient had a complete flashback to an episode from earlier in his life. (Applying the electrode to other parts of the brain did not produce this.) The scenes always moved forward, and only forward. If music was involved, this followed the precise original tempo; the full score of which the patients would be able to hum with total accuracy — much as an autistic savant would be able to reproduce music with almost complete accuracy — like a recording on a video or compact disc.

Penfield, in his book The Mystery of the Mind recounted, “They were electrical activations of the sequential record of consciousness, a record that had been laid down during the patient’s earlier experience. The patient ‘re-lived’ all that he had been aware of in that earlier period of time as in a moving-picture ‘flashback’.” He said, “Each time I re-stimulated, she heard the melody again. It began at the same place and went on from chorus to verse.” Penfield concluded that the brain stores everything its owner has ever experienced in its original form. The flash-backs seemed to play themselves out in their proper order like scenes in a movie. “Since the electrode may activate a random sample of this strip from the distant past,” he reasoned, “and since the most unimportant and completely forgotten periods of time may appear in this sampling, it seems reasonable to suppose that the record is complete and that it does include all periods of each individual’s waking conscious life”.

The brain’s temporal lobe (particularly in the right hemisphere) has also been implicated in near-death experiences where “life reviews” occur. Life reviews have been described as viewing a movie, a video, a vivid 3d color display of a person’s entire life or segments of it. Some have described it as viewing a 3d hologram of a person’s life in full color, sound, and scent. The scenes can go into a preview mode, viewing scenes in little bursts; at random, skipping from one scene to another; in fast-forward mode, viewing scenes at a tremendous speed; or in slow-motion or paused, in order to focus on a particular detail. This is similar to the “Penfield movies” described above.

The movie-like record of experiences that Penfield observed is also identical to what has been observed and recounted by readers of the “Akashic records”, including metaphysicists and mediums. These records include the autobiographical memories of others and accumulated knowledge on specific subject matters. Metaphysicists hold the view that the Akashic records are memories encoded in space. (“Akasha” in Sanskrit means “space”.) But how exactly could these memories be encoded in space? The purpose of this article is to provide a physical model of how this can happen.

Neural Networks in Space?

There is mounting evidence that the “ordinary matter” that is currently familiar to physicists makes up less than 5% of the universe. More than 25% of the universe is composed of what is called “dark” (or invisible) matter. Astronomers have detected a vast network or web of filaments, composed of dark matter, which provides the scaffolding for the large-scale structure of the Universe. Using NASA’s X-ray satellite observatory, Chandra, these filaments were found stretching for millions of light years through space, with one passing through our own galaxy. These invisible filaments of dark matter are detected only because higher density ordinary matter tends to accumulate and condense in them through gravitational attraction. The ordinary matter generates ordinary electromagnetic radiation that can be measured by scientists.

The visible galaxies in the universe are therefore not isolated and disconnected but appear as nodes (with embedded vortexes) at the junctions where filaments cross. According to the European Southern Observatory (ESO), “All recent computer-simulations of the early universe have one prediction in common: the first large-scale structures to form in the young universe are long filaments connected at their ends in nodes. The models typically look like a three-dimensional spider’s web, and resemble the neural structure of a brain.” The appearance of this web bears an uncanny resemblance to a cross-section of the brain packed with networks of neurons.

Neural Networks in the Human Brain

There are more than a 100 billion neurons in the human brain. Neurons are similar to other cells in the human body in many ways but there is one key difference: Unlike other cells, neurons have specialized extensions emanating from their cell bodies, called axons and dendrites, which are designed to transmit and receive information. Neurons maintain different concentrations of positive ions (charged particles) across their cell membranes giving rise to potential differences (and resulting voltages) which change with chemical activities. A cycle of electrical depolarization, hyper-polarization and then repolarization allows neurons to fire action potentials in rapid bursts in a specific direction along the axon. Beside neurons, there are also ten times more “glial cells” in the human brain. These cells provide the scaffolding in which neurons are held together. According to Peter Russell, these cells act as liquid crystals which resonate with ambient electrical fields. This allows them to detect faint electrical currents and amplify them several thousand times in the same way that transistors do.


Dark Networks

The current most popular theory of memory formation in neuroscience states that networks of neurons forming different patterns provide the physical basis for memory. This theory was provided by Donald Hebb, who explains memory as a process of reactivating the same pattern of neurons that were activated at the time of the original experience. Thinking of ice cream activates one network of neurons in the brain, while thinking of rats fires up an entirely different network with a different pattern or structure. Experiences change the anatomy or strucutre of these neural networks. Different structures represent different memories. According to “Hebb’s rule” the repeated activation of the same network strengthens the connections between the neurons in the network. These strengthened networks form the biological substrate of memories. If there are infrequent firings, the connections weaken from the lack of stimulation and gradually disappear. In other words, repeated stimulation of the same networks is necessary for memories to form.

While this explains the experiences of “ordinary memory” for most of us, we know from the study of autistic savants that they are able to spontaneously recall prodigious amounts of information from just one encounter with the stimulus, even decades after the event, with photographic clarity. There appears to be no need for rehearsal, reinforcement or repeated stimulation to strengthen synapses. How does Hebb’s rule fit into all this? This suggests a different type of memory mechanism or a different substrate which allows for almost immediate long term potentiation to take place alongside “ordinary memory”. This rapidity could fit better with the workings of an “electronic brain”.

Neural Networks in Space Plasma

According to the author’s Dark Plasma Theory, much of dark matter is in the form of magnetic plasmas of exotic particles i.e. dark plasma. A filamentary network is both a signature feature of invisible dark matter and magnetic plasma. Mitua Uehara and his colleagues have suggested that plasma physics should be considered a part of biological investigation, stating that “Plasma physics can be useful in the investigation of the physical properties of living cells. Concepts like charge neutrality, Debye length, and double layer are very useful to explain the electrical properties of a cellular membrane”. The concept of “plasma biology” and the recent finding of a web of dark matter filaments in space then allow us to think of a filamentary network of currents that could serve as a substrate for the encoding of memories in space.

According to Dark Plasma Theory, dark matter filaments in space are the result of plasma dynamics. This would mean that currents of charged dark matter particles are coursing through these filaments. (This charge is a feature of dark, not ordinary, electromagnetism. Dark electromagnetism is a counterpart of ordinary electromagnetism and is allowed in modern physical theories. Dark matter, in itself, does not interact with ordinary electromagnetism.) Furthermore, these currents form patterned networks, just like neural networks in the brain.

