Day 64 – New style of relationship.

In 1950’s society, male/female roles were polarised and clearly defined. Women’s lib brought freedom from the kitchen and child rearing duties, whilst males became liberated from bread winning responsibilities, grew their hair, experimented with drugs and learned to dance in the forest. Women developed their masculine side, fought for careers and independence whilst men became more caring and metro-sexual.

A new style of relationship developed in which financial responsibilities were increasingly shared along with the more traditional female family activities. Whilst this development had important evolutionary aspects, it also brought a downside; the arc of sexual tension between the sexes, which helped sustain long term relationships diminished somewhat and long term relationships became increasingly difficult to sustain.

Masculine women and feminine men maybe more whole as individual people but are simply not as sexually attractive to each other in long term relationships. The climate of political correctness added to the problem.

Let us call 1950’s style relationship mark 1.0 and 2000 style relationships 2.0.

In a bid to solve these deep rooted, largely unconscious issues, we have seen more and more mark 2.0 individuals from developed countries, search for and revert to a mark 1.0 type partner from developing nations. The Thai-bride syndrome. This eventually leads in most cases to even greater frustration on both sides.

Is there a better solution?

A mark 3.0 relationship?

A paradigm shift is occurring.

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