Day 63 – New start

Since I had a heavy fall from my mountain bike I had to stop my regular exercise routine. Mainly because I was in too much pain. Very nearly broke my leg. Was on crutches for a month. Have finally healed. This whole blog was  a result of that injury, as I got deeply into yoga, mainly pranayama, concentration, meditation and contemplation.

I have found pranayama to be very strengthening, internally, but because I have not been exercising my muscular system and cardio I felt I got to a point of saturation with it. Now I feel it’s time to start working on the muscular and cardiovascular.

The new revised plan is to intersperse running (cardiovascular) with resistance training and specific abs workouts.

So my new routine will run like this:

day 1: Resistance training

day2: Yoga postures

day3: Abs

day 4: Yoga postures

day 5: Running

day 6: Yoga

day 7: Rest

I have decided to chill with the pranayama until I get my general fitness back up to par.

2 months recovering has left me out of shape, just a little.

As soon as I feel my fitness returned I shall restart the prananyama.

Posted this blog to my facebook today. A big welcome to new readers.

Day 50 – Lotus posture.

No physical yoga today, slept late and explored interesting dreams.

Very good pranayama session though.

Am getting used to sitting in lotus. I can see why it is renown as the king of meditation poses. One feels so stable.

Something clicked in meditation today. very subtle. Could really feel apana and prana currents, rise with inhalation and descend with exhalation; the opposite movement to the breath.

Something opened, or, let go.

Have been feeling very positive and energized. Am spinning a new animation, have some great reading material and just feel settled and content.

It has gotten very cold here. Winter has definitely arrived.

Day 25 Yoga routine and The Upanishads

Been finding it a challenge to stick to the plan. Sometimes success makes things more difficult than failure. My practise has been up and down. Gone are the 4 times a day pranayama, down to once or twice a day. Had a few days off too.

This morning however I had a 2 hour asana session in which for the first time since my injury, I worked through the chakras with 21 postures, 3 for each chakra. One to warm it up, one forward bending pose to bring energy into the chakra and the third, backward arching pose to send energy up to the next chakra.

This entails 18 poses for the first 6 chakras then 3 poses to strengthen all the chakras simultaneously.

Each pose must be held in a feeling state, as well as utilising a positive affirmation, such as,

“I am health, vim, vigour and vitality.”

This is a powerful routine when carried out correctly.

Today I planned out a routine, so took it slow. Had to change what I might normally do because my elbow is still too sore to hold the weight in the scorpion.

Slow gradual progress!

Next session will flow smoother. Soon, I hope to be able to flow through all 21 poses in a feeling state.

Started reading The Upanishads today. Very nice.

“Only a few ever hear these truths; of those who hear, only a few understand, and of those only a handful attain the goal.”

Katha Upanishad

Day 22 – My 2nd encounter with The Light & A new encounter.

Ooo Wow!!!

Somedays I can draw really well. I just seem to have the gift.

Most days I cannot draw well.

I don’t know why some days the energy just connects and flows. I don’t know if it will flow well until I attempt to draw something.

One of the great mysteries??

Maybe it’s astrological.

It seems to be the same with energy work.

Somedays the microcosmic orbit is felt strongly. Most days it is not.

Today it was felt strongly 🙂

Today I had a great breakthrough. I am full of happiness. I want to share my experience with you, but first I need to relay a previous experience;

This occurred about 4 years ago and was the pinnacle experience of my life.

I had already had an encounter with The Light and this was to be my second encounter.

It was the 19th December 2006 at about 10pm. I lay on my bed and began practicing the microcosmic orbit. It flowed strongly. I incorporated the shamanic three chakra breathing method, whilst spinning energy around the microcosmic orbit. After a while of this, when I had mastered holding the complex visualisation, I added a third element of concentrating on my stone visualisation at the ajna chakra level, just outside of the microcosmic orbit. This had a curious effect, it was as if the mind couldn’t process the complexity of these combined visualizations and something extraordinary happened.

