Day 56 – Exercise one – Signs and decisions.

My mountain bike has been somewhat neglected since I had a heavy tumble. I decided to give her a tune up. Re-adjust the brake blocks, pump up the tyres, oil the chain and gears.

Now she is running like a dream. I love cycling the city streets, jostling with the busy traffic, makes me feel alive.

I like to let signs direct me randomly and see where I end up. This type of exploration usually yields unusual results.

You should try it. Its great on a bike but you can do it on foot, or in a car.

When you come to a junction, follow the arrows. There are usually arrows pointing somewhere;  road signs advertisements, graphitti.

Develop intuition.

Listen to your decision making process.

An arrow may point to an alleyway which you feel maybe dangerous.

Can you over ride the fear and explore somewhere new?

As you get more adept at spotting the signs, you can start to incorporate other directors; bird signals, overheard conversation, flashes of intuition.

You may be amazed and delighted at what you encounter on your journey.

Giving up the power of deciding and letting something else decide.

Turn of the mind.

Let something else guide you.


Soon this exercise can be extended to other areas of life.


You make millions of decisions daily.

Most you are unaware of.

How do you decide how to make a decision?

Do you always make the right decision?

This exercise can increase intuitive abilities which can lead to amazing, delightful experiences along your journey.

Are you open enough to try something new?

Learn to take risks.

You will soon be a corpse.

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