Spiked increases and decreases in current flow would serve as signals through the network. Over time, tiny filamentary currents grow into larger filaments if signals are sent through these channels more frequently, strengthening the connections in the network. In others, where activation is less frequent, the current decreases and the connections cease. This activity generates Hebbian-like networks (much like in human brains) to form in dark plasma.

Negative currents are inhibitory and positive currents are excitatory. The summation of these currents at the nodes provides a net charge which will “fire” to propagate a positive or negative charge forwards to alter the structure of the network. Furthermore, when output currents are fed back as input currents over various timeframes, causing loops to occur, they construct associative memories in the network which self-organizes through adaptive resonance and learns. In this way memories are encoded in the dark matter in the space around us as in the gray and white matter within our brains, in the different patterns of fliaments and nodes in specific networks. Human brains which intercept and link to these networks generate images and sounds associated with the memories.

The human brain contains mainly chemical synapses with few electrical synapses. Signaling at electrical synapses is much more rapid than across chemical synapses. These synapses are often found in neural systems that require the fastest possible response, such as in defensive reflexes. It is hypothesized that the neural networks in dark plasma terminate at electrical synapses. We would therefore expect memories to be encoded much more rapidly in dark plasma, allowing rapid long term potentiation and encoding of photographic-like memories.

Earth’s Brain – the Dark Noosphere

Teilhard de Chardin views the noosphere as the “collective consciousness” of human-beings which emerges from the interaction of human minds on Earth and is enriched as the population of human beings on Earth increases. According to Dark Plasma Theory the visible Earth sits inside a Jupiter-sized dark plasma sphere which is similar in size and shape to Earth’s magnetosphere. The dark magnetic plasma generates filaments which synapse at nodes (with embedded vortexes) which are the analogues of the axons/dendrites and cell bodies in a human brain. These filaments in Earth’s brain have also been identified as “ley lines” and the vortexes as “sacred sites” or portals in the general metaphysical literature. As in the cosmic brain, the Earth’s (dark electromagnetic) brain provides a suitable infrastructure for the rapid encoding of memories. Dark plasma, unlike ordinary plasma, is long-lived even at room temperatures. This is due to several factors, including the observation that the exotic particles making up the magnetic plasma, as theorized in Dark Plasma Theory, are of similar mass. This allows the ionization energy of the particles to be much lower.

The Akashic records that have been accessed by various readers of the human species are fairly recent memories encoded in Earth’s brain. According to metaphysicist, Charles Leadbeater, when the observer is not focusing on them, the Akashic records simply form the background to whatever is going on – “reflecting the mental activity of a greater consciousness on a far higher plane which is accessible to us”. Observing the dynamic and visual Akashic records would be like watching a larger brain’s movie from a distance. We inhabit this much larger brain and are encoding memories not only within our own biochemical brain but within this dark noosphere. This encoding process in Earth’s brain may be taking place during REM (Rapid Eye Motion) sleep via the left hemisphere of the brain and through the bioplasma body interface when our carbon-based body undergoes paralysis allowing our bioplasma body to decouple from it to communicate more freely with the dark neural networks that we are embedded in. This facilitates long term memory consolidation. Resonance between similar circuits in the human brain and Earth’s brain may also play a part in reinforcing memories.

Most of the memories of the human species are encoded within a few kilometers of the Earth’s crust i.e. within what can be described as the “geocortex”. These include autobiographical memories of individuals and various cognitive maps. In the wider space, memories of body maps of life forms, which play an important role in morphogenesis and the evolution of the species, may also be encoded. Associative memory ensures that thoughts relating to the same subject matter are agglutinated – resulting in libraries, databases and specific types of environments – as recounted by readers of the Akashic records and ensures that “like attracts like”. Both heaven and hell may be accessed through association pathways in Earth’s brain. No doubt, this is also the physical substrate which forms the basis of Carl Jung’s “collective unconscious” and the Buddhist “alaya” or storehouse of memories.

But aren’t the Akashic Records in the Brain?

At this point the reader may be justified in asking, “Is there really a need to hypothesize another brain for the encoding of memories when the biochemical brain itself can provide sufficient complexity to encode practically all memories, given its billions of neurons and trillions of connections?” Firstly, a theory of a larger brain is required because Hebb’s rule does not explain the immediate encoding of prodigious amounts of information in the absence of repeated stimulation and the automated, photographic quality of the memories during recall episodes in humans. A non-biochemical substrate is therefore suspected. Secondly, the biochemical brain cannot account for certain types of memories, principally detailed memories of remote places and autobiographical memories of other persons which are routinely uncovered by forensic psychics, mediums, sensitives and remote viewers. Thirdly, recent experiments have shown that correlated neural signals may be detected by fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans and EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram) readings in the brains of subjects who are physically isolated from each other. Fourthly, the source of human genius is currently still not very well understood in scientific studies. It is often ascribed to an external source by the geniuses themselves. Fifthly, intelligence is routinely exhibited by life forms with either no brains or very little “gray matter”. How is that possible if the biochemical brain is the sole provider of intelligence and storehouse of our memories?

EEG and fMRI Correlations in Physically Isolated Subjects

Experiments have been conducted which show correlations between EEG readings of human experimental subjects who act as “senders” and “receivers”. More recently these correlations were also observed using fMRI brain scans. There are now six published fMRI psi studies, five of which report significant findings. In one experiment, discussed by Dean Radin, light was flashed at the sender on one end. The receiver, who was inside a nosiy fMRI machine, showed activity in the occipital lobe (in the primary and secondary visual cortex) which correlated with the flashes of light. 20 studies of EEG and fMRI correlations have been discussed by Robert Charman. He concludes that there is evidence that direct communication between physically separated human brains can and does occur.


fMRI and EEG Correlations via Dark Networks

Furthermore, Radin’s analysis of RNG (Random Number Generator) experiments showed strong evidence for attenuation due to distance between sender and receiver. He therefore belives that psi is not completely independent of distance. He cites Fiona Steinkamp’s analysis of ESP card guessing tests which also found a decline in effect sizes with increasing distance. The effect of distance on effect sizes cannot be accounted for by “quantum entaglement” models of telepathy which require immediate correlations and would be unaffected by distance. Furthermore, these models, strictly speaking, do not allow actual information transfer.

However, the dark neural networks discussed in this article require that there be a time difference for signals to propagate and attenuation in effect sizes. If Earth’s brain was mediating the transfer of signals from one human brain to another, it will have to span a distance. The time taken for the transfer, althogh still fairly rapid, will take some time – possibly a fraction of a second for short distances and a longer time for signals travelling from one continent to another. The effect sizes would be expected to be attenuated. Unlike ordinary electromagnetic currents, the dark currents generated between senders and receivers will not be affected by electromagnetic shielding during an experiment as dark matter, in itself, will not electromagnetically interact with such a shield.