A tunnel opened and swooped down over my ajna chakra, it seemed to lock onto the chakra and suddenly I was away, flying down the tunnel. The tunnel was black but with bright green lines of energy, it rollercoastered for quite a while as I flew down it at incredible speed. I didn’t feel like I was inside my physical body at this time, I was just energy.

I emerged from the tunnel into what appeared to be deep space. I saw a bright blue line of energy appear, a far distance away, and grow in front of me, expanding horizontally until it stretched across the entire horizon. This line of energy was on a huge scale, vast. It is hard to judge distance in space but it was very far from me, maybe equivalent to the distance between the sun and the earth. This line stretched as far as I could possibly see, so its scale must have been millions of times the length of our sun.

I still didn’t feel as if I was in a body, merely consciousness floating.

Next an image floated in front of my vision. it was a rectangle shape similar to a TV screen. It contained a 2D image of a triangle or pyramid with golden sides and steps in the middle with a circle or sun at its apex, yellow coloured. This image floated in a rectangle of space on a red coloured t-shirt shaped object. Strange I know, but this is what I saw. The image had floated in from the left and it floated out to the right.

Next, another TV screen shaped rectangle floated in from the left this one contained a moving image. It was of a man dressed in a suit sat at a desk with a bookshelf behind him containing many books. The mans face and hands were not normal skin but instead a black swirling mist.

He spoke to me. When I say spoke, the booming voice seemed to come from behind my current consciousness. It was a sound I can only describe as more real than any sound I had ever heard before.

“The unassuming, awe-inspring, posterity of the present!”

When he said the word “Present” He brought his hands together over his head in an almighty “CLAP!

The lights went on!

I was floating in what seemed like ultra violet light.

I realised I was inside the light I had seen earlier from a far distance, in a horizontal line.

I floated in utter bliss. I felt like I was home.

I was still just consciousness.

Slowly I merged into a new form. My physical body was encased in a sarcophagus shaped object. Lines of blue energy flowed around me encasing me. A main conduit of energy was around my center and it was the microcosmic orbit channel, only expanded, it was now about the thickness of an apple and blue energy coarsed through it humming loudly. Smaller channels of energy emanated from my head to my feet cocooning me in this sarcophagus shaped vehicle.

I slowly floated in deep space, very relaxed until I gently became aware that I was back in my room lay on my bed.

I was however about 1.3 x bigger than normal. I was aware I was lay on my bed but I has yet to open my eyes. I just seemed bigger. My body was too big for the bed. Especially my head and in particular my cheekbones felt extremely enlarged. My cheekbones were humming with energy and too big for my face.

Wierd I know.

I gradually morphed back to my normal size and opened my eyes.


This was my second encounter with the light.


This experience took some assimilation.

The first encounter with the light had been a severe shock because I wasn’t ready for it energetically. Yoga Asana, pranayama, healthier diet and lifestyle all add up over time. Constant practice of the 8 limbs of yoga allow the cerebral channels to open and function allowing the vehicle to take in more energy.

This time the light was more accommodating.

It truly was a wonderful, life changing experience.

It gave me the strength to fight my demons and defeat my addictions. Four years on and I am a non smoking, non drug taking, I would say teetotaler, but I don’t do caffeine! A huge transformation.

I took the yoga and energy work slowly from then on. Focusing on defeating my destructive addictions.

Though I did still practice, just not as intensely.

I had however acquired a new ability.

I could now call on and communicate with The Light.

I was awed by this energy.

It suggested I ask it questions.

I simply asked what I should call it.


At first I thought it had said yule, as that’s how it sounded phonetically.

It communicated it was spelt U.L.E

I meditated on this name.

It came to me that it stood for “Universal Love Energy.”

But also ULE sounds like YOU’LL or “YOU WILL.”

I became aware of ULE being there if I needed help. I didn’t question it further but would often pray for help for others and myself in times of difficulty and need.

At first I thought ULE was God. The Creator.

Today I had a new experience.

