Full moon January 19th

The full moon on 19 January 2011 at 29 degrees Cancer is trine Jupiter, sprinkling much needed luck and laughter upon us after the dramas and chaos of the Christmas holidays. Our emotions are warmed and we are feeling generous. But we are going to have to put this benefic influence to good use. For we also get some very complex aspect patterns here. Primarily a mystic rectangle which contains a Yod. The players are Jupiter opposite Juno, Sun opposite Moon, and Chiron at the Yod apex.

At the Solar Eclipse we were seeking out our soulmate. Now we have found them and realize we have met our match. Oh dear!.. Jupiter and Juno were the cosmic version of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, with their epic fights and jealous squabbles. Juno inflicted rather harsh punishments on any nymph whom Jupiter took a fancy too, giving him hell in the process. She was no compliant wife. This is where her punitive side comes out, but she also stands for bringing about justice and a fair outcome.

To have these planets cast in this mystic rectangle lead’s me to think of something like “Relate” or mediation. Many couples snap at the stress of Christmas, so it is a peak time for break ups. A mystic rectangle such as this describes a pretty full-on, cards on the table,“We need to talk” situation. One hopes this will bring some healing, particularly as searing through the heart of this magic box is a Yod to Chiron which is still conjunct Neptune.

Juno brings out issues to do with partnerships. We are not talking about the romance and indulgence of Venus, rather it is about how the relationship works and the laws within a union. Juno deals with the vows we make in a commitment and makes damn sure Jupiter doesn’t wriggle out of his promises. These two are opposing each other so tightly, but are thankfully bonded together in harmonious aspects by the Sun and the Moon. It does look rather like a marriage ceremony doesn’t it?

The Sun and the Moon represent the sacred marriage and unification of soul mates. We have had quite a few comments regarding twin flames, and these aspect patterns describe the story very well. The Neptune/Chiron conjunction at the apex of this Yod is known as the Cinderella aspect by Uranian Astrologers. But it’s not all fairytales. Twin flames coming together is said to be very painful (Chiron), especially if one of the pair is more evolved than the other. In that case the savior feels obliged to surrender themselves in order to pull up the other soul. But the less evolved partner often resents this, can feel overwhelmed and digs their feet in, causing much suffering to the other.

Chiron/Neptune is often a theme where one of the pair (Chiron) wants to save the other in some way, usually from drug addiction (Neptune). The response unfortunately for the would-be “saviour” tends to be mental or physical abuse. Moon is conjunct asteroid Alkeste a Greek woman who offered to die in place of her husband, such was her love for him. Is anyone worth killing yourself for? This continues the theme of when a love knows no bounds and the savior becomes so totally self-sacrificial that they cease to exist.

So interestingly, to add to the crazy New Year geometry we also get the Nodes forming a rack aspect pattern, Sun quincunx South Node and Moon quincunx North Node. So still a little torturous. Twin flame relationships can feel like torture if this savior complex is part of it. I believe a rack aspect pattern is speeded up soul evolution. The soul is literally being stretched. This plugs neatly into the Mystic rectangle, Yod and a grand cross with the Nodes. What all these funky patterns mean we shall have to wait and see to find out. But the overall theme is this is a rather magical full Moon for relationships. It just might have the power to repair any damage left over from the most stressful Christmas we have had in years.



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