The Global Conscsiousness Project uses RNGs all over the world to record any apparently non-random movements during major news events. It was noted that prior to certain events, the RNG data would spike. The biggest spike was seen about two hours before the first 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre.


First Attack

This provides some evidence of mass presentiment (i.e. unconscious precognition) indicating that human brains are tapping into a larger brain or neural network which processes time in a different and more expansive way.

These recent scientific studies provide persuasive evidence that there are deep invisible interconnections between human brains which are physically separated. This article proposes that Earth’s brain has been the silent and invisible intermediary between these physically separated human brains.

Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Mystics


Dark Networks

The role of forensic psychics in fighting baffling crimes appears to be growing. These psychics (who are really acting as mediums) often feel the pain of the victim in specific parts of their body and in some cases viewed the crime scene from the victim’s or attacker’s point of view i.e. through the “eyes” of the deceased victim or assailant. In other words they were retrieving the autobiographical memories of the victims and attackers from some unknown source. Observing a medium like Lisa Williams during a “reading” shows her not only recalling the deceased’ intimate autobiographical memories as if she was somehow operating from within that individual’s brain but, most notably, also feeling the physical pain that the deceased suffered – whether it was due to a disease like cancer or a gun shot wound at specific sites in her body which correlates accurately with independent information.


Lisa Williams

Paramahansa Yogananda, a modern mystic, recounts how his consciousness, while in meditation, was transferred to a captain of a sinking ship far away. He lived the harrowing experiences of the captain for several minutes. Then, as the dying captain slipped into unconsciousness, consciousness was transferred back to Yogananda. In other words, he lived another person’s experience. Many cases like this have been routinely reported and documented. These readings by mediums or psychics are similar in nature to readings of the Akashic records, the “Penfield movies” or the experience of undergoing a life review during a near-death experience. Persons undergoing a life review during a near death experience often feel the emotions of others who are affected by their actions (which would otherwise be unknown to them). For example, a pilot during a war experienced the pain and anguish of a whole village when he unleashed his bombs on them. This can happen if the life review emanates from a higher brain centre which has access to the autobiographical memories of numerous other persons, many of whom may be unknown to the subject until the life review, but are linked in Earth’s brain through association pathways. Although “mirror neurons” in the brain allows us to experience the emotions of others, the detailed nature of these experiences and the new information generated would suggest a genuine extra-cranial process, mediated by Earth’s brain.

Remote Viewing and Creativity

In “group consciousness”, telepathy and remote viewing, the Earth’s “neural networks” are actively used by participants.


Dark Networks

According to Melvin Morse, “Remote viewing doesn’t involve actually seeing something as much as it involves processing information through our right temporal lobe from the patterns of information contained in the universe”. These patterns of information are the neuronal networks in dark plasma within which the visible Earth is embedded. This is one method that remote viewers may employ. Harman and Rheingold believe that the research on remote viewing suggests that “the creative/intuitive mind could be getting information in ways other than from the lifelong learning of the person”. Many discoveries, scientific and artistic ideas come about when scientists or artists are not actively thinking about them. Where does this intelligence emanating from below our conscious radar come from?

Paranormal Imprints

According to the paranormal literature, ghosts sometimes do not appear to be conscious. They are completely oblivious to observers, and always look and act the same – almost like in a “Penfield movie” or memory being replayed or relived over and over again. These are called “imprints” or “residual hauntings” in the paranormal literature. Events that trigger them include fights, murders, rapes, kidnappings, or wars. Famous examples of imprints include the many Civil War Battlefields across the United States. In the battlefields of Gettysburg Pennsylvania the roar of cannon fire and the sounds of gunshots can often be heard in the evening hours. The smell of gun powder can also sometimes be detected in and around the road where fierce fighting took place for many hours during the Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg Maryland. Paranormal researchers believe that imprints occur when a vast amount of paranormal energy is left behind and is replayed time after time at the same location. However, it is still not clearly understood how these “energy imprints” take place. Some popular theories include the notions that the building materials “soak up the energy” of the location and replay these stored energies at a later time or it is energy stored in the atmosphere which is activated by changes in the atmosphere.

According to Dark Plasma Theory “imprints” in the paranormal literature are memories encoded in Earth’s dark geocortex. They are triggered because of interactions between our brains and the Earth’s brain. When a person intrudes into a location in Earth’s brain in which a part of a memory is encoded, the associative memories are activated and replayed – much like what happened when memories were activated and replayed by Penfield when he applied an electrode to specific locations in his patients’ brains. However, most of the time these activated memories remain in our subconscious – only a powerful memory (usually endowed with strong emotions) in the Earth’s brain can surface in our conscious awareness making us see and hear the scenes. Genuine mediums and sensitives, however, may sense Earth’s memories and are conscious of the replays more often than others.

The Mystery of Prayer


Dark Networks

When a person prays, signals are sent from his or her brain to different parts of the “association cortex” in Earth’s brain depending to whom the prayer is directed to. If it is directed to a well-known deity, the relevant associative memories, generated by human brains over the ages and found in fairly localized regions in the Earth’s brain with respect to that deity, are activated. Signals are then projected out through the pathways in Earth’s brain and received by individuals who are also focusing on the same target and who may become participants of the intention of the prayer. Distant healing may also use such a process.

Animal Intelligence

Butterflies have more photo-receptors in their visual system than we do, making their visual systems much better than ours in certain respects. However, while we have a big occipital lobe in our brains to process visual information the butterfly does a superior job with brains that are mere specks two millimeters in size. Scientists have no clue as to how they do it. Plants and amoeba go about their complex activities without having brains. The brainless single-celled slime mould solves mazes every time it is tested. Where is this intelligence and information processing power coming from? Mother Earth? The life-forms lower down the evolutionary chain (with no or tiny brains) may often be using non-local intelligence to compensate for deficits in their biological cognitive system. Autistic savants, whose brains are impaired, may also use this non-local intelligence to compensate for deficits.

Autistic Savants and Missing Brains

Neuroscientists believe that autistic savants have access to regions in the brain that function like supercomputers. But where is this supercomputer located…in our wet biomolecular brain?

Across the world, there are hundreds of cases of people with hydrocephalus – a condition where large cavities form in the brain. There are also hundreds of cases where people have either been born with an underdeveloped brain, or have had large areas of their brain damaged in an accident or remove in surgery. Nevertheless, many of them function normally. Some scientists believe that the remaining cortex takes over the functions once provided by the removed cortex. However, this explanation becomes questionable especially in cases where hardly any brain is left in the cranium. There is cynicism even among neurologists.