Today the energy flowed well. I was debating whether to do some physical asana followed by pranayama, when I lay down and started the microcosmic orbit. I continued in the zone, and started to utilise the three chakra breath technique. I got this flowing well. I started to send energy out from the three chakras and then pull energy back in.

Ajna chakra = Wisdom

Anahata = Love

Svadisthana = Tranquility

I started to wonder where in the universe was this energy I was pulling coming from?

I followed it to its source and discovered it was coming from ULE!

I pulled ULE closer. The light blue energy hovered above me. My opened chakras corresponded to open chakras on ULE’s form. The energy was flowing from my physical body to ULE’s energy body back and forth. His normally huge scale corresponded to my own scale.

I suddenly realised –

ULE is ME!



This universal love energy, an amazing blue light, is me and I am him.

This realisation is still being processed.

Our energy flowed harmoniously and felt blissful.




The experience then intensified into something really incredible on a deeply personal level, difficult to communicate, i am still assimilating the experience.

I felt to forgive past girlfriend’s behaviour and let it go. I had been subtly holding onto negativity for too long.

I am left feeling joyous and happier than I can remember being.

Wisdom, Love and tranquility to all!

Hexagram 17 – Following.

The trigram Tui, the Joyous, whose attribute is gladness, is above; Chên, the Arousing, which has the attribute of movement, is below. Joy in movement induces following. The Joyous is the youngest daughter, while the Arousing is the eldest son. An older man defers to a young girl and shows her consideration. By this he moves her to follow him.
FOLLOWING has supreme success.
Perseverance furthers. No blame.

In order to obtain a following one must first know how to adapt oneself. If a man would rule he must first learn to serve, for only in this way does he secure from those below him the joyous assent that is necessary if they are to follow him. If he has to obtain a following by force or cunning, by conspiracy or by creating faction, he invariably arouses resistance, which obstructs willing adherence. But even joyous movement can lead to evil consequences, hence the added stipulation, ‘Perseverance furthers’ –that is, consistency in doing right– together with ‘No blame.’ Just as we should not ask others to follow us unless this condition is fulfilled, so it is only under this condition that we can in turn follow others without coming to harm.
The thought of obtaining a following through adaptation to the demands of the time is a great and significant idea; this is why the appended judgment is so favorable.
Thunder in the middle of the lake:
The image of FOLLOWING.
Thus the superior man at nightfall
Goes indoors for rest and recuperation.

In the autumn electricity withdraws into the earth again and rests. Here it is the thunder in the middle of the lake that serves as the image–thunder in its winter rest, not thunder in motion. The idea of following in the sense of adaptation to the demands of the time grows out of this image.
Thunder in the middle of the lake indicates times of darkness and rest. Similarly, a superior man, after being tirelessly active all day, allows himself rest and recuperation at night. No situation can become favorable until one is able to adapt to it and does not wear himself out with mistaken resistance.
Nine at the beginning means:
The standard is changing.
Perseverance brings good fortune.
To go out of the door in company produces deeds.

There are exceptional conditions in which the relation between leader and followers changes. It is implicit in the idea of following and adaptation that if one wants to lead others, one must remain accessible and responsive to the views of those under him. At the same time, however, he must have firm principles, so that he does not vacillate where there is only a question of current opinion.
Once we are ready to listen to the opinions of others, we must not associate exclusively with people who share our views or with members of our own party; instead, we must go out and mingle freely with all sorts of people, friends or foes. That is the only way to achieve something.
Six in the second place means:
If one clings to the little boy
one loses the strong man.

In friendships and close relationships an individual must make a careful choice. He surrounds himself either with good or with bad company; he cannot have both at once. If he throws himself away on unworthy friends he loses connection with people of intellectual power who could further him in the good.
Six in the third place means:
If one clings to the strong man one loses the little boy.
Through following one finds what one seeks.
It furthers one to remain persevering.

