Mixing Ayahuasca and mushrooms.

Further experiments with the psycho-audible warp phenomenon yesterday raise some interesting new questions and enhance our ongoing understanding. I chose the term “audible warp ” because my experience thus far, coupled with what I have been told, leads me to believe that this all has to do with vocally generating a specific kind of energy field which can rupture three dimensional space. I do not understand if the field is electromagnetic, but it seems to bend space in such a way as to turn it upon itself through a higher dimension. Here is how it is done: One must take enough psilocybin to allow the sound to be audible. This sound we understand to be the Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) of the psilocybin alkaloids within the mushroom. The presence of rapidly metabolizing high-energy tryptamines within the ayahuasca acts as an antenna that sensitizes the neural matrix to the spin resonance energy of the Stropharia psilocybin. It is this principle that allows the signal to be made audible. It must then be amplified via the tryptamine admixture antenna to what is felt to be its fullest amplitude. Then, via vocal sound, this energy is placed into the harmine complex within the body and within the mushroom which has been, in some small part, cooled to absolute zero—the temperature at which molecular vibration ceases, through absorption of the psilocybin ESR pulses. Once this ESR wave has been detected, it will be possible to amplify it within the neural circuits by channeling it through the harmine complex: i.e., by imitating the psilocybin ESR with the voice, causing the amplified sound to strike a harmonic tone with the harmine metabolizing in the brain and thereby exciting the harmine ESR. Since harmine complexes are merely further down the same bio-synthetic pathway that converts tryptophane into psilocybin, it is possible to consider the ESR tone of psilocybin as a harmonic overtone of harmine and vice versa. Using harmonic overtones, it is possible to sound a tone which will cancel one or more of its octaves reflected in the harmonic scales above and below it. This is easily demonstrated on a cello: Suppose a tone, say the open string A, is sounded. The sound is a wave-vibration of air molecules caused by the string, which then acts as a resonator. The tone is heard mostly loudly in the key in which it was sounded, but it also sounds every other key of “A ” in the octaves above and below it. It is possible to cancel out the original tone by touching the string very lightly at certain harmonic points. When this is done, the overtones in the higher and lower registers become audible. If one understands the theory of harmonic resonators well enough, one can determine which overtones will be resonated if certain points on the string are touched. When this understanding is applied to molecular ESR res-onation, it remains essentially the same in principle. When the ESR tone of the psilocybin is heard via tryptamine antenna, it will strike a harmonic tone in the harmine complexes being metabolized within the system, causing its ESR to begin to resonate at a higher level. According to the principles of tonal physics, this will automatically cancel out the original tone, i.e., the psilocybin ESR, and cause the molecule to cease to vibrate; however, the ESR tone that sustains the molecular coherency is carried for a microsecond on the overtonal ESR of the harmine complex. This leaves the momentarily electrically canceled and superconductive psilocybin suspended in a low energy electromagnetic field generated by the harmine ESR. In so doing, it will regain its original, but now superconductivity amplified, ESR signal, which will permanently lock it into a superconductive state. As this phenomenon proceeds, it will automatically trigger the inverse of the initial process. The psilocybin, superconductively charged by mind, will harmonically cancel the ESR resonance of the harmine within the brain. The energy of the harmine-psilocybin complex ESR will be absorbed instantly into the matrix of the mushroom. This will cause those molecules metabolizing within the body and bonded to the neural DNA to instantly drop to absolute zero. Clearly this harmine-psilocybin-DNA complex must immediately separate itself from the cellular matrix. There is great danger at this moment, but pathways exist to deal with it. We will find that these molecules condense out of our bodies accompanied by a sound. This sound will be the harmonic ESR tone of this complex amplified superconductively and broadcast and frozen into the superconductive matrix of the mushroom. The superconductively charged psilocybin acts as an antenna which picks up the amplified ESR signals of the complex and condenses vibrational signals into a superconductive matrix. The opus can now be briefly summarized: • The mushroom must be taken and heard. • The ayahuasca must be taken and charged with overtonal ESR of the psilocybin via voice-imparted, amplified sound. • The ESR resonance of the psilocybin in the mushrooms will be canceled and will drop into a superconducting state; a small portion of the physical matter of the mushroom will be obliterated. • The superconductively charged psilocybin will pick up the ESR harmonic of the ayahuasca complex; this energy will be instantly and completely absorbed by the higher-dimensional tryp-tamine template. It will be transferred to the mushroom as vocal sound and condensed onto the psilocybin as a bonded complex of superconductive harmine-psilocybin-DNA. • The result will be a molecular aggregate of hyperdimen-sional, superconducting matter that receives and sends messages transmitted by thought, that stores and retrieves information in a holographic fashion in neural DNA, and that depends on superconductive harmine as a transducer energy source and superconductive RNA as a temporal matrix. This aggregate will be a living and functioning part of the brain of the molecular “singer” who creates it. It will be composed of higher dimensional matter, i.e., matter that has been turned through the higher dimension via the process of canceling its electrical charge with a harmonic vibration, transmitting that vibration across space (from superconductive transmitter to superconductive receiver), and then recondensing that vibration onto a superconductive template (the charged psilocybin in the mushroom), until the harmine-psilocybin-DNA complex condenses into a superconducting molecule. A molecule that is higher dimensional matter would, by this theory, be stable as long as it remains in a superconducting configuration, probably forever, since it is powered by its own ESR energy. It will then be responsive to command via endogenous tryptamine ESR (thoughts), it will be keyed into our collective DNA, and it will contain harmine as a superconductive transceiver and power source. Talk about a steep learning curve! I had never heard my little brother carry on so. To the extent that I grasped what Dennis was saying, he thought, and it seemed a magnificent thought to me, that the body is like an undiscovered musical and scientific instrument whose potential lies all around and within us, but of which we are unaware. He said that the mind, through an act of will, could use the singing voice to interact with the brain as though it were a color organ and holographic library all wrapped up into one. Dennis pointed the way toward a kind of Orphic science where the great advances would be made by using only the interaction of the quarternity of singing voice, mind, brain, and imagination. More, however, than a chant-induced, collective synesthesia was promised. He was saying that the laws of acoustics and low amperage bioelectrical phenomena, and our bodies, could be manipulated to give the experimenter a doorway into exploring states of matter and realms of physics involving high energy and low temperature that are, currently at least, supposed to be the exclusive province of researchers totally dependent on extremely sophisticated and powerful instruments. It became possible for a moment to dream that the powers of shamanism, derived from a millennium-old knowledge of microphysics and bioelectronics, was far in advance of our own. The doorway that seemed to swing open was a doorway out of historical time, back toward some sort of archaic completion nearly forgotten. Perhaps the shamanic traditions of this planet are the keepers of an understanding that uses the human body/brain/mind as its vehicle, leaving the present state of the art, which our own “scientific method” has achieved, a very poor second. This is really an old idea—the siren song of Pythagoras—that the mind is more powerful than any imaginable particle accelerator, more sensitive than any radio receiver or the largest optical telescope, more complete in its grasp of information than any computer: that the human body— its organs, its voice, its power of locomotion, and its imagination— is a more-than-sufficient means for the exploration of any place, time, or energy level in the universe. It was this idea that Dennis would set out to prove, to realize in the actual hardware of the dimension-roving lenticular vehicle that he was convinced could be generated out of his own DNA and living organisms present at hand in the Amazonian environment—the mushroom and the ayahuasca.