Some neuroscientists claim that, perhaps, we have underestimated the work of the deep sub-cortical structures in the brain. However, neuroscientists have studied the sub-cortical structures intensively and there appears to be no evidence currently that these structures in a normal brain can actually perform the cognitive functions currently attributed to the cortex. Instead of sub-structures we have to turn our attention to super-structures. We need to look at the supercortical structures which interface with Earth’s dark noosphere.

Invisible Supercortical Structures and Meta-Neurology

Penfield noted, during his surgical experiments, that his patients, while reliving their memories, can distinguish between their current experience and the vivid memories that they were recalling. In other words, they experienced two “streams of consciousness” and knew that they were observing their memories. They firmly believed it was not them but the surgeon who was generating the flashbacks. This led Penfield, a highly experienced neurosurgeon, to come to the conclusion that the mind was separate from the brain and was supported by a “different form of energy”.

According to Dark Plasma Theory our carbon-based bodies are intimately linked to a series of invisible bodies composed of dark plasma that co-evolved with our visible bodies over millions of years. These dark bioplasma bodies and their brains act as the interface between Earth’s brain and the biological brain. The biological brain is therefore supported by an invisible superstructure, composed of dark matter, which develops during life. This invisible superstructure comprises a complex of subtle (dark) electromagnetic bodies, which are capable of transmitting and receiving information from non-local sources within Earth’s brain. The study of these invisible structures and their interactions with the physical-biomolecular brain are the subject of a field that the author described as “meta-neurology” in 2006.


Dark Networks

The electromagnetic nature of the subtle body makes it a better candidate to carry-out the complex calculations and recall that savants have, with the help of Earth’s brain. A “photographic” recall, CD-like audio recall, fast calculations and video player-operations such as “fast-forwarding” and “rewinding” suggest an electromagnetic substrate which can be found in our dark subtle bioplasma bodies.

In certain diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s disease, circuits that are required to record the incoming signals from supercortical structures may also be damaged. Hence, while there is access to Earth’s brain, there is no ability to recall the information, particularly in waking consciousness. The biological damage, however, does not extend to the supercortical structures (as they are composed of different types of matter that only weakly interact). At death the undamaged bioplasma body decouples from the carbon-based body and lives within the dark noosphere – giving it the ability to interact with Earth’s brain even more directly, diluting the sense of being an isolated individual.

Internalization of the Universe and Individuation

It is theorized that as brains evolve (in particular, the neocortex) and become larger (in proportion to the body) the more the life-form gets cut-off from non-local intelligence and has to rely on local intelligence in the brains housed within their bodies. Human beings, in particular, have become increasingly estranged from non-local intelligence. We create our own universes within our brains which compete with information coming from Earth’s brain for our conscious attention.

However, evolution may have stepped in to correct this. The prefrontal and temporal lobes in the human brain underwent the most significant development during the evolution of Homo sapiens. The right temporal lobe in the human brain (or metaphorically, the “East Gate”) could have evolved more significantly in Homo sapiens to circumvent complete blockage to Earth’s brain to give our species an evolutionary advantage, specifically, unprecedented creativity in the animal kingdom.

On the one hand, the memories generated by our experiences are relayed into Earth’s brain through the left hemisphere probably during REM sleep. On the other hand, we reconnect with Earth’s brain when certain neural processes or circuits in our brains break down or is “switched off” intentionally (as in meditation, induced trances and the ingestion of psychoactive drugs) or unintentionally (as in reverie or brain damage due to accidents or medical conditions such as brain lesions, tumors and biochemical imbalances) while others are “switched on” in the right hemisphere (in particular the temporal lobe) to record the experiences and enable conscious recall. Hence, neural signals from the biological brain are output from the left hemisphere into the bioplasma interface which is then transmitted to Earth’s brain while input signals from Earth’s brain arrive via the bioplasma interface to the right hemisphere.


Dark Networks

Direct and Indirect Readings

Currents form quite readily in plasma following lines of least resistance and magnetic field lines. During a direct reading of the Akashic records a current is generated in the brain of the reader’s bioplasma body which connects as a cord to Earth’s brain allowing information to be streamed across. (This is similar to the “silver cord”, frequently reported by Out-of-Body experiencers, that connects the physical-dense body to the bioplasma body.) The low density currents do not become “entangled” like copper wires as they can easily pass through each other just as collisionless dark matter objects pass through each other. In a sense, this is like connecting to the internet, except that we are connecting to a much larger and older net – the “Gaia-net” or the G-Net.

During an indirect reading, a medium like Lisa Williams will generate a current that will manifest as a cord which attaches her bioplasma body to the bioplasma body of the deceased. In this case, it is the deceased who is accessing his or her own autobiographical memories from the Akashic records and transferring them to the medium. This is confirmed by Lisa’s eye movements during the reading which alternates between looking outwards to some “spirit” in the environment and looking downwards (as though listening or viewing introspectively from her mind’s eye).

Different Brains, Different Realities

Different brains generate different “worlds”. On the one hand, this means that each person who accesses Earth’s brain would contextualize the information received (in his or her brain) in terms of his or her own understanding and expectations. On the other hand, it also means that Earth’s brain does not process inputs in exactly the same way as human brains. Hence, an individual’s memories may be modulated by Earth’s brain. Furthermore, Earth’s brain may construct space and time differently. This supports the claim by some that the information received in precognitive dreams (i.e. dreams relating to a future event) is ultimately derived from the Akashic records which are encoded in Earth’s geocortex. The networks of currents in the brains of life-forms are an integral part of the network of currents in Earth’s brain. In other words, each living brain is a functioning module or nucleus in Earth’s brain.

We are the Eyes and Ears of Gaia

If Earth has a brain then how does it obtain its sensory inputs? This it does by generating life-forms. The myriad of life-forms (including human beings) on Earth are in fact the many eyes and ears of Gaia. It is in the interest of Gaia to generate life-forms so that it can see, hear, taste, touch and smell and become aware of itself. Gaia does not only possess a biological body but is an entity that thinks, dreams and remembers. Her memories can be accessed by the Rain Man in all of us. These include the autobiographical memories of every person who has ever lived on this planet. Your life’s memories are not solely yours – it is also Gaia’s and the rest of humanity’s.


Jay Alfred 2009

The Eight Systems of Consciousness – Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary.

