Day 67 – The shock doctrine.

Naomi Klein‘s wonderful book, The shock doctrine, is a must read for anyone interested in the economic trend we are seeing at the moment, in Greece, Spain and Ireland.

Watching Bob Dylan sing Maggie’s farm; it struck me the similarities between the civil rights movement in America and the social unrest we are seeing in many cities presently.

Previously people were protesting against racism, now we are faced with an equally divisive problem, greed.

We need to reclaim our governments for the good of the people, as we are seeing across south America in the economic revolution started by Hugo Chavez.

Corrupt politicians can walk out of office into the waiting open arms of big business and look forward to a life of luxury earned from cushy speeches to large multi nationals who benefitted from the said politicians policies.

This corruption needs to change.

We need to hold politicians responsible for their actions after parliament.

We need future politicians from middle and working class backgrounds who stand up for the people.

This is not just mere idealism. This can work.

Oliver Stones Excellent documentary, South of the border,  shows what can be done.We need to grow some Kahunas and stop working for these big companies.

“I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more.”

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