February 3rd 2011 New moon.

The New Moon on February 2-3 2011 is at 13 degrees Aquarius. It is sandwiched between Ceres and Mars. So we have a tight Stellium combining the Sun, Moon, the raging God of war and the cyclical goddess Ceres. We have already seen how Ceres works in mundane astrology and it’s not a pretty sight.

Ceres’ duel with Pluto, over custody of the earth is a good example.  Last year these two battled it out with Pluto representing big business versus Ceres as the environment. We had the Icelandic Volcano air disruption. Ceres won that battle causing millions of pounds in losses to the aviation industry. It was followed by the  heartbreaking Deepwater Horizon Oil spill, where brutal Pluto left Ceres wounded and nature suffered with her.

Mars is not Pluto, he is not so underhand and secretive, but they both share rulership of Scorpio and a certain bloodlust.  We should see custody battles here, but of a more personal nature. We have the Moon slap bang in between them. So this is a fight for who gets the baby. The baby could be a creative project, a relationship or literally a child. Ceres and Mars are two different modes of operation. Mars is courageous, brash and selfish, but it is not really about possession. It just wants to win for winnings sake and because he enjoys the fight. It can easily dispose of it’s winnings and go onto the next project forgetting it even happened.

Ceres on the other hand IS just as possessive as her son-in-law Pluto. If she doesn’t get what she wants, her grief is so profound that she is very likely to wreak havoc in her revenge. Again a trait similar to Pluto. If we were to make a choice for an easy life, I think we wouldn’t want Ceres to lose. This lady will hold that grudge forever. The only thing is that Mars will not back down till he wins. Its a catch 22 situation. But maybe we could let him win and then snatch the prize when he moves on..

This could end up working like Pluto and Mars in hard aspect and we all know how nasty that can get. But this has less of the sadomasochistic, sexual element. It is more about going round in circles, not getting anywhere and the mental pain and torture that brings. However Ceres is essentially female and yielding and she does have an agreeable side as the abundant, sunny earth goddess. What to do?
Ceres is a little bi-polar, so can we appeal to her maternal side? “Think of how this is affecting children!” It’s hard to know what face we are talking to with her. It all really depends on what phase she is, in her menstrual cycle. You don’t want to be negotiating a deal when she has PMS! At least you know where you are with Mars.

Elsewhere in the chart we have Venus squaring Uranus. More shocks and volatility in relationships. There will be cries of freedom within marriages.  Rash and reckless decisions. This sort of energy makes you want to run off with a lion tamer and join the circus. There could be a way out of this madness as Mercury makes a favorable sextile to Uranus. Could the hermaphrodite talk some sense to Uranus? Hell no! I think Mercury is more likely to show its trickster side, and egg on the foolery. Venus is also being clouded by dreamy thoughts of soulmate union thanks to a sextile from Neptune and Chiron. “It’s just all so romantic.” she gushes!

Ægeria Springs Eternal

There is some really daring energy to play with here. It might be just the right time to get the guts to do something crazy for the sake of love. Mars is ramping up the Moon’s passions after all. The air is ripe for fools to throw themselves off the cliff of love.

The Moon is conjunct asteroid Ægeria (asteroid 13 Egeria at astro.com) . She is the goddess of healing springs, pregnancy, sacred knowledge and inspiration. Pregnant women prayed to her for an easy childbirth and health in pregnancy. Ægeria is also a prophetess, the springs representing the subconscious wisdom rising to the surface and the magic of dreams. Spring goddesses do have underworld links rather like a volcano, the spring bubbles up from below the earth and represent the connection with the land of the living to that of the dead. Ceres and Ægeria share a similar theme of passage from winter to summer, overworld to underworld, dark to light.

The overall message from this Moon seems to be to pick the right moment and hold back from doing anything foolish and impulsive. The temptation to not look before you leap will be great however. This is the run up to Valentines day, so what ever we set off here will make or break the most soppy day of the year. Whatever “babies” we are gestating in our mind now, it might be safer to keep them under wraps until this bi-polar period is over. But if you really can’t help yourself, just be prepared for a game of Russian roulette.



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