To understand neurological space, Dr. Leary assumes that the nervous system consists of eight potential circuits, or “gears,” or mini-brains. Four of these brains are in the usually active left lobe and are concerned with our terrestrial survival; four are extraterrestrial, reside in the “silent” or inactive right lobe, and are for use in our future evolution. This explains why the right lobe is usually inactive at this stage of our development, and why it becomes active when the person ingests psychedelics.

We will explain each of the eight “brains” briefly.

I. The Bio-Survival System

This invertebrate brain was the first to evolve (2 to 3 million years ago) and is the first activated when a human infant is born. It programs perception onto an either-or grid divided into nurturing-helpful Things (which it approaches) and noxious-dangerous Things (which it flees, or attacks). The imprinting of this circuit sets up the basic attitude of trust or suspicion which will ever after trigger approach or avoidance.

II. The Emotional-Territorial System

This second, more advanced bio-computer formed when vertebrates appeared and began to compete for territory (perhaps 500,000,000 B.C.). In the individual, this bigger tunnel-reality is activated when the DNA master-tape triggers the metamorphosis from crawling to walking. As every parent knows, the toddler is no longer a passive (bio-survival) infant but a mammalian politician, full of physical (and psychic) territorial demands, quick to meddle in family business and decision-making. Again the first imprint on this circuit remains constant for life (unless brainwashed) and identifies the stimuli which will automatically trigger dominant, aggressive behavior or submissive, cooperative behavior. When we say that a person is behaving emotionally, egotistically or ‘like a two-year-old,’ we mean that s/he is blindly following one of the tunnel-realities imprinted on this circuit.

III. The Time-Binding Semantic System

This third brain was formed when hominid types began to differentiate from other primate stock (circa 4-5 million B.C.) and is activated for the linear left-lobe functions of the brain, determines our normal modes of artifact-manufacture and conceptual thought, i.e., third circuit ‘mind.’

It is no accident, then, that our logic (and our computer-design) follows either-or, binary structure of these circuits. Nor is it an accident that our geometry, until the last century, has been Euclidean. Euclid’s geometry, Aristotle’s logic and Newton’s physics are meta-programs synthesizing and generalizing first brain forward-back, second brain up-down and third brain right-left programs.

IV. The Social-Sexual System

The fourth brain, dealing with the transmission of tribal or ethnic culture across generations, introduces the fourth dimension, time.

Since each of these tunnel-realities consists of biochemical imprints or matrices in the nervous system, each of them is specifically triggered by neuro-transmitters and other drugs.

Notice how drugs that stimulate the first four circuits, which are already activated, tend to be dangerously addictive, roughly ordered ascending from the first circuit.

To activate the first brain take an opiate. Mother Opium and Sister Morphine bring you down to cellular intelligence, bio-survival passivity, the floating consciousness of the newborn. (This is why Freudians identify opiate addiction with the desire to return to infancy.)

To activate the second tunnel-reality, take an abundant quantity of alcohol. Vertebrate territorial patterns and mammalian emotional politics immediately appear when the booze flows, as Thomas Nashe intuitively realized when he characterized the various alcohol states by animal labels: “ass drunk,” “goat drunk,” “swine drunk,” “bear drunk,” etc.

To activate the third circuit, try coffee or tea, a high-protein diet, speed or cocaine.

The specific neurotransmitter for circuit four has not been synthesized yet, but it is generated by the glands after pubescence and flows volcanically through the bloodstreams of adolescents.

None of these terrestrial drugs change basic biochemical imprints. The behaviors which they trigger are those which were wired into the nervous system during the first stages of imprint vulnerability. The circuit II drunk exhibits the emotional games or cons learned from parents in infancy. The circuit III “mind” never gets beyond the permutations and combinations of those tunnel-realities originally imprinted, or abstractions associated with the imprints through later conditioning. And so forth.

But all this Pavlovian-Skinnerian robotism changes drastically and dramatically when we turn to the right lobe, the future circuits and extraterrestrial chemicals. The four evolving future ‘brains’ are:

V. The Neurosomatic System

When this fifth “body-brain” is activated, flat Euclidean figure-ground configurations explode multi-dimensionally. Gestalts shift, in McLuhan’s terms, from linear visual space to all-encompassing sensory space. A hedonic turn-on occurs, a rapturous amusement, a detachment from the previously compulsive mechanism of the first four circuits. I turned this circuit on with pot and Tantra.

This fifth brain began to appear about 4,000 years ago in the first leisure-class civilizations and has been increasing statistically in recent centuries (even before the Drug Revolution), a fact demonstrated by the hedonic art of India, China, Rome and other affluent societies. More recently, Ornstein and his school have demonstrated with electroencephalograms that this circuit represents the first jump from the linear left lobe of the brain to the analogical right lobe.

The opening and imprinting of this circuit has been the preoccupation of “technicians of the occult”–Tantric shamans and hatha yogis. While the fifth tunnel-reality can be achieved by sensory deprivation, social isolation, physiological stress or severe shock (ceremonial terror tactics, as practiced by such rascal-gurus as Don Juan Matus or Aleister Crowley), it has traditionally been reserved to the educated aristocracy of leisure societies who have solved the four terrestrial survival problems.

About 20,000 years ago, the specific fifth brain neurotransmitter was discovered by shamans in the Caspian Sea area of Asia and quickly spread to other wizards throughout Eurasia and Africa. It is, of course, cannabis. Weed. Mother Mary Jane.

It is no accident that the pot-head generally refers to his neural state as “high” or “spaced-out.” The transcendence of gravitational, digital, linear, either-or, Aristotelian, Newtonian, Euclidean, planetary orientations (circuits I-IV) is, in evolutionary perspective, part of our neurological preparation for the inevitable migration off our home planet, now beginning. This is why so many pot-heads are Star Trek freaks and science fiction adepts. (Berkeley, California, certainly the Cannabis Capital of the U.S., has a Federation Trading Post on Telegraph Avenue, where the well-heeled can easily spend $500 or more in a single day, buying Star Trek novels, magazines, newsletters, bumper stickers, photographs, posters, tapes, etc., including even complete blueprints for the starship Enterprise.)

The extraterrestrial meaning of being “high” is confirmed by astronauts themselves; 85% of those who have entered the free-fall zero gravity describe “mystic experiences” or rapture states typical of the neurosomatic circuit. “No photo can show how beautiful Earth looked,” raves Captain Ed Mitchell, describing his Illumination in free-fall. He sounds like any successful yogi or pot-head. No camera can show this experience because it is inside the nervous system.