From: True Hallucinations by Terence Mckenna.


Day 7 – another day of rest!

Yep it’s true, my body again insisted on resting. I have an ache in my neck which warrants rest, I may have over done my head stand recently. Still pressing on with the pranayama however. Spent last night avidly reading up on Samadhi or Concentration. Kriyanandas excellent descriptions of the 9 stages of Samadhi leading up to Kaivalya, God-Consciousness, makes for an engrossing read. Every time I go through this section I understand a little more but much manages to evade my grasp of understanding. Topics do not come much deeper.

I managed to iron out some of my own misunderstandings concerning Samadhi, as I kind of saw it as a state you attained to be in, rather than a process to be gone through. With this subtle information and much more I delved into Concentration with vigour. It is difficult to explain the process but I shall give it a go.

Ajna Chakra

Starting with sense withdrawal, I would pull my senses inwards and hold them towards the inner world until they settled down and got used to it. When I had got comfortable inside, I would then concentrate my mind upon visualising a golden ring at the ajna chakra. I would spin the ring, hold it still, zoom into a closeup of it or simply hold it steady, the idea behind the process being to hold the mind to one pointed attention and not allow it to wander. I found if I visualised myself from the side visualising the ring, the process got easer. This way I was not simply visualising the ring but visualising myself visualising the ring. Confused? It gets worse.

After holding the mind to a one pointed attention for a while I then kept the level of attention but allowed the ring object to subtly transform into a feeling of unselfish love. This is the stage where concentration morphs into meditation. Holding a feeling of unselfish love really intensely seems to release a flood of feel good brain chemicals. This level of intensity I could not hold for too long, so, as it starts to fade I would let the feeling state morph into a nothingness. Holding the nothingness with one pointed attention allows a much deeper level of internment. I am aware of my vision gazing at ajna but little else except a whole body consciousness of swirling, enmeshing energies that seem quantum in scale and movement. Holding to this state of nothingness without allowing any thought to rise is what I understand to be the main goal, process wise, of Yoga. Once you know the process it’s simply a matter of practice, practice, practice.

I find I can go into Samadhi much easier lying down rather than in a sitting posture. Maybe because my leg is still healing from a biking fall and pains me when I sit for more than 20 minutes. Hopefully as the leg heals I will be able to sit for longer. Today I started by going into a total relaxation, first body, then mind, then morphed through the different stages outlined above. I hovered around the breakthrough threshold for a while in deep Samadhic trance. The deeper I got it was as though I subtly broke through dark veils of consciousness. The longer one can hold the one pointed nothingness without thought arising the deeper into the state one falls. Imagine Alice falling down the rabbit hole, but if she thinks, she stops falling and returns to the surface.

What is down the Rabbit hole?the light of energy


Tha Causal realm.

What is the difference between the astral realm and the Causal realm?

It seems to me the astral realm is the deep levels of the mind, including Jung’s collective unconscious, archetypes and even past life memories.

The Causal realm is other. It is other than human mind in this earthly realm.

This is my current limited understanding on the topic. I hope I will understand more through direct experience of Samadhic states.

Wish me luck!