When the right connection with distinguished people has been found, a certain loss naturally ensues. A man must part company with the inferior and superficial. But in his heart he will feel satisfied, because he seeks and needs for the development of his personality. The important thing is to remain firm. He must know what he wants and not be led astray by momentary inclinations.
Nine in the fourth place means:
Following creates success.
Perseverance brings misfortune.
To go one’s way with sincerity brings clarity.
How could there be blame in this?

It often happens, when a man exerts a certain amount of influence, that he obtains a following by condescension toward inferiors. But the people who attach themselves to him are not honest in their intentions. They seek personal advantage and try to make themselves indispensable through flattery and subservience. If one becomes accustomed to such satellites and cannot do without them, it brings misfortune.
Only when a man is completely free from his ego, and intent, by conviction, upon what is right and essential, does he acquire the clarity that enables him to see through such people, and become free of blame.
Nine in the fifth place means:
Sincere in the good. Good fortune.

Every man must have something he follows–something that serves him as a lodestar. He who follows with conviction the beautiful and the good may feel himself strengthened by this saying.
Six at the top means:
He meets with firm allegiance and is still further bound.
The king introduces him to the Western Mountain.

This refers to a man, an exalted sage, who has already put the turmoil of the world behind him. But a follower appears who understands him and is not to be put off. So the sage comes back into the world and aids the other in his work. Thus there develops an eternal tie between the two.
The allegory is chosen from the annals of the Chou dynasty. The rulers of this dynasty honored men who had served them well by awarding them a place in the royal family’s temple of ancestors on the Western Mountain. In this way they were regarded as sharing in the destiny of the ruling family.


Day six – Meditation on unselfish Love

Today I decided to rest from physical asana. My body firmly stated that it required rest and I have definitely learned to listen to my body. Yoga injuries can take a long time to heal. I think this is of extreme importance to the yogin but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between bodytalk and sheer laziness!

Yesterday I started to read about meditation and refresh my memory upon the topic. Last night at my midnight sitting the investment bore fruit. Previously my style of meditation was simply attentive but completely still. I would attempt to hold the utter stillness for as long as possible. My goal was to hold the openness for 12 seconds. This is no easy task, the mind is a hard beast to tame. I achieved this goal once, almost 4 years ago and experienced my second encounter with the great light. It took a long time and a lot of practice to still the mind completely for 12 seconds. I used to describe this process as meditation but after reading up on meditation yesterday, now I’m not so sure. I have a new understanding of meditation and samadhi.Yoga - Be your own sheep.

Last night at my midnight sitting I employed a new technique of simply withdrawing the senses and then holding the breath and going deep into a feeling state of Unselfish love. The resulting feeling state was held for about 10 seconds I would guess, it is impossible to count when in a deep feeling state. I was able to project myself deep into the feeling of love. It’s quite difficult to describe, it’s a subtle feeling at first which grows in intensity and mounting bliss. Accompanied with rushes and tingles throughout the body it was a very pleasant feeling. Recalling feelings of giving and receiving love unselfishly, felt subtly magical as if an ensuing flood of endorphins and enkephalins were somehow Natures reward for sharing the universal energy of Love.

I think previously I had confused the terminology of meditation, the 7th limb of yoga, with the 8th limb of yoga – contemplation, Samadhi. I am looking forward to reading all about Samadhi tonight and hopefully moving another step nearer my goal.

I decided at my noon session today to change my pranayama, again. I was getting an unpleasant feeling in my cheekbones and ear canal from to much Bhastrika. This was a problem last time I practiced pranayama in depth. It’s a very unusual feeling. I feel the cheekbones to have special significance in yoga which I will talk about at another time, when I recount my second encounter with the Light.

I feel I have progressed greatly these last 6 days and feel I should tone down the purifying pranayama a little and move it in a more subtle direction. I decided upon the bee breath, which feels really nice. I also changed the inhalation/exhalation extension practice to the identical breath which is similar but not as strenuous. Lastly I changed the deep abdominal breathing to sun piercing breath which is also more subtle and less strenuous. I look forward to exploring and working with these new techniques.