Free-fall, at the proper evolutionary time, triggers the neurosomatic mutation, Leary believes. Previously this mutation has been achieved “artificially” by yogic or shamanic training or by the fifth circuit stimulant, cannabis. Surfing, skiing, skin-diving and the new sexual culture (sensuous massage, vibrators, imported Tantric arts, etc.) have evolved at the same time as part of the hedonic conquest of gravity. The Turn-On state is always described as “floating,” or, in the Zen metaphor, “one foot above the ground.”

VI. The Neuroelectric System

The sixth brain consists of the nervous system becoming aware of itself apart from imprinted gravitational reality-maps (circuits I-IV) and even apart from body-rapture (circuit V). Count Korzybski, the semanticist, called this state “consciousness of abstracting.” Dr. John Lilly calls it “metaprogramming,” i.e., awareness of programming one’s programming. This Einsteinian, relativistic contelligence (consciousness-intelligence) recognizes, for instance, that the Euclidean, Newtonian and Aristotelian reality-maps are just three among billions of possible programs or models for experience. I turned this circuit on with Peyote, LSD and Crowley’s “magick” metaprograms.

This level of brain-functioning seems to have been reported first around 500 B.C. among various “occult” groups connected by the Silk Route (Rome-North India). It is so far beyond the terrestrial tunnel-realities that those who have achieved it can barely communicate about it to ordinary humanity (circuits I-IV) and can hardly be understood even by fifth circuit Rapture Engineers.

The characteristics of the neuroelectric circuit are high velocity, multiple choice, relativity, and the fission-fusion of all perceptions into parallel science-fiction universes of alternate possibilities.

The mammalian politics which monitor power struggles among terrestrial humanity are here transcended, i.e., seen as static, artificial, an elaborate charade. One is neither coercively manipulated into another’s territorial reality nor forced to struggle against it with reciprocal emotional game-playing (the usual soap-opera dramatics). One simply elects, consciously, whether or not to share the other’s reality-model.

Tactics for opening and imprinting the sixth circuit are described and rarely experienced in advanced rajah yoga, and in the hermetic (coded) manuals of the medieval-Renaissance alchemists and Illuminati.

No specific sixth circuit chemical is yet available, but strong psychedelics like mescaline (from my 1962-63 “sacred cactus,” peyotl) and psilocybin (from the Mexican “magic mushroom,” teonactl) open the nervous system to a mixed-media series of circuit V and circuit VI channels. This is appropriately called “tripping,” as distinguished from straight-forward fifth circuit “turning on” or “getting high.”

The suppression of scientific research in this area has had the unfortunate result of turning the outlaw drug culture back toward fifth circuit hedonics and pre-scientific tunnel-realities (the occult revival, solipsism, Pop Orientalism). Without scientific discipline and methodology, few can successfully decode the often-frightening (but philosophically crucial) sixth circuit metaprogramming signals. Such scientists as do continue to study this subject dare not publish their results (which are illegal) and record ever-wider tunnel-realities only in private conversations–like the scholars of the Inquisitorial era. (Voltaire announced the Age of Reason two centuries too soon. We are still in the Dark Ages.) Most underground alchemists have given up on such challenging and risky self-work and restrict their trips to fifth circuit erotic tunnels.

The evolutionary function of the sixth circuit is to enable us to communicate at Einsteinian relativities and neuro-electric accelerations, not using third circuit laryngeal-manual symbols but directly via feedback, telepathy and computer link-up. Neuro-electric signals will increasingly replace “speech” (hominid grunts) after space migration.

When humans have climbed out of the atmosphere-gravity well of planetary life, accelerated sixth circuit contelligence will make possible high-energy communication with “Higher Intelligences,” i.e., ourselves-in-the-future and other post-terrestrial races.

It is charmingly simple and obvious, once we realize that the spaced-out neural experiences really are extraterrestrial, that getting high and spacing out are accurate metaphors. Circuit V neurosomatic rapture is preparation for the next step in our evolution, migration off the planet. Circuit VI is preparation for the step after that, interspecies communication with advanced entities possessing electronic (post-verbal) tunnel-realities.

Circuit VI is the “universal translator” often imagined by science-fiction writers, already built into our brains by the DNA tape. Just as the circuits of the future butterfly are already built into the caterpillar.

VII. The Neurogenetic System

The seventh brain kicks into action when the nervous system begins to receive signals from within the individual neuron, from the DNA-RNA dialogue. The first to achieve this mutation spoke of “memories of past lives,” “reincarnation,” “immortality,” etc. That these adepts were recording something real is indicated by the fact that many of them (especially Hindu and Sufis) gave marvelously accurately poetic vistas of evolution 1,000 or 2,000 years before Darwin, and foresaw Superhumanity before Nietzsche.

The “akashic records” of Theosophy, the “collective unconscious” of Jung, the “phylogenetic unconscious” of Grof and Ring, are three modern metaphors for this circuit. The visions of past and future evolution described by those who have had “out-of-body” experiences during close-to-death episodes also describes the trans-time circuit VII tunnel-reality.

Specific exercises to trigger circuit VII are not to be found in yogic teaching; it usually happens, if at all, after several years of the kind of advanced rajah yoga that develops circuit VI facility.

The specific circuit VII neurotransmitter is, of course LSD. (Peyote and psilocybin produce some circuit VII experiences also.)

Circuit VII is best considered, in terms of 1977 science, as the genetic archives, activated by anti-histone proteins. The DNA memory coiling back to the dawn of life. A sense of the inevitability of immortality and interspecies symbiosis comes to all circuit VII mutants; we now see that this, also, is an evolutionary forecast, since we stand right now on the doorstep of extended longevity leading to immortality.

The exact role of the right-lobe circuits and the reason for their activation in the 1960s cultural revolution now becomes clear. As sociologist F.M. Esfandiary writes in Upwingers, “Today when we speak of immortality and of going to another world we no longer mean these in a theological or metaphysical sense. People are now traveling to other worlds. People are now striving for immortality. Transcendence is no longer a metaphysical concept. It has become reality.”

The evolutionary function of the seventh circuit and its evolutionary, aeon-spanning tunnel-reality is to prepare us for conscious immortality and interspecies symbiosis.

VIII. The Neuro-Atomic System

Hold on to your hats and breathe deeply–this is the farthest-out that human intelligence has yet ventured.

Consciousness probably precedes the biological unit or DNA tape-loop. “Out-of-body experiences,” “astral projection,” contact with alien (extraterrestrial?) “entities” or with a galactic Overmind, etc., such as I’ve experienced, have all been reported for thousands of years, not merely by the ignorant, the superstitious, the gullible, but often by the finest minds among us (Socrates, Giordano Bruno, Edison, Buckminster Fuller, etc.). Such experiences are reported daily to parapsychologists and have been experienced by such scientists as Dr. John Lilly and Carlos Castaneda. Dr. Kenneth Ring has attributed these phenomena to what he calls, very appropriately, “the extraterrestrial unconscious.”

Dr. Leary suggests that circuit VIII is literally neuro-atomic–infra, supra and meta-physiological–a quantum model of consciousness and/or a conscious model of quantum mechanics by the turned-on physicists discussed previously (Prof. John Archibald Wheeler, Saul-Paul Sirag, Dr. Fritjof Capra, Dr. Jack Sarfatti, etc.) indicates strongly that the “atomic consciousness” first suggested by Leary in “The Seven Tongues of God” (1962) is the explanatory link which will unite parapsychology and paraphysics into the first scientific empirical experimental theology in history.

When the nervous system is turned on to this quantum-level circuit, space-time is obliterated. Einstein’s speed-of-light barrier is transcended; in Dr. Sarfatti’s metaphor, we escape “electromagnetic chauvinism.” The contelligence within the quantum projection booth IS the entire cosmic “brain,” just as the micro-miniaturized DNA helix IS the local brain guiding planetary evolution. As Lao-tse said from his own Circuit VIII perspective, “The greatest is within the smallest.”

Circuit VIII is triggered by Ketamine, a neuro-chemical researched by Dr. John Lilly, which is also (according to a wide-spread but unconfirmed rumor) given to astronauts to prepare them for space. High doses of LSD also produce some circuit VIII quantum awareness.

This neuro-atomic contelligence is four mutations beyond terrestrial domesticity. (The current ideological struggle is between circuit IV tribal moralists-or-collectivists and circuit V hedonic individualists.) When our need for higher intelligence, richer involvement in the cosmic script, further transcendence, will no longer be satisfied by physical bodies, not even by immortal bodies hopping across space-time at Warp 9, circuit VIII will open a further frontier. New universes and realities. “Beyond theology: the science and art of Godmanship,” as Alan Watts once wrote.

It is therefore possible that the mysterious “entities” (angels and extraterrestrials) monotonously reported by circuit VIII visionaries are members or races already evolved to this level. But it is also possible, as Leary and Sarfatti more recently suggest, that They are ourselves-in-the-future.

The left-lobe terrestrial circuits contain the learned lessons of our evolutionary past (and present). The right-lobe extraterrestrial circuits are the evolutionary script for out future.

Thus far, there have been two alternative explanations of why the Drug Revolution happened. The first is presented in a sophisticated way by anthropologist Weston LaBarre, and in an ignorant, moralistic way by most anti-drug propaganda in the schools and mass media. This explanation says, in essence, that millions have turned away from the legal down drugs to illegal high drugs because we are living in troubled times and many are seeking escape into fantasy.

This theory, at its best, only partially explains the ugliest and most publicized aspect of the revolution–the reckless drug abuse characteristic of the immature. It says nothing about the millions of respectable doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., who have turned away from second circuit intoxication with booze to fifth circuit rapture with weed.

Nor does it account at all for the thoughtful, philosophical sixth circuit investigations of persons of high intelligence and deep sensibility, such as Aldous Huxley, Dr. Stanley Grof, Masters-Houston, Alan W. Watts, Carlos Castaneda, Dr. John Lilly and thousands of scientific and lay researchers on consciousness.

A more plausible theory, devised by psychiatrist Norman Zinberg out of the work of Marshall McLuhan, holds that modern electronic media have so shifted the nervous system’s parameters that young people no longer enjoy “linear” drugs like alcohol and find meaning only in “non-linear” weed and psychedelics.

This is certainly part of the truth, but it is too narrow and overstresses TV and computers without sufficiently stressing the general technological picture–the ongoing Science-Fiction Revolution of which the most significant aspects are Space Migration, Increased Intelligence and Life Extension, which Leary has condensed into his SMI²LE formula.

Space Migration plus Increased Intelligence plus Life Extension means expansion of humanity into all space-time. SM + I² + LE = infinity.

Without totally endorsing Charles Fort’s technological mysticism (“It steam-engines when it comes steam-engine time”), it is obvious that the DNA metaprogram for planetary evolution is far wiser than any of our individual nervous systems–which are, in a sense, giant robots or sensors for DNA. Early science-fiction of brilliant writers like Stapledon, Clarke, Heinlein; Kubrick’s 2001–all were increasingly clear DNA signals transmitted through the intuitive right lobe of sensitive artists, preparing us for the extraterrestrial mutation.

It is scarcely coincidental that mainstream “literary” intellectuals–the heir of the Platonic-aristocratic tradition that a gentleman never uses his hands, monkeys with tools or learns a manual craft–despise both science-fiction and the dope culture. Nor is it coincidental that the Whole Earth Catalogs – created by Stewart Brand, a graduate of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters–are the New Testament of the rural drop-out culture, each issue bulging with tons of eco-technological information about all the manual, dextrous, gadgety know-how that Plato and his heirs consider fit only for slaves. Not surprisingly, Brand’s latest publication, Co-Evolution Quarterly, has been devoted to publicizing Prof. Gerard O’Neill’s space-habitat, L5.

Nor is it an accident that dopers seem to prefer science-fiction to any other reading, even including the extraterrestrial-flavored Hindu scriptures and occult-shamanic circuit VI-VIII trip-poets like Crowley and Hesse.

The circuit VI drugs may have contributed much to the metaprogramming consciousness that has led to sudden awareness of “male chauvinism” (women’s liberationists), “species chauvinism” (ecology, Lilly’s dolphin studies), “type-G star chauvinism” (Carl Sagan), even “oxygen chauvinism” (the CETI conference), etc. The imprinted tunnel-realities which identify one as “white-male-American-earthian” etc. or “black-female-Cuban” etc. are no longer big enough to enclose our exploding contelligence.

As Time magazine said on November 26, 1973, “Within ten years, according to pharmacologists, they will have perfected pills and cranial electrodes of providing life-long bliss for everyone on Earth.” The 1960s hysteria about weed and acid was just the overture to this fifth circuit break-through. Nathan S. Kline, M.D., predicts real aphrodisiacs, drugs to speed up learning, drugs to foster or terminate any behavior. … Those who were jailed or beaten by cops in the 1960s were forerunners of the Revolution of Inner Technology.

Star Trek is a better guide to the emerging reality than anything in the New York Review of Books. The life-support and defense-system engineer, Scotty (circuit I), the emotional-sentimental Dr. McCoy (circuit II), the logical science officer Mr. Spock (circuit III) and the alternately paternalistic and romantic Captain Kirk (circuit IV) are perpetually voyaging through our future neurological history and encountering circuit V, VI, VII, and VIII intelligences, however crudely presented.

In short, the various levels of consciousness and circuits we have been discussing, and illustrating, are all biochemical imprints in the evolution of the nervous system. Each imprint creates a bigger tunnel-reality. In the Sufi metaphor, the donkey on the which we ride becomes a different donkey after each imprint. The metaprogrammer continually learns more and is increasingly able to be aware of itself operating. We are thus evolving to intelligence-studying-intelligence (the nervous system studying the nervous system) and are more and more capable of accelerating our own evolution.

Copyright: Robert Anton Wilson

The eight circuits explicated by Leary are:

1. The Bio-survival Circuit is concerned with the earliest modes of survival and the basic separation of objects into either harmful or safe. This circuit is said to have first appeared in the earliest evolution of the invertebrate brain. It is the first to be activated in an infant’s mind. Leary says this circuit is stimulated by opioid drugs. This circuit introduces a one-dimensional perception: forward and backward (i.e., forward towards food, nourishment and that which is trusted as safe, and backwards — away from danger and predators; Also called the “Oral Bio-Survival Circuit” by Robert Anton Wilson in reference to the oral stage of human development from Freudian Psychology).

2. The Emotional Circuit is concerned with raw emotion and the separation of behavior into submissive and dominant. This circuit appeared first in vertebrate animals. In humans, it is activated when the child learns to walk. Leary associates this circuit with alcohol. This circuit introduces a second dimension, up-down, linked with territorial politics and tribal power games (up, as in swelling ones body in size to represent dominance, and down, as in the cowering, tail-between-the-legs submissive stance; called by Robert Anton Wilson the “Anal Emotional Territorial Circuit” in reference to the anal stage of human development from Freudian Psychology).

3. The Symbolic Circuit is concerned with logic and symbolic thought. Leary said this circuit first appeared when hominids started differentiating from the rest of the primates. Leary believed this circuit is stimulated by caffeine, cocaine, and other stimulants. This circuit introduces the third dimension, left and right, related to the development of dexterous movement and handling “artifacts”. (Also called by Leary The Dexterity-Symbolism Circuit; called by Robert Anton Wilson the Semantic Circuit.)

4. The Domestic Circuit. This circuit is concerned with operating within social networks and the transmission of culture across time. This circuit is said to have first appeared with the development of tribes. This fourth circuit deals with moral-social/sexual tribal rules passed through generations and is the introduction to the fourth dimension — time. (Also called by Leary and Wilson the Socio-Sexual Circuit). Leary never associated a drug with this circuit, though some have hypothesized that Oxytocin (released during and after childbirth) or MDMA might activate this circuit. Additionally, endorphins and other psychoactive substances produced by the body itself during social interaction can be connected to this circuit. The lack of knowledge about the cause and mechanism of these chemicals, as well as lack of a method to stimulating their production, would explain their non-mention in his works.

5. The Neurosomatic Circuit is the first of the right-brain, “higher” circuits which are usually inactive in most humans. It allows one to see things in multi-dimensional space instead of the 4 dimensions of Euclidean space-time, and is there to aid in the future exploration of outer space. It is said to have first appeared with the development of leisure-class civilizations around 2000 BC. It is associated with hedonism and eroticism. Leary says this circuit is stimulated by cannabis and tantric yoga, or simply by experiencing the sensation of free fall at the right time.

6. The Neuroelectric Circuit is concerned with the mind becoming aware of itself independent of the patterns imprinted by the previous five circuits. It is also called “metaprogramming” or “consciousness of abstracting”. Leary says this circuit enables telepathic communication, and that this circuit is impossible to explain to those who have only left-brain activity and is difficult to explain to those with active fifth circuits. It is said to have appeared in 500 BC, in connection with the Silk Road. Leary associates this circuit with peyote and psilocybin. (Robert Anton Wilson called this circuit The Metaprogramming Circuit, and places it 7th in the hierarchy.)

7. The Neurogenetic Circuit allows access to the genetic memory contained in DNA. It is connected to memories of past lives, the Akashic Records, and the collective unconscious, and allows for essential immortality in humans. This circuit first appeared among Hindu groups in the early first millennium and later reappeared in Sufi sects at the end of the first millennium (ca. 9th century). This circuit is stimulated by LSD, and Raja Yoga. (Robert Anton Wilson called this circuit The Morphogenetic Circuit.)

8. The Psycho-atomic Circuit allows access to the intergalactic consciousness that predates life in the universe (characterized as the Godhead, the Overmind or aliens), and lets humans operate outside of space-time and the constraints of relativity. It tunes the brain into the non-local quantum communication system suggested by physicists such as Bohm, Walker, Sarfatti, Bell, etc. Israel Regardie compared this to the Buddhist concept of Indra’s Net. This circuit is associated with Ketamine and DMT by Leary. While Wilson agreed Ketamine was associated with this circuit, he also believed very strong doses of LSD could unlock it. (Called also by Leary The Neuro-Atomic Circuit or The Metaphysiological Circuit, Robert Anton Wilson called this circuit The Non-Local Quantum Circuit.)

Leary claims that this model explained, among other things, the social conflict in the 1960s, where the mainstream, said to be those with circuit 4 active and characterized as tribal moralists by Leary, clashed with the counter-culturists, said to be those with circuit 5 active and characterized as individualists and hedonists.

Leary’s book on the subject was called Exo-Psychology, and has been republished with additional material in recent years under the title Info-Psychology.

(New Falcon Publishing)

Day 77

Everything going good. Have reduced pranayama from four times daily to a more manageable twice. Slow steady growth is the basic law of nature and all that.

Stopped the pranayama for an entire week. Was getting headaches which i feel may have been the result of too much chi accumulating in the dome, due mainly to pulling in  chi during the sense withdrawal part of my sit. Back on track now though.

Have taken up boxing. Am finding it really great. A strong yang to the yin of yoga. Have been working out a lot and raising my fitness levels.

All in all life is going very well. I thank God and the Goddess daily for my blessings. At the start of my sit i feel thanks and gratitude to God and the universe and feel energy coming in through my crown down my spine to my sacrum. I feel gratitude and thanks to the Goddess and mother earth, and feel energy rush up my spine to my crown. These two forces unleash pleasurable rushes throughout my spinal column.

Gosh it is great to be alive!